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Q10018 - INFO: Release Notes - Hach WIMS Client

Version 8.2.4 (Tentative Feb 28th, 2024)

  • Database Upgrade 8.2.4
  • Added WIMS Main Menu (Ribbon) option allowing users to use a ribbon style main menu. 
  • Line graph
    • Multi Variable Analysis Graph renamed to Line Graph
    • Added Options button that allows limit lines to be placed on graph.
    • Added Plot Options that sets values to graph (raw data, N day moving average, monthly average...)
    • New Line colors
  • Year Over Year Graph Improvements
    • Now available from the Graph Pac Menu.
    • Variable can be changed/set on the form.
    • Can be saved.
  • Graph Pac Multiple Output Improvements
    • Line graphs can now be output
    • Interactive View added.  Opens multiple windows for Line Graphs.
  • Spread Reports
    • Fixed: Spread Design, Conditional Formatting lost when adding/deleting Column or Row. (AQI-6644, DP 65821)
    • Fixed: VINFO function returns "error" when field is set to "ParentID", "Parent", "Grandparent" or "GrandparentID"
    • Locate, Number of Violations now supports selection of multiple variables.
    • GraphLine spread function added allowing display of a saved Line Graph.
    • Added Locate Saved Line Graph to locate the GraphLine function.
    • GraphYOY spread function added allowing display of a saved Year Over Year Graph.
    • Added Locate Saved Year over Year Graph to locate the GraphYOY function.
    • GPROB spread function added that calculates the probability of a value being greater or less than a limit.
    • Fixed: Spread Report Design, sheet margins will not decrease (AQI-6707, DP-65386)
  • Fixed: Built-in reports cannot be updated if deleted. 
  • Fixed: Facility Settings not saving. (AQI-6254, DP-63685, DP-64225)
  • Fixed: BOD Manager allows edits outside Data Approval settings. (AQI-5777, DP-60684)
  • Fixed: Error 438 with built in Prompt Reports when selecting Cancel. (AQI-6236, DP-63316)
  • Var Admin Tool
    • Copy Location from Other Facility added option to copy Sub-locations.
    • Copy Location from Other Facility now refreshes the Location tree after window is closed.
  • Edit/View Variables, QC Limits spreadsheet now supports tab key.
  • Fixed: User Setup clears user's Facility Access after a new user is added (AQI-6304, DP-63981)
  • Fixed: Formula in cell with cell reference reflects cell type of referenced cell in status bar. (AQI-5845, DP-61205)
  • Events:
    • Added right-click, Set Status option to set status of multiple events at one time.
    • Fixed: Action History does not log values properly when Events are deleted. 
    • Read-Only Users can now view Events
    • Fixed: Regulatory Event created on last day of grouping before period is over.  Example, a Monthly Average limit for Jan 2024 could be created on Jan 31st, 2024.
  • Fixed: Close/Edit Sample, Add Person allows record to be added with required Personnel Code blank.
  • Fixed: Modeling>Basin Setup Kla cannot be blank.  Now defaults to 90 if not entered by user. 
  • Update: Additional support for tzpo.tzp file. Now looks up two directory levels for file. Set OPSDBA password Action Script
  • Fixed: Variable Analysis Report Wizard not showing Min, Max and Total. (AQI-6354, DP-64002)
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry - Result Comments not available on Calculated Variables. (AQI-6483, DP-64910, DP-64929)
  • Fixed: Displaying Logbooks with flags, but no associated icons caused a 'Subscript out of range' error. (AQI-6522)
  • Fixed: Export to Excel displays "The file name for this type of graph must have a '.XLS' extension" when a ".xlsx" extension is used.  Message also updated if invalid extension is used. 
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry -  Skipping variable columns after dividers. (AQI-6506, DP-64750)
  • Notification List Setup
    • Email list column is now resizable. 
    • NotificationList.ID is now shown is status bar.
  •  Custom Data Entry
    • Added Calculated Vars Limit Notification form that displays calculated values that are outside Entry or Regulatory Limits after Calc or Refresh button is clicked. 
  • NetDMR-EZ
    • Variable picker now supports double click to display variable info. 
    • Fixed: Located Formulas (GAVGZ, GMAXZ...) do not use the variable's decimal place setting.
  • Fixed:  WIMS Symbol Rule % of value not applying correctly. (AQI-6519, DP-65001)
  • Custom Data Entry
    • When emailing spreadsheets, .xlsx files are created as attachments. (AQI-6603, DP 65597)
    • Added Calculated Vars Limit Notifications that displays Regulatory and Entry Limit Flags caused by calculation.
  • Fixed: Labcal - Enter Results by test now displays test info: MDL, RL, SigFig, Storet, CAS#, and Cost. (AQI-5628, DP 59757)
  • Fixed: Spread Design, Custom Data Entry, Cell Colors does not order colors as configured in Color Setup.
  • Fixed: Color Setup, when using the pick color button on an existing color changes are not saved. 
  • Fixed: ISSYMBOL does not allow for symbols with lowercase letters. (AQI-6514)
  • Compliance Engine Regulatory Limit Rounding Rule Facility Setting added.  Controls how values are compared to Regulatory Limits. 
  • Wisconsin Wastewater eDMR
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry, Options sheet margins will not decrease.
  • Fixed: BOD Manager Coefficient of Variation criteria check incorrectly flagging samples/bottles.  See BOD Manager Example Calculations. (AQI-3150, DP-40940,64160)
  • Fixed: Historical Equation defaults to last variable's Historical Equation when creating a new equation. (AQI-6782, DP-66605)
  • Fixed: Export, Print disabled (not available) in Multi-variable Analysis Graph when accessing from dashboard button. (AQI-6747, DP-66576)

Version 8.2.2 (Nov 7th, 2023)

  • Database Upgrade 8.2.2
  • Fixed: Prompt Reports from Dashboard button always change date by Month. (AQI-5017, DP-48557)
  • SQL Console
    • Widened Table/Field selection area so long field names can be read. (IDEA-1302)
    • When inserting dates, varid... using buttons text gets inserted at cursor position (not at end of string)
  • Scheduled Tasks - Added Execute SQL.  See Scheduled Tasks - Execute SQL Examples (IDEA-1238)
  • NetDMR-EZ
    • Fixed: NetDMR-EZ when outputting codes with two dashes in the string, csv file has the whole string instead of code.  Example, 06-COMP-6 outputs "06-COMP-6" when it should output "06".
    • Fixed: When building template, cell formulas are not set.
  • Fixed: Rounddown not rounding down in Variable equations. Requires AdoCalc 8.2.2. ROUNDDOWN_Math Toolbox. (AQI-5940, DP-59758)
  • Var Admin Tool
  • Lab Cal
  • Dashboard buttons
  • BTI, STI Spread functions now support Prep Batch Fields (PrepBatch.PrepBatchNum, PrepBatch.Method...)
  • Enter by Batch 
    • Added quick filter, Select All, and Unselect All to create new batch window.
    • Fixed: Save Template, updating an existing template does not save new changes (DP-59568, AQI-5578)
    • Fixed: Save Template, not saving the Show Options or Date Setting (DP-59799,AQI-5579)
    • Fixed: Ditto and Paste with hidden rows updates the hidden rows.  (DP-60321, AQI-5673)
    • Move Sample Up and Down now works on a block of samples
  • Fixed: Cannot locate graphic after importing Excel File in Custom Data Entry (DP-60219, AQI-5654)
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry allows duplicate Additional Info or Lab Cal Sample Fields to be saved.  (DP-62815, AQI-6139)
  • Var Admin Tool, Copy Location for Other Facility now copies Claros_Guid field from Source Location.
  • LogBooks grid now displays UD field captions in header row.

Version 8.2.0 (9/26/2023)

  • Database Upgrade 8.2.0
  • Variable Edit (VARDESC) action history for equation edits now shows the equation in Varid AND varnum format. (IDEA-914)
  • Dashboard KPI Table added to Spread Report Design (IDEA-926) 
  • Added sorting and quick filter to the Facility Browser in the IT Client (IT_CLIENT.EXE)
  • Monthly Data Entry
    • Now supports ability to enter data for multiple (other) facilities. See  Monthly Data Entry - Other Faciity Data.
    • Fixed: Font size set to 2 if a divider is added as the 2nd column (to the right of the logbook column) and the layout is saved. (AQI-5367, DP-58430)
  • Added the ability to mark data entry slots as Not Required, see Using Not Required in Data Entry
  • Is Compliance flag added to Lab Cal Sample Definition and Sample tables.  
  • Edit/View Variables
    • Fixed: Edit/View Variables only displays minutely Variables after utilizing Locate Minutely Variable in CDE. (AQI-5696)
    • Fixed: Edit/View Variables, Notification List Setup window when minimized locks up WIMS.  Minimize is now disabled.
    • Added Is Compliance Flag that indicates that the parameter is a compliance (regulatory) variable. 
  • Added Is Compliance Column to Variable Browser.
  • Fixed: Outputting a report from a dashboard button does not log the Report Name in the New Value field.
  • Interactive View Interactive View added Toolbar buttons to unhide rows/columns and show only print area.
  • New Dashboard button added allowing users to switch between sheets with a button.
  • Fixed: CT function in Math Toolbox returning blank for pH 6 and under. Requires AdoCalc 8.2.0. CT Math Toolbox. (AQI-5438, DP-58800)
  • Fixed: CT function in Spread Report returning blank for pH 6 and under. CT Spread Report. (AQI-5438, DP-58800)
  • ServerSetup (SQL & Oracle) updated messages referring to Hach Support to AQI support and url. (AQI-5395, DP-58616)
  • Fixed: Copy Location allows for VarNums > 999,999. (AQI-5462)
  • Fixed: Printing Variable Cross Reference includes Variables for disabled Interfaces. Print Variables. (AQI-5464, DP-56598)
  • Custom Data Entry allows cells to be set as required.  When data is saved, user is warned of any required data that is missing. See Required Cells.
  • Fixed: Var Admin Tool, Copy Variables copies variables to locations that have been hidden due to a quick filter on the Location Selection form. 
  • Fixed: Var Admin Tool, Copy Location does not update equations to refer to copied variables.
  • Enter by Batch 
    • Fixed: Displays Item not found in collection when adding Other QC to a batch for the second time. (AQI-5568, DP-59567)
    • Add QC forms now alphabetically sorts the QC test list.
    • Fixed: Add QC forms quick filter is case sensitive.
  • Fixed: BOD Manager Sheets - Bottle# column is now resizable. Added header 'Qualifier' to column 15.  (AQI-5425, DP-58433)
  • Fixed: BOD Manager Sample and Seed created without linking to Variable, Sample does not retain decimal places after saving.  (AQI-5619, DP-59964)
  • Fixed: Date format ('d' & 'dd') used with V and VT functions in Spread Reports do not return data. (AQI-5660, DP-59895)
  • Added Logging to LogBooks.  Logfile is Logbooks__date/time.log.  DEBUGLOG must be set to YES in hach_wims_client.ini file. (AQI-5698)
  • Fixed: CDE Locate DD Variable Link entry to Date in Column does not save entries correctly. (AQI-5691)
  • Beta: Added Var Admin Tool, Copy Location for Other Facility
  • NetDMR-EZ 
    • Added option to locate Variable's Reg Limits when placing the Permit Requirement on the report (using function VINFO)
    • When initially building the NetDMR, you can now double click on a cell to change the variable or stat.
  • Close Sample, now displays Daily Min and Daily Max Regulatory Limits in the Status Bar at bottom of form.
  • Lab Cal>Print COC, Print Sample, Print Batch when selecting the report now allows sorting and search.
  • Daily Detail and Monthly Data Entry Design, changed Entry Group button from ... to "Change" so users understand the button it to edit the group not browse to a different form in that group.
  • Compliance Engine, updated Entry Limit Flag Description to "Variable Name - x.yy is greater than the EntryMax of zz.z".  Made same adjustment to Entry Min Flag.
  • Fixed: Logbooks not defaulting to date selected in MDE. (AQI-5757, DP-60337)
  • Added Update Var QC Limits button to Variable Analysis Graphs which transfers the Calculated (with or without Outliers removed) QC Limits to Variable Edit - QC Limits.
  • Fixed: Historical Equations not defaulting to variable equation when no historical equations exist. (AQI-5756, DP-60337)
  • Added Method to Spread Functions SROUND, SROUNDZ that sets how many digits to evaluate when rounding (IDEA-1150) 
  • Added Scheduled Tasks, right click Enable, Disable Tasks menu options that enables or disables the block of tasks highlighted. (IDEA-1268)
  • Added: Refresh Location Path on Login Facility Setting (IDEA-1046)
  • Added Auto Size Columns button to SQL Console.  Columns are automatically sized when SQL Console is launched from a Dashboard Button (IDEA-1051)
  • Added: Prompt to confirm WIMS Exit General Setting (IDEA-880)
  • Added: RESULT.MDL, RESULT.RL to STI and BTI spread functions.
  • User Setup
    • Fixed: Removing the Super User checkbox caused Facility Access User Type to be cleared. 
    • Added: Double Click on Status Bar when editing a user to see Action User history.

Version 8.1.8 (June 13th 2023)

  • Database Upgrade 8.1.8
  • Fixed: Spread Reports with Prompts, toggling Allow List caused WIMS to crash in certain situations. (AQI-4094, DP-48788)
  • Spread Report, Interactive View
    • When using Spread Report, Interactive View where multiple prompt answers are supplied a message warning the user that only the first prompt answer will be used is displayed.  (AQI-3637, DP-45439)
    • Exporting to Excel now allows selection of destination folder (AQI-3643, DP45490)
    • Fixed: Can’t change printer after closing interactive view.  (AQI-4362)
  • Fixed: Logbook sorting date column sorts by string value of date (not chronological) (AQI-4118, DP49474)
  • Fixed: Logbooks not sorting correctly by default, now sorts by Flag, DateStamp, TimeStamp. (AQI-4698 DP51421)
  • Fixed: Variable Group Manager with child groups (e.g. a second level group) caused "Error in Procedure VGROUP.GetGroupPath…" when displaying the variable browser (AQI-4095, DP-49191).
  • Enter by Batch
    • Fixed: Allows Blank QC to be added when test has no Blank QC setup in Test Setup.  (DP-51745, AQI-4619)
    • Fixed: Lab Batches missing QC after Clear Future Schedule and Regen (DP-50688, AQI-4336)
    • Fixed: Create New Batch, Remove and Remove All buttons do not remove tests (DP-48736, AQI-4109)
    • Fixed: If more than 10 batches are created for a day, duplicate batch numbers can be created (DP-51474, AQI-4588)
    • Fixed: Notes are locked after opening an existing batch even if Batch Status is Open. (DP-50273, AQI-4265)
    • Fixed: Test Results above the first QC Row not saving (DP-48736, AQI-4108)
    • When saving Lab Batches for all rows that have a result you are warned for any missing data in non hidden columns (i.e. Analyzed By is missing).
  • Monthly Data Entry, added Display Batch Information to right click, Lab Cal Info popup menu that previews the Batch Report for the variable/date. 
  • Fixed: Schedules set to start on a future date (i.e. 2025) are getting scheduled starting on the current date when Clear Future Schedule and Regen is used.  (DP-50815, AQI-4478)
  • Added Exported Reports Date Format Suffix Facility Setting that allows users to specify a date/time string to append to the exported file name.
  • Fixed: Facility Setting for Exported Report Date Format Suffix not saving correctly. (AQI-5313)   
  • Fixed: When entering data for Daily Detail Text Variables with a Text Var Format of Time Entry, Custom Data Entry adds the slot time to the Curvalue.
  • Fixed: Utilities>Change Password displays user profile name instead of username.
  • Fixed:  VAR, V, and VT no longer accept negative offsets that allow previous values (i.e. values before the start date of the report) to be retrieved. (AQI-4059, DP44094)
  • Fixed: GETCOUNT not calculating when no condition specified, i.e. GETCOUNT(C15, D to BOM) did not calc, but GETCOUNT(C15 > 10, D to BOM) did. Requires ADOCALC update 8.1.8. (AQI-4376, DP48523)
  • Q14725 New MSM Interface is now an included (free) interface.
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry allows Delete without Entry Group design privileges. (AQI-4614)
  • Fixed: Enter Results by Test crashes when window is minimized. (AQI-4778)
  • Fixed: Action History not updated when VarNum changed in Edit/View Variables (AQI-3642 DP45490)
  • Added support for Comments to CIWQS report (AQI-4671, DP53556)
  • Custom Data Entry
    • Fixed: CDE Wizard on large databases.
    • Fixed: CDE, Locate Daily Detail when working with 5 minute and 1 minute variables now builds a table by hour to keep within the 150 row limit. (AQI-4601, AQI-5075)
    • Fixed: CDE Conditional Formatting not retaining Variable Limit (AQI-5096, DP55969)
    • Fixed: CDE not able to locate newly added variable with exiting design (AQI-5153, DP56580)
    • Fixed: CDE cancelling Save As reverts title to 'Untitled' (AQI-5174, DP56618)
    • Locate Daily Detail Vars now works with linked dates
    • Fixed: Data not displayed for daily parameter variables when linked to date/time cell in certain conditions (AQI-4826, DP54257)
  • Fixed: Trigger Spread Report with A1 as trigger modifies contents of adjacent cell when column A is hidden.  (AQI-4796 DP54542)
  • Lab Cal Receive Samples - added support for User Defined 6 -9 (AQI-5016, DP46228)
  • Fixed: Spread Report, Locate Logbook Notes 'include date' option only returns time.  (AQI-5129, DP54327)
  • Fixed: GFOA Spread Function sets cell type to Num, should be set to Text. (AQI-4361)
  • Fixed: Edit/View Variables, Copy variable allows creation of variables with VarNum > 999,999 (AQI-4962)
  • User Setup improvements.  You can now set group access, settings, facility access etc... in one place.
  • NetDMR-EZ - Feature ID and Limit Set are made up with the characters to the left and Right of the dash from Row 4, Col B in the report.  (AQI- 5294)   NetDMR-EZ
  • Fixed: EmailGateway - Variable Notification when 'CDO=YES' in ini file generated error. Requires EmailGateway version 8.1.8.
  • Emailed Variable Violation Notifications now include Variable Number and Units.
  • SQL Console now allows a justification to be entered when statement updates or deletes data.


Version 8.1.6 (Nov 30th 2022)

  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry Forms do not apply cell formulas for cells linked to Parameter Variables. (DP-47262,AQI-3914) 
  • Fixed: Concurrent User sessions are not being properly counted. (DP-47969)
  • Fixed: Var Admin Tool>Import Variables from Hach WIMS Variable Template appends Location Name to variables regardless of Add Location Name to start of Variables Names setting
  • Fixed: Log Book Manager does not show the Interface Cross Reference field when the Rio Interface is installed.
  • Fixed: GETCOUNT ignores the comparison and returns the count of values not the count of values meeting the criteria. Fixed in ADOCALC 8.1.6. (DP-45613, AQI-3659)
  • Fixed: Log book entries created prior to 8.1.0 that had no time associated with the entry caused WIMS to crash. (DP-46119, AQI-3817)
  • Fixed: Interactive View Conditional Format is not updated when using a DRC function or a change is made to a cell with a drop down list.
  • Fixed: Lab Cal Close Sample, Add buttons for Sampler and Rcvd in Lab By crashes WIMS when record is added to database.
  • CIWQS EZ Output updated
    • All values in the CSV file are now exported in quotes (e.g. "EFF-001","BOD")
    • Result outputs the formatted value displayed in the result cell, not the underlying value in the cell (e.g. the cell value of 1.2345678 is formatted to 2 decimal places displays 1.23 in the cell, the 1.23 will be output).
    • If the Analytical Method is not found in the Lookup Codes sheet (Column E), the Cell value will be used as the ANMCODE.
    • BASIS is now looked up for the Parameter and populated if BASIS is required for parameter. 
    • Now searches to the max data rows in the Lookup Codes sheet when searching for AMNCODE, BASIS, and PARLABEL. 
  • DESCRIBEAPP spread function can now return license info such as number of users, interfaces... 

Version 8.1.4 (Oct 24th 2022)

  • Database Upgrade 8.1.4
  • Report Description field (SPRPTS.REPORTDESC) increased to 2000 characters (1000 for Oracle).
  • Fixed: Emailing .xlsx from Interactive View caused 3002 - File could not be found, in Citrix Environments.
  • Units Setup
    • Import Units list from Rio added.
    • QuantityType, DisplayFlag, and Rio Guid added to Units table
    • Using the Standard Variable Name Mode in Facility Setup now configures Edit/View Variables to enforce users to select from Units list.
  • Rio Guid Util
    • Units Pick button added
    • Global Group, Process, Parameter, UD1 and UD2 fields added
    • Search and Replace in Selection added.
    • Updates now logged to Action History
  • Interactive View:
    • Refresh button added that redisplay the prompt input screen allowing you to update the prompt values. 
    • Fixed: Built-in reports using a DRC function does not expand report. (DP-42827)
  • Fixed: STI returns blank "" when referring to SAMPLESTATUS or SAMPLESTATUSDESC.
  • Fixed: STI returns values for LOCATION.DESCRIPITON, LOCATION.UD1..UD9. (DP-41607)
  • BTI improved.  Can now refer to the row using STID in addition to the row number in the batch. Added several fields including QCCALC.UNITS, TESTQC.SETVAL, ORIGTEXTVALUE...
  • Spread Report Prompt for SampleId now allows you to pick a closed sample. 
  • Added spread functions FACILITYDATE, GFWA.
  • Quick Trend Graphs now allows for selection of Plot type: Line (default), Area, Bar, Best fit line, Best fix curve, Spline, Stick.
  • User Setup quick filter added. 
  • Lab Cal
    • Warning message now displayed when printing COC if only closed samples selected.
    • Custom Sample Schedules now allow up to 200 custom dates to be selected. (DP-3675)
    • Added Lab Cal Quick Filter Mode Facility Setting (LABCAL-QUICKFILTERMODE) that allows user to click search button instead of auto searching.
  • Fixed: CDE allows updates to a field via a cell computation that is linked to a variable by an unauthorized user.
  • Fixed: CDE conditional formatting sets format when condition not met (format set based on wrong cell).  (DP-42206)
  • Fixed: CDE Design reports duplicate variable reference when using Place Data Across and Link Data to date in cell option.
  • Added a browse button for CDE forms to Locate, Dashboard button.
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry, additional info date/time fields do not allow entry of date/times in some cases.  Also, the last character of displayed date/times is cut off.
  • Monthly Data Entry now prompts to save layout changes when using the Edit/View Variable toolbar button (AQI-3760)
  • Fixed: Var Info report displays Error 6 - Overflow when a report refers to a cell with a long list of variables for an MVSTAT type equation. 
  • Updated Help>Support menu to link to Aquatic Support Portal and removed obsolete menu items.
  • Fixed: Dashboard logbook button linked to Comments selects All instead of Comments
  • Logbook
    • Fixed: Logbook entries with a hard return does not display first line of text when editing comment.
    • Fixed: Logbook entries requires a time of day.  Added "No Time" checkbox.  (DP-40937)
    • Logbook Entries are now audited to Action History Audit (IDEA-1078).
    • COM2 Spread function added
    • COM and COMWO functions now support returning Flag, Type and UD fields.
    •  Locate>Logbook Notes updated to allow selection of Flag, Type, and UD fields.
    • Fixed: Flag's with symbols (i.e. /,?...) cause WIMS to crash. (AQI-3714)
  • Regulatory Limits Setup, Variable Setup now stores the entered value of the limit (i.e. will store 6.0 instead of just the numeric value 6).  This value is now displayed when displaying the limit in Events, Monthly Data Entry, etc...
  • Daily Detail Entry Forms, Save Layout now saves Column Width changes.
  • Facility Setup
  • Fixed: Variable Browser displays interface field data when interface if set to Off. 
  • Edit/View Variables Claros Parm GUID renamed to Rio Parm Guid.  Now displays Rio Parameter Name along with the Guid. 
  • Fixed: User Setup, Profile drop down list is in random order, should be alphabetical.
  • WIMS Online now warns users of impending password expiration.  See  HACH_WIMS_CLIENT.ini Explained, settings DOMAIN_PASSWORD_CHECK, etc... to enable.
  • Scatter Graph
    • Save Settings added
    • Dashboard shortcut to Scatter Graph added
    • Can now click on a variable in the variable list to highlight points for that variable (points turn blue).  Clicking on a point will highlight the variable in the variable list.  (IDEA-1019)
  • Paste Date/Time Stamped Data
  • Manager Console no longer allows "Import reports to another facility".  Must be Super User and use admin console (AQI-3758)


Version 8.1.2 (March 24th, 2022)

  • Database Upgrade 8.1.2
  • Fixed: When emailing from Interactive View exports WIMS formulas instead of values.
  • Interactive View: Hides Columns and Rows outside of sheets print range.  Hides sheets set to Do not print.   
  • Fixed: SQL type Prompts displays "Error in procedure frmPickGeneric.LoadSQLList - Item Not found in collection..." error if only one column is specified in the SQL Statement.  Now support 1 or more columns.
  • Fixed: Locate Events using the Eventtype.Description field as a filter causes an SQL syntax error.
  • Added support to select Batch Number with a spread Prompt.
  • Regulatory Limits Setup, Variable Setup, Add Limit dates now default to Jan 1 of current year thru Dec 31st five years later.  Repeat Limit years now support years thru 2035. 
  • Fixed: Interface Tab - Edit/View Variables the browse for filter tag button does not work with Browse by Table.
  • Logbooks 
    • Allows dragging to set width of logbook list.  Save Settings button saves this user setting (LOGBOOK_LISTWIDTH).
    • Logbook Dashboard buttons now allow the setting of the default date range when opening the Logbook
    • Fixed: Logbook Dashboard buttons always open with All selected, not the logbook specified. 
    • Fixed: When editing a logbook entry error "Insufficient key column for updating or refreshing" displayed.
  • Fixed: Conditional format does not properly check when "is between" or "is not between" used.
  • EOQ Date Literal for Math Toolbox Functions added.
  • Fixed: WAVG22 uses the wrong date range for the last week of the month.
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry Design erroneously displays "Error in Cell Xy is duplicated in Cell Xz…" when saving form when cells are linked to a Date cell in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry Conditional format when referring to "Value of a different cell" can set the format of the wrong cell.  Added the ability to toggle applying conditional format after every cell update to the status bar (double click the "Auto Cond Format On" to turn off). 
  • Fixed: Compliance Engine can improperly detect violation events due to floating point comparisons (i.e. it detects 0.3 as greater than 0.3). 
  • VSAMP spread function can retrieve Batch information (BATCHNUM, BATCHQCRESULT,...) 
  • BTI spread function added.  Used to return Batch Test Information.
  • BINFO spread function added.  Used to return Batch Information.
  • Updated login screen with new WIMS logo.
  • CMDP improvements
  • Fixed: When adding or updating a record in LabCal Test Setup, displays error "ORA-04098: trigger 'OPSXXXX.T_LC_TESTQC' is invalid and failed re-validation" This only occurs in Oracle Systems.
  • Fixed: Long Names or Numeric Variable names are not properly displayed in variable group managers.
  • Added: TINV Spread Function
  • FIXED: STATZ  stat parameter must be upper case.
  • FIXED: In Edit/view variables displays description tab when moving to next variable when on the Equation tab.
  • FIXED: Personnel Setup WIMS Username drop down list displays inactive users, does not display users in a User Profile.


Version 8.1.0 (Jan 10th, 2022)

  • Database Upgrade 8.1.0
  • Added ability to add a Flag, Type, and User Defined Fields to a Logbooks entry.
  • BOD Manager: File>Export now exports the Lab Sample Number and Notes column (added at end - Columns 27 and 28).
  • BOD Manager: Fixed - When using "If all Depletions in Sample are <2 use 2 and report as less than" and consecutive samples are in this condition the Final BOD Average repeats in some situations.
  • Monthly Data Entry Dashboard buttons now allow the setting of the default date range when opening the form.
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry using normal rounding for a variable setup with Not Fixed, Significant Figure Rounding improperly formats entered result. 
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry, Forced right click menu enabled for parameter variables linked to interfaces.  Should only be enabled for Calculated variables. 
  • SFR now rounds values equal to zero (0, 0.00 etc...) to 0.
  • Fixed: GSV function when referring to month always returns zero (0).
  • Fixed: GAVGOPV function returns zero (0) instead of OPV when the Variable's OPV criteria is set = 0 and the average is zero.
  • Lab Cal
    • Fixed: Lab Cal>Right Click>Edit Sample sometimes display message "Click on the sample you want to close first." even when user is on a sample.
    • Fixed: Lab Cal displays samples with a white background after Column Header is clicked.
    • Fixed: Receive Samples does not display the Received in Lab By properly. 
    • Fixed: Lab Cal Dashboard button does not display Lab Cal after a Sample is edited using System Setup>Lab Cal>Samples. 
    • Fixed: Clear Future Schedule and Regen does not properly regenerate custom schedules
    • Fixed: Seasonal Schedules do not generate some future samples when season starts in the next calendar year.   
  • Export to Excel 
    • Now exports to Excel xlsx format. 
    • Support for up to 500 columns. 
    • Leading zero displayed for numeric values exported in Wide format (i.e. 0.072)
    • Sheet naming removed, data is now always exported to Sheet1.
    • Ability to select a block of variables to remove from export list (Multi select).
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry Design Wizard fails with "Multiple-step operation generated errors..." error when trying to create forms for locations or reports that are more than 50 characters. 
  • Claros Collect Setup has been deprecated and is no longer supported as Collect has been replaced by Aquatic Compliance & Operations (ACO). 
  • ACO Guid Util added - allows Variables to be associated with an ACO parameter library guid making ACO setup easier.
  • NetDMR-EZ no longer outputs hidden rows when creating eDMR (CSV).
  • NetDMR-EZ now sorts by Storet Code when loading/building the report.
  • Fixed: Compliance Engine uses the wrong week definition when the start date being scanned is equal to the end date of the week.
  • Fixed: Locate Saskatchewan Lab-OPR exports one (1) character Sample Type Code with a padded zero (0).  Example, type 6 becomes 60.   
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry does not approve text parameters in merged cell unless all cells for the merged area are highlighted.
  • Custom Data Entry Approve button now displays the approval level that the button will apply. 
  • Custom Data Entry Ditto key now prompts to continue if a block of cells is selected.
  • GPERC and MVSTATZ updated interpolation methods when percentile is not exactly match a slot  (IE 90% of 31 values is 27.9).

Version 8.0.8 (Oct 11th, 2021)

  • Fixed: Design, Custom Data Entry Forms with a linked cell to a date that represents 1 day prior to start date does not allow form to be saved.
  • Fixed: Reverted VAL spread function fix from v8.0.4.  Now: VAL(C2) where C2 is blank returns blank.
  • Database upgrade 7.8.4 now creates DRILLDOWN and DRILLDOWNDETAIL tables if they don't exist (caused by bad 141 db upgrade).
  • Scheduled Tasks now allows bulk replace of emails, schedule, etc...  (beta)
  • Added Q14648 Claros Data Management Interface as a free interface.

Version 8.0.6 (Sept 24th, 2021)

  • Database Upgrade 8.0.6
  • Set OPSDBA password Action Script added to Admin Console> Action Scripts.
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry for daily detail time entry, date entry, datetime entry stores value of 1 when entering a valid time and/or date.
  • Fixed: Interactive view for Built-in reports always sets dates to the saved dates of the report, not the selected dates.
  • Fixed: Interactive view for Built-in reports prompts for individual variables - should allow multi select.
  • Variable Info Report now detects variable references in VINFO Function.
  • Fixed: Creating a new Monthly Data Entry form allows single quote (') in name which causes WIMS to crash.  
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry fails to save 30 Minute variables to the correct time slot.
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry does not save the Weekly Stats Week Definition setting.
  • Location Setup:  Added Claros GUID field.
  • Scatter Graph added (Still in Beta)
  • Fixed: Dashboards with report type "Dashboard Classic" displayed in modern mode when opened from a Dashboard button.
  • Entry Type users are now allowed to have Edit privileges to Variable Groups.  These users can then enter new data for these variables (but will not be able to edit existing data and they are enter only). 
  • Units Setup now allows 20 character Unit Names to be added. 
  • Setting the sample as inactive in Sample Setup no longer deletes in progress samples (i.e. samples that have been Received, Analyzed) but not closed.
  • Fixed: In Custom Data Entry Forms with Save Copy of Daily Benchsheet on and cell calculations the Save button remains on after save.


Version 8.0.4 (Aug 13th, 2021)

  • Fixed: VAL spread function returns blank, should return zero (0) when referring to a blank cell.
  • Fixed: VOPVWO spread function now correctly formats the result based on the Decimal place setting.
  • Fixed: Lab Cal - Quick Close Samples crashes if Sampled By not set.
  • Fixed: Lab Cal does not schedule some samples (depending on schedule type: daily, weekly...) all the way to the end of the displayed calendar.  Note: All samples were scheduled by the time they were due.
  • Fixed: In Custom Data Entry Text Vars with format of "Drop Down Limit to List" allow users to enter a value not in the list.
  • Fixed: Newly added buttons are always set to red in Dashboard Classic mode.
  • Refresh Stats button added to Variable Analysis Graphs.
  • Custom Data Entry forms now allow daily and daily detail variables to be linked to a cell containing a date.  See Using linked dates in CDE
  • Locate Hourly Variable removed from the Custom Data Entry Design.  Use Locate>Daily Detail instead.
  • NetDMR-EZ now supports Monitoring Location Codes of more than 1 character - Example SL-Sludge gets exported as SL.
  • In Monthly and Customer Data entry Manager and Super User Types are now allowed to add a list item to the Text Var List.  For these users an "Add Item" selection is added to the bottom of the list and if selected the user will be prompted for the new list item.  Variable's List will be updated.
  • Fixed:  Monthly and Custom Data Entry forms do not properly round when form rounding type set to scientific.    

Version 8.0.2 (June 24th, 2021)

  • Fixed: Lab Cal allows two users to simultaneously generate samples.  Sets the LABCAL_SAMPLEGENRUNNING (in SETTINGS table)
  • Added Clear Future Schedule and Regen to Lab Cal Utilities menu.
  • Fixed: Conditional format displays error "Item not found in collection" if format is set to compare to a limit that no longer exists.
  • Added ability to display dashboard in "Dashboard Classic" mode that allows buttons to be displayed with background colors.
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry does not allow qualifiers to be entered on some cells if additional info fields are displayed.
  • MVUDWO now supports WHERE clauses with references to the location table.
  • Added AnalystName (AnalystNM) to CMDP report XML output. 
  • Fixed: When editing the SampledBy or ReceivedBy fields receive error "GetGenericName fielded to find..." in Close/Edit or Receive Samples forms.

Version 8.0.0 (May 18th, 2021)

  • Database Upgrade 8.0.0
  • Ad hoc Samples added to Lab Cal.
  • Updated to new Spreadsheet control. Adds ability to work with Excel xlsx file formats. Provides more modern UI look and feel.
    • Added ability to import Excel xlsx files in Spread Reports, Custom Data Entry Forms and California CIWQS.
    • Added ability to export to Excel xlsx file format from Spread Reports, Custom Data Entry, Monthly Data Entry and the Variable Browser.
      • Added xlsx as an option in Spread Report Output to Email or Disk.
  • CIWQS EZ method added as an alternative method (typically easier) to create the CIWQS report.
  • Compliance Engine Email Notifications added.
  • Sample Setup now supports seasonal scheduling of samples.  See Add Test(s) and Schedules for Samples for an example.
  • Spread Reports Interactive View added to Spread Report Output.  Can also be accessed thru a dashboard button.
  • GEVENTCNT (Group Event Count) Spread Function added.
  • SRFL spread function added. 
  • CTBYREG spread function added.
  • STI - Now supports ORIGDATEDUE (if rescheduled), RESCHEDULECOUNT (# of times rescheduled)
  • NWM - (Number of Weeks in Month) Spread Function added.
  • GTW - Group Time When Spread Function added.
  • Fixed: GDATE(2,"D",30,"Short Date") returns 12/29/1899 if run for February.
  • Fixed: VNFF does not work with Group Summary Functions (GSUM, GMIN, GAVGZ...)
  • Qualifier Spread Function added optional NoQualifierPrint that specifies what to output if no qualifier.
  • Conditional format
    • Now allows format to be based on a value of a different cell.
    • Cells containing dates, times, or date/times are not compared as datetimes not strings.
  • Text Var Formats Date Entry, Time Entry and Date/Time Entry added.  See Text Format Tab - Edit/View Variables.
  • Var Admin Tool>Import Vars from Other Facility added.
  • Fixed: Date Picker, Common Dates sets incorrect Month when one of the listed Months is picked(201116-000132)
  • Fixed - Replace in All Location only replaces in Sheets that have already been open.
  • Fixed - Edit/View Variables View Equation Inputs button throws error if more the 32K MDE forms have been defined.
  • Fixed - #SDBOM+-nI# does not add hours correctly in External Source - Edit/View Variables.
  • Enter Results By Test (Lab Cal)
    • Added ability to sort and search on Sample Name in Lab Cal Enter Results By Test.
    • Added Date Picker to select dates
    • Default dates set to today
    • Added Right Click Hide and Unhide columns
    • Added support for new Text Var Formats (Date, Time, and Date/Time Entry)
  • GFOA spread function - added Display option to specify whether to display 07/07 or 01/01 if all days have a result.
  • DFORMAT now handles formatting of a number that represents the number of days since 12/30/1899 as a date.
  • Fixed - SRSTAT always used the current date not the date specified by ForDate.
  • Fixed - VAR function can sometimes remove background color.
  • Fixed - SFR, SFRZ functions now handle negative numbers
  • Added ability to delete Spread Report Saved Prompt Answers
  • Wide Format added to Paste Date/Time Stamped Data
  • Fixed - GSV function includes some weeks where the end date is beyond the end date of the report.  (200928-000612) 
  • Fixed - Printlog in Hourly Data Entry Forms.
  • Monthly Data Entry
    • Now supports selection of multiple blocks (Using ctrl-click).  Works with Block Stats, Approve Data, Delete data, etc...  Does not work with Cut, Copy, Paste. 
    • Graph Data Button now displays the Multiple Variable analysis graph if more than 1 column is selected (in one block or using the selection of multiple blocks).  If one column selected will display the Quick Trend Graph. 
    • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry, Daily Detail Popup result comments displayed in the wrong cell (slot) when Start Time of Day is not set to Midnight.
  • Fixed: Log Book, Result Comments does not show Daily Detail Comments
  • Added support for Identity Server 4 Authentication for Claros Collect Setup.
  • Fixed - Receive Samples does not display the Received in Lab By properly. 
  • Fixed - LabCal Users without Manager privileges are allowed to delete samples.  Now prompts to Skip Sample instead. 
  • Fixed - Custom Data Entry when deleting a date/time AINFO field and saving get error "AINFO Save failed, cell cleared -214217887 - Multiple-Step operation generated errors. Check each status value". 
  • Multiple Variable analysis graph
    • Added ability to have one Y-Axis for all lines.
    • Added ability to have one 2nd Y-Axis (displayed on right)
    • Mark Data Points now turned off by default
  • Login screen now automatically closed if idle for more than 5 minutes (191024-000607)
  • Edit/View Variables 
    • New layout so there is only 1 row of tabs.
    • Copy Variable(s) has been improved allowing you to set what is copied, new location, etc...
    • Regulatory Limits can now scroll when in Read-Only mode
  • Fixed - Display of UNITS and UD fields not always displayed in proper column on SCADA Interface browser.
  • Fixed - Entry users are able to open dashboards via a button when the do not have view rights to the report group.
  • A "Sample rescheduled from..." note is added to Samples anytime a Sample is rescheduled.  Prior it would only add a note if the Sample Number was reassigned.
  • NORMSINV Math Toolbox function added.
  • Fixed: LV and DLV Spread functions do not support StartFlags of 11-14. 

Version 7.8.6 (Oct 5th 2020)

  • Database Upgrade 7.8.6 applied when first user logs into a database
  • NetDMR-EZ method added as an alternative method (typically easier) to create the NetDMR report.
  • South Carolina eDMR added
  • Support for XML output of Ohio Microbiological Sample Submission Report, Ohio Water Plant/Distribution System Monthly Operating Report (MOR), and Ohio Surface Water Treatment Plant Monthly Operating Report (MOR) added.  See Ohio Drinking Water Report Templates.
  • Lab Cal Sample Review added to Report Pac menu.
  • Export Multiple Spread Report Templates added to the Admin Console.
  • Spread Report Output - Three buttons added:
  • Locate, Results Table now locates Cell references using the ? to refer to current row, i.e. CELL(B?)
  • Variable WHERE Clause now supports references to the LOCATION table. 
  • Monthly Data Entry Design Wizard now handles duplicate named Location/StoretCode forms properly.
  • Fixed - Linear Gauge does not save Minor Tick count.   
  • Week Definition 24 (Sun-Sat calculated on Sun) added to WAVGn Math Toolbox Function
  • Week Definition 24 (Sun-Sat calculated on Sun) added to Locate>Weekly Summary.
  • Fixed - Users with view only rights to a variable group that has a calculated variable are able to Force a value in Monthly Data Entry and Custom Data Entry Forms.
  • Fixed - Var Admin Tool>Import Variables from Hach WIMS Variable Template only updated Daily Equations.  Hourly, 15 min calculated variables equations are now translated when imported.
  • SROUNDZ spread function improved when rounding to zero decimal places.
  • Improved SROUND math toolbox function and SROUND spread function algorithm
  • GFOA group Frequency of Analysis spread function added.
  • Report Pac, Export to CSV no longer exports hidden rows (hidden by Conditional Format or by user).
  • BOD Manager Criteria Setup - Report Header as CBOD option added that sets BOD Worksheet report title to "CBOD Calculations Report for date" vs "BOD Calculations Report for date"
  • When launching CDE forms from Recent Files now reads CDE Default Date Setting to open by default Today vs Yesterday.
  • Lab Cal Sample Costs are not calculated correctly when logging in a sample and changing the tests from the Sample Definition.
  • Fixed - In certain cases in Edit/View Variables Manager Users were inadvertently allowed to edit a variable depending on the Definition Read-Only/Variable Group Settings.  (200602-00266)
  • MVSTAT, MVSTATZ, and MVSTATDATE now handle Variable WHERE Clause with LOCATION= or LOCATION.fieldname= syntax properly.  (200602-00407)
  • MVSTAT added Stats LVGTx, LVGTLimitName,LVLTx, and LVLTLimitName statistics.
  • Added hap and hhap formats to Date Formats in Spread Functions
  • Fixed - Report Pac>Spread Reports>Preview properly displays report date range on date picker (200528-000381)
  • Fixed - Conditional format using Is Between Cell(??)-Cell(??) set the format for the wrong cell. (200602-000070)
  • Conditional format improvements allowing formatting based on any named regulatory limit (not just the standard list Daily Max, Weekly Min...)
  • Improved loading times of Spread Report Design>File>Open, Report Pac>Spread Reports, Data Manager>Data Entry Forms, and Graph Pac>Time Series Load Graph. 
  • Fixed - Edit/View Variables can uncheck the Definition Read-Only flag and can access to a variable that they do not have access to via the  Variable Group Manager.
  • Fixed - Dashboard button>Open Facility displays duplicate facility names.
  • Fixed - Slope spread function loses variable reference after it is located and subsequently edited  (i.e. Slope(11) becomes Slope(0) after edit). (200611-000382)
  • Monthly Data Entry
    • Fixed - Export to Excel does not merge Locations in top header row correctly when exported (200527-000062)
    • Fixed - Paste data to a Text Variable imports the data as a result comment even when it is valid data. (200601-000504)
    • Fixed - Detail Edit crashes when popup window is minimized
    • Improved Display of current date row when opening form.
  • Why Data Locked added to Entry Forms (Monthly Data Entry, Custom Data Entry, Hourly Data Entry …) right click menu.
  • Fixed - Monthly Data Entry Design does not always save changes made to statistics (i.e. when checking or unchecking Min, Max, Avg, Sum, Geo Mean)
  • Fixed - When creating a new MDE form from Data Manager Menu it does not check the Maximum allowed columns in MDE [General Setting]
  • Fixed - Custom Data Entry locks entire sheet if one cell on the form is referencing a date before the Facility Lock Date.  Improved handling of LockForeGround and LockBackGround Colors when using a form.
  • Custom Data Entry - Improved Auto Advance when loading form. 
  • Quick Trend now sets the end date to the end of the day (i.e. 23:59) to better handle daily detail variables.
  • Fixed - Spread Report Design does not disable auto logout when manually disabling Logout Idle Sessions on the Main Menu form (200512-000061)
  • Fixed -  Spread Report Output>Exporting to XLS or CSV with a multiselected prompt fails after first report is exported with message "Failed to add x custom functions..."
  • Calc Data Block now supports using a Where Clause to select variables for calculation.
  • Scheduled Tasks now supports using a Where Clause to select variables for database calculation.
  • Hourly Data Entry Forms now allow the changing/saving of fonts for header and body of forms.
  • External Source - Edit/View Variables  now supports #SDEOM# (End of Month), #SDBOM+-nI#, and #SDEOM+-nI# syntax.
  • Fixed: Text vars with Allow Symbol displays Time Entries (i.e. 8:45)  as Numbers
  • Fixed: Custom Data Entry Graphs will only display up to 4 lines (should be 6).  (191014-000290)
  • Custom Data Entry Hourly and Daily Detail Locate will now wrap allowing multiple days of Daily Detail to be located.
  • Fixed: Time Series Graphs Font Sizes (Graph Title, Legend...) are not saved.
  • Fixed: When displaying the Variable (ie Influent\Metals Copper would display Influent\Metals\Copper in some forms.
  • ROUNDDOWN math toolbox function added
  • Calc Data Block when saving a group now checks that length of name is less than 20 characters as required by the database.
  • Enter Results by Test - Now displays Sample Date and Variable information in the Test Info Panel. (FDSD-941)
  • Facility Setup - New Lab Cal Setting "Included Clients for Received By" added that allows you to set whether clients are listed in the Rcvd in Lab by dropdowns. (FDSD-912)
  • Fixed: In the VarAdminTool when deleting a location and all associated variables, the variable deletions are now logged to Action History (FDSD-1138)
  • Fixed: In Lab Cal when deleting a sample, the sample deletion is now logged to Action History

Version 7.8.4 (May 6th, 2020)

  • Database Upgrade 7.8.4 applied when first user logs into a database
  • Dashboards
  • MSDn Math Toolbox Function added.
  • File>Recent added to menu (also a shortcut on dashboard toolbar) that displays the user's most recently used data entry forms, report, and graphs.  Allows users to open any of the recently used items.
  • Fixed: GFST function pulling data from wrong timeslot. Requires ADOCALC 7.8.4.
  • Multiple Variable analysis graph now allows deletion and renaming of saved graphs.
  • User Setup now displays Facility List Alphabetically.  Loading speed improvements.
  • Spread Report Wizard and Custom Data Entry Wizard (Plugins 1 and 2) removed license checks to enable wizards to run in highly secure environments.
  • Claros Collect Setup Tool 
    • Now removes leading and trailing spaces from Location and Process which caused Variable Cross Reference Issues.
    • Retries four (4) times when creating processes if process create fails due to expired access token.
    • Login now allows optional setting of internet proxy server settings.  Proxy settings are saved to OPSROOT.GENERALSETTINGS. 
  • Improvements to Var Admin Tool
    • When copying variables no longer receive "No Space" message when there is available space.
    • Location>Renumber VarNums in Location added.
    • Fixed: Export to Excel some sheets/locations are blank (i.e. an empty sheet)
    • Fixed: When reordering locations (using Up/Down buttons) and then clicking on a different location causes a WIMS crash.
  • Payment  Fields added to Sample Accounting Fields to allow for billing of samples. 
    • Payment, Payment Type, Payment Notes added to Close/Edit Sample form, Accounting Tab
    • Locate>Sample Info added Client, TotalCost, and Payment fields to Available Fields and Filter Fields. Client Field added to Sorting Fields.
    • STI spread function now supports Payment, PaymentType, and Payment Notes.
  • Rejection Codes added to Skip Samples
    • VSAMP, STI Spread Functions updated to support RejectionCode, RejectionCode.Description
  • Spread Reports
    • NFNP function added that returns the Not Fixed Numeric Portion as a string from a result. 
    • SFRSFRZ improved handling of whole numbers.
    • Fixed: Locate Sampling Requirements Data locates GLCSS(1,"R","DUE"...) when Samples Collected is chosen, should locate GLCSS(1,"R","SAMPLED"...)
    • GLCSS fixed calculation of Skipped, Closed, and Due samples.  Added ability to count Late samples.
    • Fixed:  Change Report Name button on Report Options has no text.  Now says Change.
    • Improved detection of string (text) formulas
    • VSAMP - Field specification is no longer case sensitive, i.e. VSAMP(1,1,"SampleNum") and VSAMP(1,1,"SAMPLENUM) both work.
    • MVSTAT now supports a cell reference to a comma separated list of variable numbers. 
  • Fixed: Output of CDE Forms as an XLS caused slow down and eventual lockup of GNR server. 
  • Fixed: When using a Dashboard Button: Preview Report - Set Prompts the date picker and the dates of the report are not in Sync.
  • Monthly Data Entry
    • Last 12 Monthly Stats on right click popup menu when clicking on summary stats now display Date of Minimum, Date of Maximum and Count of Values.
    • Double clicking on the Minimum or Maximum value will jump to the cell containing the Min or Max for that Column.  Also available from Summary Stat right click popup.
    • Fixed: Export to Excel Text Parameters with drop down list do not export.
    • Pasting invalid results now pastes the invalid data as a result comment.
  • Monthly Data Entry Design Wizard now prompts to update, skip or create copy of a form if it already exists. 
  • Added ability to format enter data by significant figures (digits) for variables that are Allow Symbols (Data Qualifiers) and have Decimal Places set to Not Fixed.  Number of Significant Figures is set in Edit/View Variables.
  • Updated messages on Var Group Manager.  Better describes what user types can and cannot do.
  • Lab Cal
    • Added Days (columns) to display on calendar and Days (columns) to display before the current day facility settings to Facility Setup that can be used to decrease load time of the Lab Cal calendar.
    • Handling of off calendar samples improved to decrease load time of Lab Cal Calendar. 
    • Quick Filter of Samples now scrolls to row 1 after filtering.
    • Quick Close Sample now only displays Analyzed Samples by default
    • Fixed: Error 13 - Type Mismatch when displaying a sample that the assigned to, sampled by, or received by field was set to an inactive personnel record.
  • Location and Name option added to Facility Setup>Default Variable Display
  • Multi Graph Output now allows a header with optional graphic/logo to be defined
  • BOD Manager now marks invalid bottles in Light Yellow.  Note: Can be overridden with the OPSROOT.GENERALSETTINGS - 'BODMGRMARKBACKCOLOR' setting.
  • Var Info Report
    • Fixed: Detects that a variable is used on a report when it is not in report.
    • Now detects variable is in report when it is referenced by cell (i.e. GAVG(B2,1,"R") would detect variable 11 if B2 = 11)
  • Scheduled Tasks email list now supports up to 1000 characters. 
  • Improved Magnify and Edit Cell in Monthly Data Entry and Custom Data Entry for Entry Only user types.
  • Fixed: Data Manager>Logbook when printing logbooks with large left and right margins always wraps to two (2) pages.  Set default margins for Comments and new logbooks to 720 (0.5").
  • Fixed: Logout idle sessions did not end sessions properly when Spread Report Design was open.
  • Variable Browser now displays Analyte Code field
  • Fixed: Variable Browser is reloaded when using Edit/View Variables when it is not required to be reloaded.
  • Fixed: VINFO Spread Function does not work with recently edited variables.
  • In certain environments (Citrix, highly secure) default printer information cannot be read from Windows.  When this occurs the user will be prompted to choose a default printer upon login.  Default printer chosen will now be saved to USERSETTINGS and reapplied when default printer cannot be detected.

Version 7.8.2 (Jan 28th, 2020)

  • Database Upgrade 7.8.2 applied when first user logs into a database.
  • General Settings LabCal ColWidth, RowHeight, and FontSize are now Facility Settings.  See Facility Setup to adjust these settings.
  • "Allow Edit of Sample Number" option added to Facility Setup.  Allows users to change/edit the Sample Number (Sample must be Pending, any Received, Analyzed, or Closed samples the sample number cannot be edited even with this option On).
  • Quick Edit by Sample Number added to Lab Cal Calender
  • Start Analyst added to Lab Cal.  Allows tracking of the Analyst who started or setup test. 
  • Receive Samples Improvements:
    • Show Tests button added that displays floating window allowing entry of Test Setup info such as Start Analyst and Analysis Start Date/Time.
    • Fixed: Receive Samples sets Rcvd in Lab Date/Time to 12/30/1899 12:00 AM when field left blank.
    • Sample Number can now be edited.  Must turn on "Allow Edit of Sample Number" option in Facility Setup
  • QC Analysis Report now supports selection of Analyst when analyzing data.  Uses the Lab Cal Analyzed By field to filter which results to analyze. 
  • Enter Results by Test Pick Method now supports setting the method for a block of cells.
  • Close/Edit Sample form Improvements:
    • It is no longer a modal form (i.e. you can open other windows, other samples while in Close/Edit Sample).  
    • Test CASNO, Default MDL, Default RL, and Max Hold Time now displayed in Status Bar
    • Data Additional Info can now be entered via a floating Additional Info form.
    • Sample Number can now be edited.  Must turn on "Allow Edit of Sample Number" option in Facility Setup
  • Spread Report Design:
    • Spread Functions VNFF, COL, and ROW added.
    • Fixed: In spread report design when loading a report with a formula in Cell A1 it displays the formula with Varid instead of VarNum.
    • Formula Info Status Bar Panel now displays variable info for formula's with the varnum as a cell reference (i.e. VINFO(B2,"NAME"), GSUM(C22,1,"M"),...)
    • Fixed: Locate, Daily Detail Values the Place result comments beside data option does not place DDSC formula.
  • In certain environments (Citrix, highly secure) default printer information cannot be read from Windows.  When this occurs the user will be prompted to choose a default printer upon login.
  • Added Copy Test (record) to Test Setup.
  • Fixed - Claros Collect Setup Tool detects a location as a duplicate even if it's Process is different.
  • Fixed - The Result Comment Audit Button in daily detail forms now works correctly.  Form is now resizable to allow long comments to be viewed.
  • Fixed: Edit/View Variables displays Error in Procedure LoadSampReq, Error-2147217900 - Ambiguous column name 'LOCID' when displaying Sample Requirements using a Where Clause. 
  • Monthly Data Entry summary statistics for daily detail variables now calculates based on all data for the variable/date range.  Previously, stats were calculated on the daily averages displayed.
  • Custom Data Entry: 
    • Email Excel Export button added to toolbar.
    • Added ability to email an Excel Export of a Custom Data Entry form when form is saved.  See Form Options for setup instructions.
    • Added Display Date Format option to Custom Date Entry Form Options.
  • ABTW Math Toolbox Function now handles negative values.  Requires ADOCALC 7.8.2.
  • Variable QC Limits now properly logged to Variable Action History (Audit)
  • Use Multi Facility Query (if Manager) User Setting added.
  • Improved Copy/Paste when a range of cells is selected in Enter Results by Test, Close/Edit Sample form, and Receive Samples.
  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry, Daily Detail Popup result comments displayed in the wrong cell (slot) when Start Time of Day is not set to Midnight.  


Version 7.8.0 (Nov 1st, 2019)

  • Database Upgrade 7.8.0.   Applied when first user logs into a database
  • Latest News button added to Login form.  Opens Claros WIMS Latest News KB article with the latest information on software releases, issues, webinars, and user group meetings.
  • Variable Browser now allows you to export multiple Variable Info Reports.
  • Calc button added to Close/Edit Sample form
  • User Defined Fields 6 - 9 added to Close/Edit Sample form (SAMPLEUD6 - SAMPLEUD9)
  • Close/Edit Sample form Sampled By, Assigned To, Rcvd in Lab By, and Client Fields now allow multi-char searching when picking value.
  • Improvements to Variable Info Reports:
    • Daily Detail Forms now listed properly
    • Now detects embedded variable references in formulas (i.e. IF(ISBLANK(G5),GAVG(17,1,"M"),GAVG(18,1,"M")) - var 17 and 18 will now be detected)
  • Fixed issue introduced in 7.7.8 that did not allow Built-in reports to be outputted.
  • Date Picker now allows definition of a Fiscal Year date range.
  • Fixed bug in Client that did not allow IT_Client.Exe to run.
  • Improvements to Var Admin Tool
    • Ability to View/Edit Unassigned Variables
    • When copying variables to existing location, you can now set the beginning variable number
    • When renumbering variables for a location, you can now set the beginning variable number
    • Variable Description, UD1-9, and Global Fields have been added and work with Replace
    • Current Location is now bolded in Location tree
  • Receive Samples Improvements:
    • Received In Lab By now allows multi-char search like Sampled By.
    • You are now allowed to display/edit previously received samples
    • Create Samples button has been added allowing you to create samples as you receive them.
  • MVVAL Math Toolbox Function added.
  • Locate, Prompt now allows multiple Sample Numbers to be selected when locating a Sample Number type prompt.
  • VINFO Spread function now supports "ShortName.Units" as a field.   
  • Ohio EPA Credible Data Report support added.
  • Fixed - Lab Cal, Enter Results by Test Print Preview, Print Page throws "object doesn't support" error.
  • Fixed - User Profiles Facility Access not saved when changing the user type for an existing record. 
  • Fixed - Claros Collect Setup Tool not importing translations from Claros.  Now uses latest I18N API.
  • User Defined Fields 6 - 9 added to Sample Setup (TASKUD6-TASKUD9)
  • Close/Edit Sample form - buttons rearranged so Close Sample is not confused with Exit and/or Save and Exit buttons.
  • Sample Accounting Fields added to allow for billing of samples. 
  • Spread Report, Format, Conditional Format Hide Row option that allows you to toggle whether rows should be hidden when designing the report based on the conditional format.  Helps design a report where rows would be hidden by conditional format.
  • Spread Functions Join, Split added.
  • Spread Function STI works with SampleID (internal ID of Sample) along with the Sample Number (i.e. 191024-0002).
  • Fixed - Custom Data Entry Additional Info Date/Time Entry cuts off the AM/PM.
  • File>Set Printer and Lab Cal>Utilities>Set Printer menu options added.
  • Quick Edit by Sample Number added to Lab Cal Calendar

Version 7.7.8 (Released Aug 19th, 2019)

  • Database Upgrade 7.7.8.   Applied when first user logs into a database
  • Support for the Ohio eDMR XML (4500) added.  Use Locate Ohio XML 4500 to design report.
    • Fixed issue with handling of variables with a 'Not Fixed' Decimal Place setting
    • Improved handling of Zero (0) values
  • Fixed:  Variable Edit would not display Picture type variables.
  • Sampling Requirements added.  Allows you to set the number of samples required for a variable or set of variables (i.e. 2/week, 15/month)
    • Spread Functions SRINFO,GLCSS added to support reporting of Sampling Requirements
    • Locate Sample Requirement Data added to spread design.
  • Claros Collect Setup Tool now supports the EU instance of Claros. 
  • Lab Cal, Enter Results by Test now allows settings (such as Tests selected, form size, column widths) to be saved and loaded. Other miscellaneous improvements.
  • New Dashboard button added: Enter Results by Test
  • Events now allows settings (such as Show Options, Quick Filter,Location Selected, and form size and position) to be saved and loaded. Other miscellaneous improvements.
  • Events Dashboard button now allows selection of saved settings.
  • Weekly Entry Forms Feature has been removed. 
  • Improvements to Date Picker - now displays date range loaded.
  • Variable Group Manager added - allows you to set privileges (Edit, View Only, No Access) for a group of variables for a list of users.
  • VINFO now supports display of Variable Group information.
  • Export to Excel on all browser forms now allows user to select output folder and set filename.
  • Added Interpolated Percentile as specified by Connecticut DPH to GPERC (Method 6), MVSTAT (Stat PERJxx), and MVSTATZ (Stat PERJxx). 
  • Weekly Stats popup added to Monthly Data Entry.
  • Monthly Data Entry Save Layout now saves position and size of form including the popup detail forms (Quick Trend Graph, Additional Info, View Picture, and the new Weekly Stats)
  • Weekly Stats popup form added to monthly data entry.  Displays weekly averages (and optional Geometric Means) for the current selected variable in MDE. 
  • Print Header and Print Footer option added to Spread Report in the Spread Properties form. 
  • UD1-UD9, PWSID,PWS Name, and County added to Lab Cal Client form.
  • Location Setup now lists variables in the location.
  • Variable Edit now allows users to pick the Name from a standard list of parameter names.  See Variable Name Library.
  • Variable Edit - Added Name Attributes - Component/Sub Location, Source, and Claros Parm GUID. 
  • Facility Setup now has a Dashboard Message field.  Use FINFO("","DASHMSG") to display.  See using Facility Dashboard Message. 
  • Improvements made to Custom Data Entry, Copy/Paste.  Now handles block Paste properly. 

Version 7.7.6 (May 30th, 2019)

  • Database Upgrade 7.7.6.  Applied when first user logs into a database
  • Locate, Results Table now supports daily detail values.  Remove and Remove all buttons now work.
  • VPIC spread formula no longer overrides Cell Format settings such as Stretch and Maintain proportion (61652) 
  • Added Support for California Geometric Mean-Median stat:
  • Claros Collect Setup Tool now supports up to 5000 rows. 
  • New Dashboard button added: Open Report Group - Opens Report Pac>Spread Reports and selects/loads the report group specified.
  • Improvements made to handling of NODI codes in Locate>eDMR / eReport Link>California eSMR 2.5
  • Lab Cal Close Sample will now use the current time for the Facility (using the Facility Setup, Time Zone) instead of server time when defaulting and checking Sample, Analysis, etc... times.
  • Monthly Data Entry, Daily Detail entry now saves data of current cell when form is closed.
  • Print Heatmap and Show Equations added to Multiple Variable Analysis Graph
  • Improvements made to conditional format when comparing text to numbers.
  • Locate>Daily Values now allows simple conditional formatting to be applied when locating data. 
  • SQL type Prompts now allow multiple selections for reporting looping of answers or comma separated lists for use with SQL IN clauses. 
  • Variable Browser Quick Filter now highlights Locations that match filter. 
  • VINFO Spread Function now returns "StoretCodeDesc","StoretCode-Desc" "AnalyteCodeDesc", and "AnalyteCode-Desc"
  • Built-In reports can now be updated by the user.  See Built-In report templates.
  • Start Time of Day setting added to the Monthly Data Entry Options form.  Sets, for Daily Detail variables, the day (i.e. midnight to midnight, 7AM to 7AM) for the summary stat displayed and the hours displayed in the Monthly Data Entry daily detail edit form
  • Today @6AM, Today @7AM, Today @8AM, Yesterday @6AM, Yesterday @7AM, and Yesterday @8AM added as Date options to Custom Data Entry Dashboard buttons. 
  • Monthly Data Entry Design Wizard has options unchecked by default.  Prompts for confirmation with number of forms to be created before continuing. 
  • Export to CSV added to Year over Year Variance Util (61719)
  • Scheduled Tasks, Calculate Database now supports selection of variables
  • Scheduled Tasks now allows Generating (exporting) Custom Data Entry Forms
  • Fixed - Custom Data Entry Ditto key now works with daily detail variables (61673)
  • Built In User Activity Report has been updated to use Facility Name instead of Filename. To replace existing report download 106.hwr located in Built-In Report Templates and follow instructions at the top of the page.
  • Sampling Requirement feature added.  Enables the tracking of Sampling Requirements for a variable or set of variables.  The following spread functions were added to report on number of samples/results vs the requirements:
  • Locate Sampling Requirements Data added to spread reports.
  • Edit/View Variables now logs changes to Quality Control Limits to Action History. 
  • CTRFLV Spread function added to calculate CT Required for Four Log removal of Viruses.
  • CTRFLV Math Toolbox function added to calculate CT Required for Four Log removal of Viruses. 


Version 7.7.4 (Jan 25th 2019)

  • Database Upgrade 7.7.4.  Applied when first user logs into a database.
  • Claros Collect Setup Tool added.
  • Locate, Results Table added to Spread Report Design.
  • Fixed: MDE crashes when Calc Form Vars and Inputs is selected if an equation has a V0 (Null) reference.
  • When using USE_VB6_LICENSING ini setting you would receive an Error 13 - Type Mismatch error (for each interface installed) when displaying Server-Side Interface Setup. 
  • Fixed: In location setup, when changing order of locations and refreshing Location Levels some users were receiving record cannot be located for updating error.   This caused some location order changes to not be saved.
  • Fixed: Reporting Limit (RL) only allowed integer (whole) numbers.  Now allows float.
  • COM Spread function now returns result comments outside the report date range if a date is passed as the offset.  Note: A numerical offset will still only return a result comment if it is in the report date range.
  • SETTINGS.CURVALUE field size increased to 250 to handle longer Logbook Interface Cross References. 
  • Multi Variable Analysis Graphs are now displayed in the Graph Group Manager.
  • Login screen now allows selection of database server based on Hach_WIMS_Client.ini settings.  See  Multi Server Login Hach_WIMS_Client.ini settings
  • When previewing a spread report, export now defaults to XLS. 
  • Data Manager>Data Entry Forms now sorts by Last Modified date correctly.
  • Edit/View Variables - View Action History no longer displays "Date value must be present as Date RECID" message when Apply Filter Settings button used.
  • Lab Cal Licensing - Available Facilities and Facilities Currently Licensed lists are now sorted.
  • Locate>Daily Values now filters the variable browser to only show daily type variables when the browse for variable (...) button is clicked.
  • GlobalUD1 is now shown in the variable browser.
  • The Global UD1-5 fields are now shown when picking a GlobalGroup, GlobalProcess, GlobalParameter, GlobalUD1, or GlobalUD2 field.
  • Spread Report Design: Rotate Text Toolbar button now toggles thru the orientation options (normal, up, down, and upside down).
  • Several references to comments or Log Book now state Logbook.  Example, Locate>Comments has been renamed to Locate>Logbook Notes.

Version 7.7.2 (9/5/2018)

Spread Reports

  • Fixed: GPERC Spread returned 0 (zero) if more than 32000 data points were analyzed (i.e. a month of minutely data)
  • Fixed: Design>Spread Report>File>New and selecting <<< Blank Report >>> shows error [ ] and closes Spread Design.
  • Fixed: Design>Spread Report>File>Save As Template now saves HWR files in proper format (was saving in SS3 format).
  • VAL Spread function improved to handle strings like "100 mL" now returns 100.
  • CT Spread Function that returns CT Required from EPA Tables added.
  • CASE Spread function added
  • VFL (Value From List) spread function added
  • Fixed: Spread Report>Paste Special would clear Sheetname when entire sheet was selected prior to Paste. 
  • STI Spread function updated to allows reporting of Parent Sample/Test Information.
  • Design>Spread Report>Locate Events not supports international date formats
  • COUNTIF Spread function now supports counting of Text values.
  • Spread Report Design, Locate NetDMR now supports quarterly limits.
  • Fixed: GPERC with Minutely Variable for a month returns zero over 74 Percentile.


  • Dashboards now use the Report Date Type Setting for the Report.
  • Fixed: Open Facility Dashboard button now works with User Profiles.
  • Edit button on Dashboard toolbar now allows Manager and User User types to edit dashboard if they have rights to the Report Group.

Lab Cal

New Variable Type - Daily Picture

  • New Variable Type of Daily Picture has been added.  Allows you to track pictures as a daily variable. 
  • Set Picture button has been added to Monthly Data Entry allowing users to import picture to the Picture Type Variable.
  • Spread Design>Locate Daily Value can now locate Pictures from the Picture Type Variables.
  • VPIC Spread Function has been added.

Custom Data Entry

  • Fixed: Design>Custom Data Entry>File>New and selecting <<< Blank Form >>> did not load blank form.
  • Improved handling of CDE calculated cells linked to parameter variables when the calculation and WIMS database are different.  See Calculating values on a Custom Data Entry Form.
  • Custom Data Entry Form Quick Trend Chart now displays data for the last 30 days (based on loaded date) by default. 
  • Fixed: Read Only users were allowed to enter data in CDE forms if given rights to the Entry Group.

Monthly Data Entry

  • Fixed: Monthly Data Entry, List Inputs and Edit/View Variables, Equation Tab list variable and inputs button could cause WIMS to lock up with equations with certain types of comments.  Example: V1 * 2  'ISBLANK([Plnt If:TSS]
  • File, Delete allowing users to delete one or more MDE forms has been added to Monthly Data Entry.


  • Removed Add New button from Symbol Setup.  Users are no longer allowed to add more than 10 symbols. 
  • Fixed: Variable Browser Filter button error "Invalid Column 'Location'" when filtering by Location. (CSCP 61285)
  • Fixed: Export to Excel, Narrow Format would display "Error 3265 - Item Not found in the collection..." if a Location Level (Location.Level1-Location.Level6) was selected as field to be outputted.
  • Added PWSID, Facility ID, and Sample Point ID fields to Location Setup
  • Added Update values based on new Symbol Rules Action script
  • Added Analyte Code (Drinking Water SDWIS/CMDP id) to Edit/View Variables, Description Tab.   
  • Comments added to Events.  Notes renamed to Description.
  • Added checkbox filters to Events.  Allows users to see only Violations, Open events, etc...
  • Fixed:  In Daily Detail Entry Forms you can only approve data in first 31 rows.  Now allows all data displayed to be approved.
  • Added new Relative Date Settings to Scheduled Tasks.  Added Last xx days (YD) meaning last xx days thru yesterday.  NOTE: Last xx days means thru today.
  • Fixed: Variable Browser, Filter Button, Filter by Location displays error Invalid Column Name 'Location'.
  • Fixed: Spread Report Output, Open Report, Open Form, Load Time Series Graph shows User Profile instead of User Name.
  • You can now set your default logbook entry font size with the Set as my Default button on the logbook entry form.


Version 7.7.0 (Jan 25th, 2018)

  • Database upgrade 7.7.0.  Applied when first user logs into a database.  Server Setup no longer required to update database.
  • Support for MS SQL Server 2017
  • Fixed - When creating new users, their settings are now properly saved.
  • Dashboard linear gauges height/width properly displayed
  • HQd meters now work with BOD Manager in Windows 10 (see HQd meters on Windows 10)
  • Users  now load their proper dashboard when the User Allowed to set own Dashboard setting is off
  • Location Setup - User defined caption edit now allows users to enter only 15 characters.  User Defined caption for UD9 now works correctly.
  • Spread Reports - Conditional format would set format if value was compared to a Limit (Daily, Weekly...) and the Limit was not set (i.e. there is no limit). 
  • Fixed - Edit/View Variables was showing the variable browser incorrectly which caused it to be unloaded when Edit/View Variables was closed. 
  • Fixed - Super users did not show up in Approval User Setup. 
  • Fixed - Lab Cal Sample History displayed "Invalid Use of Null" error when displaying Samples with no (null) Sample Description. 
  • Close/Edit Sample form, Rcvd in Lab Date/Time field is now properly formatted for international date settings. 
  • Fixed - Managers when adding new or copying variables were not able to edit the new variables if the Definition Read-only flag was set.
  • Added Ditto to Daily Detail Entry Forms
  • Interface Browsers by Table added.  See Manually creating Interface browser tables
  • Browse for template added to Design>Spread Report>File>New and Design>Custom Data Entry Form>File>New
  • Report Template Folder and CDE Template Folder General Settings added
  • Fixed - MDE forms that used USE_LOCATION_VARIABLES (feature removed) were not loading correctly in all situations. 
  • Icon Select users can no longer open other dashboards thru File>Open Dashboard or the  Dashboard Options: Open button.
  • Fixed - User cannot change their password when they are part of a user profile.
  • DEBUGLOG added to hach_wims_client.ini allowing users to control creation of debug log files.
  • Fixed - Lab Cal Setup>Samples Order button now sets proper order even if RecOrder is Null.
  • Added Narrow Format Export to Utilities>Export>Export to Excel
  • Custom Data Entry - Fixed bug when clicking Comments button when on a minutely entry cell.
  • Custom Data Entry - Popup Keypad Enter Key now advances to the next entry cell in all environments.
  • Improved Admin Group Managers User Setting logic.  Now allows Manager Users with this setting on to setup all groups (previously only allowed editing of groups the manager was a member of).
  • User Type - User can now access Data Manager>Events.
  • Fixed - Monthly Data Entry Additional Info columns do not allow alpha characters to be entered.

Version 7.6.8 (Sep 20, 2017)

  • Database upgrade 7.6.8.  Applied when first user logs into a database.  Server Setup no longer required to update database.
  • Data Approval Setup, Approval User Setup updated to display only users that have access to the Facility.
  • Conditional Formatting added to Custom Data Entry.
  • Multiple Variable analysis graph added
  • Edit/View Variables is no longer a modal form (i.e. you can open other windows while in Edit/View Variables).  
  • Fixed bug in Preview Calculations button that caused WIMS to crash if bringing up detail data window.
  • CV (Closest Value), CVT (Closest Text Value), and DCV (Date of Closest Value) spread functions added. 
  • Monthly Data Entry Forms now allow you to show the full Location Path or just the Location in the header. 
  • Fixed bug when printing reports with a Print Area Set.
  • OFMVSTAT, OFMVSTATZ and OFMVSTATDATE Spread functions have been added allowing you to summaries data from other facilities.
  • Spread Locate, Other Facility Group Summary added.
  • Spread Locate, Other Facility Combined Group Summary added.
  • Graph Pac, Multi Output Load Settings button now orders the list of settings alphabetically.
  • Monthly Data Entry Forms now allow you to show the Location Path or Location in the header.
  • Monthly Data Entry now shows only the Calc button (Calc Form Vars and Calc Form Vars with inputs has been removed).  You now set the Calc Button mode (Calc Entire Database, Calc Form Vars, Calc Form Vars and Inputs) in Facility Setup.  Calc Menu with Calc Entire Database, Calc Form Vars, Calc Form Vars and Inputs has been added.  File, Refresh has been added.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate printer names in Pick GNR Printer when scheduling tasks.
  • Added check all/uncheck all toggle to group accesses (Entry Groups, Report Groups, Logbook, and Graph groups) in User Profile Setup.
  • Data Manager, Compliance Engine menu option is now hidden by default as it is redundant (use Data Manager, Events instead).  NOTE:  Can still be displayed using the SHOW-COMPENG-MENU general setting, see Data Manager, Compliance Engine for information on using this setting.
  • Fixed bug in Custom Data Entry when using Form Date Type option.
  • Custom Data Entry - Improved auto advance handling of Merged cells.
  • Backn and LV Math Toolbox functions updated to allow Daily Detail variables to refer to themselves, e.g. V4022 = BACK1(C4022).


Version 7.6.7 (Aug 16th, 2017)

  • Database upgrade 7.6.7.  Applied when first user logs into a database.  Server Setup no longer required to update database.
  • Added File>Open Dashboard to the main menu
  • Improved Email Address Book - now displays whether an email address is global or private. 
  • Fixed Report Pac, Spread Reports, Print Preview Printing bug.  Certain reports would crash WIMS after printing.
  • Fixed Report Pac, Spread Reports, Email Report bug.
  • Added Interpolated Percentile and Interpolated Percentile EXC methods to GPERC (Methods 4,5), MVSTAT (Stat PERIxx. PERExx), and MVSTATZ (Stat PERIxx, PERExx). 
  • Location Levels are now saved in the Location record allowing simpler querying of the location table.  See Using Location Levels.
  • Added the Raw Data Only When Occurs report Wizard.
  • The Report Export Folder User Specific Setting is now set using Report Pac, Spread Reports and browsing for a new export folder.
  • Event Status added allowing you to mark Events with a Status. 
  • Improved handling of International Date Settings in Events MuMul
  • 5 Minute Text Variable Type data is now properly saved in CDE forms
  • Paste Date/Time Stamped Data now handles Text Variables with no list defined.
  • Added Export data only when it occurs option to Utilities>Export>Export to Excel
  • Audit Trail button added to Result Comment Entry to view Audit Trail for Result Comments. 
  • Bug Fix: Monthly Data Entry when editing daily detail text variables with a list defined now properly assigns curvalue.
  • Open Dashboard now allows user to reset their dashboard to Default (i.e. it clears their user assigned dashboard and uses their user profile dashboard or the facility default dashboard)


Version 7.6.6 (7/7/2017)

See YouTube video - What's New in v7.6.6 


  • Database upgrade 7.6.6.  Applied when first user logs into a database.  Server Setup no longer required to update database.


Graph Pac

  • Bug Fix: Legends are properly displayed on Time Series Graphs.

Variable Setup

Spread Reports

  • Sheet, Copy Sheet added.
  • VINFO Spread Function now supports Vardesc and Location Additional Info Fields. Added XREF and ENTRY RANGE fields. Added Decimal Places parameter to allow formatting of Limit fields ("ENTRYMIN","QC UCL", "DMAX", etc...)
  • VDE Spread Function that returns a flag indicating that data for a variable has been deleted, edited or forced.
  • GSV Spread Function now handles simple numeric sampling requirement for the date range specified.
  • LINFO Spread Function now supports Location Additional Info Fields
  • FN Spread Function now supports using cell references for the date and/or Variable Number arguments.
  • GMEDZ Spread Function added.
  • DDSCWO Spread Function fixed.
  • SQL type added to Prompts allowing you to define a custom SQL query for the pick list of values for the prompt.
  • Improvements to Conditional Formatting including:
    • Support for anchored cell references (CELL($B$2))
    • Ability to apply multiple formats for all true conditions using the Apply all true rules option.
  • Gauges are now properly sized when printing the report/dashboard.


  • Edit button added to main dashboard allowing Super Users to open the current dashboard in Spread Design.
  • Open button allows you to display a different report/dashboard
  • Date Picker added to dashboard allowing you to change dates for the dashboard.


  • Units field has been increased to 20 characters (from 10).
  • Logbook entries now allow up to 4000 characters (from 2000). MS SQL databases only, Oracle still limited to 2000.
  • Color Setup allows custom colors to be defined for spread report and custom data entry cell foreground and background.
  • Year over Year Variance Util added
  • LSDn Math Toolbox function added which calculates the standard deviation of the last n values.
  • User type "USER" can now edit scheduled tasks if the "Allowed to Schedule Tasks" preference is set to on (checked).
  • Added Windows>Tile menu option - arranges all open WIMS windows in rows and columns
  • Added Windows>Cascade menu option - cascades all open WIMS windows in rows and columns
  • Added Windows> Switch To menu option - brings to the front and sets focus to the selected WIMS Window (form).
  • Added Windows>Show Dashboard menu option and Show button on Dashboard toolbar that minimizes all WIMS Windows and sets focus to your Dashboard
  • Added File>Browse to Facility menu option that can be used to Open a different facility using a searchable browse form.
  • Data Manager>Events form now displays the location tree allowing you to filter the list by location.

Monthly Data Entry

  • Cells where data has been changed (e.g. data entered and then edited or deleted) can be displayed with a red border.  See Monthly Data Entry Options, Border Edited Data to set whether form displays edited cells with a blue border.
  • Data Additional Info fields can now be added as columns to a form for easier data entry and review.
  • Lab Cal fields can now be added as columns to a form for easier data entry and review.
  • Block Stats are automatically displayed on the status bar for the currently selected cell range.
  • New User Setting "Allowed to add columns to Monthly Data Entry Forms (when using)" that allows you to control whether a user can insert Columns, list inputs, etc... when using an MDE form. 
  • Quick Trend Graph stays open and auto updates as you change variables (i.e. move around in the form).
  • Force Calculated Value now allows result comment to be entered.
  • Entry Limit Violations now have a background color of lite yellow.
  • Daily Violations now have a background color of lite red.

Custom Data Entry

  • Data Additional Info fields can now be added to a form to a form for easier data entry and review.
  • Lab Cal fields can now be added to a form for easier data entry and review.
  • Force Calculated Value now allows result comment to be entered.
  • Entry Limit Violations now have a background color of lite yellow.
  • Daily Violations now have a background color of lite red.
  • Quick Trend Graph stays open and auto updates as you change variables (i.e. move around in the form).
  • Additional cell background colors that auto advance can now be set in Facility Setup, Colors Tab.
  • Form Date Type option added allows you to set what day is loaded when using a form.  See CDE Form Options.

Daily Detail Entry

  • Block Stats are automatically displayed on the status bar for the currently selected cell range.
  • You can now hide blank rows by double clicking on the Hide Blank Row panel in the status bar. 

Lab Cal

  • Received in Lab by and Date/Time fields added to Close/Edit Sample form. 
  • Order of tests in Samples can now be set on the Sample Setup form.   
  • Order of Samples generated on the calendar can now be set using the Order button on the Sample Setup form.
  • Dashboard button to start Lab Cal can now specify the Lab Cal Filter.
  • Lab Cal Filters now supports filtering by Sample Location Id.  This allows multiple locations to be selected to show all Samples in a branch of the location tree.
  • Samples ready to be closed (Analyzed) are now displayed in lower right corner of Lab Cal.  Close Selected Samples button allows you to close listed samples.
  • Utilities>Send Route to PPA added.


Version 7.6.4 (Build 6859, Released on 3/30/2016)

See YouTube video - What's New in v7.6.4 

Monthly Data Entry

  • Monthly Data Entry Forms now allow any date range up to 366 days When using an MDE form, you can now drag and drop columns to rearrange order of variables. See Changing Layout of Monthly Data Entry Forms The Monthly Data Entry Options form has been added allowing you to set header, summary stats, and other form options when using a form. Changes to Form Design (Layout) can now be saved using File>Save Layout and File>Save Layout As menu options when using an MDE form. (4727)
  • Monthly Data Entry no longer displays error message "Error in Procedure SPUTIL.GetGeoMeanText Error 6 - Overflow" when calculating the GEO MEAN of a Minutely Var that allows data qualifiers. (4705)
  • Monthly Data Entry Design Logbook selection is now sorted. (4720)
  • Monthly Data Entry now displays the day's lowest data approval status of daily detail variables. (4717)
  • Users can now hide the Calc buttons on Monthly Data Entry Forms. See Set which Calc Buttons to show on Monthly Data Entry Forms (4718)

  Spread Reports

  • Spread Design, Locate SQL Results, Transpose Cols and Rows now works in all cells. (4723)
  • When outputting a Spread Report it only checks if the Export Folder needs to be created when Exporting a Reporting. When exporting, displays a message to change the export folder if the Export folder cannot be created. (4707)
  • CCPP Spread Function Added (4713)
  • Workday, CONV, and CONVZ spread functions added. (4731)
  • Added SFC (Significant Figure Count) and DPC (Decimal Place Count) Spread Functions (4733)
  • VINFO Spread function can now return the Limit or QC Limit information for a specified date. (4738)
  • CCPP Math Toolbox Function Added (4713)
  • Data Approval Form now allows Filters to be defined and saved Data Approval Dashboard button now allows selection of FIlter (4714)
  • MS SQL Super and Manager level users are now warned when logging into WIMS that the OPSDBA user does not have processadmin server role. (4716)
  • Spread Report Graph now allows user to set Overlay to Shared Axis. (4736)
  • Spread Design, Locate SQL Results, Transpose Cols and Rows now works in all cells. (4737)


  • Added Dashboard button to display the "Select Data Entry From to Open..." window (i.e. Data Manager>Data Entry Forms menu option). (4708)
  • Utilities, Import, Paste Date/Time Stamped Data added. (4755)
  • Export to Excel now supports Facility VarDisplay setting of Location.VarName (4709)
  • Fixed "Error in Procedure UpdateRec Error 364 - Object was unloaded" when changing the variable frequency (VarType) when using System Setup>Edit/View Variables for VarNums>32676 (4721)
  • Option added that allows users to approve calculated data instead of the calc engine using the lowest of the inputs. See Data Approval Overview and Data Approval Setup (4722)
  • Lab Cal Sample History now allows Exporting the list to Excel. (4724)
  • WIMS Client now can auto logout idle sessions based on General Setting - Logout Idle Sessions after X minutes. See Auto Logout of Idle Client Sessions for more information. (4730)
  • WIMS now warns users that their Windows font size (DPI) is not set to Small Fonts on login. This may cause certain WIMS forms to display incorrectly. See Default Windows Font Size Message (4732)
  • Lab Cal no longer locks results if Track Approval is off for the variable and the user does not have Final Approval rights. (4734)
  • Added ability to add or subtract date/time from Start Date (#SD#) and/or End Date (#ED#) when specifying Get External Data query in Variable Setup. See External Source - Edit/View Variables (4742)
  • Improvements made to windows startup positions (MDE, CDE, Spread Design) when using Dual Monitors. (4746)
  • Daily Detail Forms now allow you to specify whether to show a time column for each variable or not by default. (4750)
  • CDE now handles commas in the source data when using Ditto or Paste. (4751)
  • GraphPac - Fixed issue when clicking on overlay line and the pop-up displayed wrong variable information. (4752)
  • Client Scheduled Task, emailing PDF files, if fails it will pause 5 seconds and try to resend 3 times (4754)
  • Miscellaneous ( 4557, 4646, 4704, 4726)

Version 7.6.2 (Build 6650, Released on 10/28/2015)

  • Fixed bug when ReCalc Cells was used, got error message "Error in Procedure mnuPopupReCalcCell Error 13 - Type Mismatch" if Audit/Status Info was greater than 60 characters. (4569)
  • netDMR Comment_txt field is now automatically added (as per netDMR Spec) to netDMR output (CSV text) file. (4584)
  • CDE - Removed Entry Limit Text format and Daily Limit Text format options. Entry Limit Violations are always shown italic (green Background) and Daily Limit Violations are always shown in Bold (Lite Yellow) (4629)
  • CDE now allows users to set the start date/time to a specific time of the day (e.g. 8AM)
  • Suggest button in correlation, MLR, and Var Analysis graphs no longer shows Error 6 - Overflow when analyzing large numbers. (4644)
  • Documents can now be attached and viewed with Events and Facility records. (4645)
  • When saving a report, form, or graph and creating a new group it now defaults to the newly added group. (4650)
  • Monthly Data Entry Daily Detail edit now shows summary stats for the day displayed on the bottom of the form. Monthly Data entry Daily Detail edit - added Right Click, Block Stats (4657)
  • Server Setup Database upgrade 141 now now converts Locations/Areas properly when the Location has a reference to a deleted Area (4665)
  • Users can now set the default date (yesterday or today) when loading a Custom Data Entry Form from the menu. See Set Default Date for Custom Data Entry Forms (4671)
  • Text Variable's List can now contain up to 2000 entrires. (4683)
  • BOD Manager - Added support for Lab Sample Number and Notes on BOD bottles. BOD Manager - Added ClearMrk button which removes manual marks and unmarks. BOD Manager - Improved handling of Marked/Unmarked bottles when using If all Depletions in Sample are <2 use 2 and report as less than option (4684)
  • Locate, Group Summary added to Custom Data Entry Design. (4686)
  • Locate>eDMR / Electronic Report Link>California eSMR 2.5 - Formula placing units now uses STR to ensure cell is a Text Type. (4689)
  • Data entry forms (Monthly Data Entry, Custom Date Entry, Lab Cal Close Sample, Lab Cal Enter Results by Test ) now allow numbers up to 9,999,999,999,999 to be entered. (4690)
  • Fixed problem creating and accessing items in Entry Form Group Manager (4691)
  • Lab Cal Close/Edit Sample now displays messages when sample date time is changed and existing data is displayed because the data slot for the data is now different. Example, Sample Date Time is changed from 8:00 AM to 9AM and there are hourly variables in the sample. (4700)
  • Search logbook could display entries user did not have rights to see. Fixed (4703)
  • Miscellaneous ( 4386, 4458, 4626, 4630, 4632, 4633, 4634, 4635, 4636, 4637, 4638, 4639, 4641, 4646, 4647, 4653, 4654, 4661, 4664, 4666, 4668, 4669, 4670, 4672, 4673, 4675, 4678, 4680, 4697)

Version 7.6.0 (Build 6115, Released on 7/8/2015)

  • Alberta Lab/DWQ eReport - Fixed Sort Order of samples to asending and fixed bug with Station Number. (4255)
  • Added six canned reports to LabCal (4463)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some customers to access their database before it was updated when upgrading WIMS to 7.5.0. (4515)
  • Fixed a bug where some users were seeing built-in reports in their default list when they did not actually have permissions to view the reports. (4524)
  • Connecticut EDI - Added support for EDI Fields B_ORIGINAL_COLLECTION_DATE starts at 356,B_ORIGINAL_LAB_ID starts at 364,B_ORIGINAL_STATE starts at 371, updated B_FILLER now starts at 376 (4526)
  • Change Password form redone to make it easier to use and understand. (4527)
  • Spread Reports - Added Locate Saskatchewan Lab-OPR (4533)
  • Locations can now be setup in a Tree Structure allowing for better organization of variables. VINFO Spread Function now supports Location Tree. Can return PATH, PARENT,... (4543)
  • Fixed issue with HQ40D overwritting Notes in BOD Manager. See article for more info: Q13390 (4548)
  • GPERC Spread Function now supports Method 3 (Scientific Rounding to choose slot). See http://www.opssys.com/instantkb/article.aspx?id=10779 (4558)
  • Added 2nd parameter to NDM Spread Function that allows function to return the number of certain weekdays in the month. See NDM Help Topic at http://www.opssys.com/instantkb/Article.aspx?id=10740. (4559)
  • Spread functions STR, CONCAT, NDM, STATZ and DIFF now work correctly when referring to other sheets (i.e. CONCAT(Sheet1!A1," XYZ ", B2) is now supported). (4561)
  • Using Monthly Data Entry Design, Advanced Settings now works with Location Form Types. (4562)
  • Fixed a bug preventing the optional rollover within MDIF to function properly. (4565)
  • The LABCAL_GENONCEADAY setting is now a Facility Setting (was a system wide, OPSROOT, setting). (4566)
  • MVUDWO Spread Function Multi Variable Unique Date When Occurs added (4568)
  • Fixed bug when ReCalc Cells was used, got error message "Error in Procedure mnuPopupReCalcCell Error 13 - Type Mismatch" if Audit/Status Info was greater than 60 characters. (4569)
  • EOD Date Literal added to math toolbox (4573)
  • ISSYMBOL and SETSYMBOL Math Toolbox functions erroneously return Unknown Symbol message when editing/creating equations in Edit/View Variables. Fixed. (4576)
  • Spread Report Design, Locate Report Summary and Locate Monthly Summary handle No value print option correctly (4577)
  • Fixed a bug preventing Perc Spread Function from working after 8192 values. (4578)
  • Cut block and Delete Block now work with blocks (cell ranges) that are off screen. Added "Approve All" button (4579)
  • Fixed handling of Canadian date format (dd/mm/yyyy) in Labcal Chain of Custody entry. (4580)
  • Report Pac, Spread Reports output to CSV file now outputs all sheets in the report not marked as Do Not Print (i.e. the Sheet Properties, Print Type setting) (4586)
  • Graphs in Spread Reports could get cutoff in certain situations. Fixed (4587)
  • Monthly Data Entry - Fixed bug in GeoMean summary stat with Variables that allow symbols (data qualifers) (4589)
  • MDE Design, Advanced settings now works correctly on column 200 and greater. (4598)
  • Fixed invalid message when trying to locate a button with a license that includes enhanced security mode. (4601)
  • CDE and Spread Reports no longer check/fix invalid formulas on load which greatly reduces load time. Added Fix Formulas to Spread and Custom Data Entry Design which allows the user to check/fix formulas if required. (4604)
  • Report Pac -Print Log Book, result comments now shows result comments for daily detail variables. (4608)
  • Spread Report Default Group now contains only reports that do not belong to any other group (i.e., group deleted but not the reports). Note, the reports in Default are available to all users (4615). (4615)
  • Fixed bug in MDE wizard when unselecting storet codes (4616) (4616)
  • Fixed a minor bug preventing some users from being able to correctly enter small negative numbers into a Monthly Daily Detail entry form. (4617)
  • AVG Spread Function can now take the average of Text Cells that contain numbers. (4618)
  • Miscellaneous ( 4520, 4530, 4532, 4534, 4539, 4541, 4542, 4549, 4550, 4555, 4556, 4557, 4560, 4564, 4571, 4572, 4583, 4584, 4597, 4599, 4600, 4602, 4607, 4612, 4613, 4620)

Version 7.5.3 (Build 5676, Released on 10/20/2014)

  • Fixed - Spread Report Wizard locks up during startup in certain conditions (4520)
  • Fixed - Custom Data Entry Cannot type negative numbers with an entry form in Windows 7 environment if the value is less than 0 e.g. -0.1 (4518)
  • Compliance Engine now handles limits using the GeoMean statistics properly (4509)
  • Spread Report Design now checks that formulas are <1024 characters
  • Lab Cal Built-In reports are now longer listed in Report Pac>Spread Reports or Report Group manager if you are not licensed for Lab Cal. (4463)

Version 7.5.2 (Build 5663, Released on 10/6/2014)

  • Fixed - In Oracle databases when Report Pac, Spread Reports click on a report crashes WIMS client (4517)
  • Fixed problems with User Defined Fields in Lab Cal, Test setup (4516)

Version 7.5.1 (Build 5658, Released on 9/26/2014)

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to incorrectly login to WIMS without updating their database to version 1.4.0.

Version 7.5.0 (Build 5652, Released on 9/15/2014)

See What's new in 7.5 for highlights of major feature enhancements.

WIMS Database

  • Version 1.4.0 Upgrade

Spread Reports

  • eReports/eDMR files can now be emailed from Report Pac, Spread Reports (4374)
  • HWO Spread function updated for Oracle (4348)
  • Dashboard buttons can now be created for Correlation Graphs (4362)
  • Fixed bug in COM Spread Function when referring to a logbook with an ID > 2 (4371)
  • Fixed - GAVGMEDZ spread function does not format to the decimal places specified (4376)
  • Fixed - SFR spread function only returns 2 sig figs when 3 is asked for if the number has no decimal. IE SFR(25,3) returns 25 not 25.0 (4416)
  • Spread Wizard Flash Report now handles variables with symbols correctly (4420)
  • Fixed - Spread Report Prompts does not allow multi selection when prompting for a Varid (4427)
  • Add Quick Filter to Report Pac, Spread Reports and Open Spread Report (4433)
  • SQLXFIRST Function to allow for the connection string to use the External Data Source Connection string (4434)
  • Fixed - Spread Report Wizard appears to lock up on databases with a large number of variables (100,000 plus).  (4439)
  • Preview added to output NetDMR Report (4442)
  • Fixed - When using wizard to create spread report and emailing as attachment; the page setup defaults to printing gridlines, row and column headings, only black and white, and always landscape. (4455)
  • VIOL Spread Function needs to count Entry Range Violations (4467)
  • Fixed - Prompt Reports setup for PDF output are emailed with the default answers instead of being prompted for correct values. (4405)

Custom Data Entry

  • Data Approval Colors are now displayed correctly for users with only one approval level. (4361)
  • Fixed - CDE will not allow you to use the wizard when there are more than 31,999 variables - Get Error 6 - Overflow when starting the wizard (4381)
  • Row Height adjustment can now be set thru the menu (Format>Row>Set Height). (4381)
  • Text Vars with List defined now work when cells are merged in CDE forms (4450)
  • You can now replace Variables References in CDE Design (Edit>Replace) (4462)
  • Custom Data Entry background color formatting for values outside of entry and daily limit range. (4476)

Monthly Data Entry

  • Restore from Audit Trail now works from Edit Daily Detail popup. (4422)
  • Quick Filter Column added to Monthly Data Entry (4429)
  • Geometric Mean now displayed in Monthly Data Entry (MDE) Summary Stats (4443)
  • Clear All Button added to MDE.  Clears data, result comments and additional info for the selected range. (4456)
  • Quick Trend Chart added to right click popup menu. (4460)
  • Monthly Data Entry background color formatting for values outside of entry and daily limit range. (2437,4470)
  • Block Restore From Audit added to right click popup menu. 


  • Fixed - When launching Monthly Data Entry Design from a Dashboard button, the design form is missing the buttons for First, Prev, Next, Last, New, Del, Wizard (4463
  • Managers are now able to edit Dashboard buttons regardless of the Execute SQL User Preference setting. (4383)
  • Dashboard buttons to output built-in reports now work for all users (providing they have rights to the Report Group) (4471)


  • Graph Pac - Graphing bug when modifying dates via the Labels tab in the properties window. (4391)
  • Quick Trend graphs now displays date range on the graph. (4438)
  • Fixed - Time Series Limit Lines draw line back to orgin in certain cases where the limit ends in the graph date range (4451)
  • Fixed - Area graph chart does not render properly when variable has missing data (4411)
  • Fixed - Time Series Graph Labels will not display all commas if the value is over a million (4457)
  • Variable Analysis Graphs (SPC Graphs) added to Graph Pac (4477)


  • Edit Data Utility now allows multiple variables to be selected to perform the update on. This allows data to be deleted for multiple variables for any date range. (4392)
  • VARADMIN tool import new variables now imports the LIMS Cross Reference Fields. (4354)
  • Fixed - Schedule task relative to Last 7 days does not include today. (4367)
  • Minor cosemetic changes for Modeling (4370)
  • Reorder Locations by block added.  See Location Setup, Order. (4372)
  • Quick Search/Filter Function added to Variable Browser (4377)
  • Fixed - Cannot type negative numbers with an entry form in Windows 7 environment if the value is less than 0 e.g. -0.1 (4398)
  • Minor Var Admin Tool (Variable Admin Tool) improvements (4400)
  • New statistics added to Michigan eDMR (4404)
  • Import External Data imports data thru the end of End Date specified. (4407)
  • BOD Trend Report now shows all of the 8 columns available (4408)
  • Monthly Data Entry - Daily Detail Edit now locks data properly based on the Variable's Data Read Only flag (4437)
  • Additional information edit form now works with NVARCHAR2 data type fields. (4441)
  • All WIMS Multi-User licenses now allow databases to grow to 10 GB is using MS SQL 2012 Express.  If you are running MSSQL 2005 Express, the 4 GB limit still exists. See Which MS SQL Database should be installed for information on updating your MS SQL Server. (4452)
  • Minor improvements to Logbook entry (4453)
  • Daily detail entry forms now allow calculated values to be Forced (4459)

Version 7.4.1 (Build 5346, Released on 7/26/2013)

Regulatory Reports

  • Added Sample Types to CIWQS report. (4330)
  • Added two fields to NetDMR for NODI Parameter and NODI Pipe. (4050)
  • Fixed the format of the Florida eDMR export to current specifications. (4333)
  • Locate CIWQS Tool, instead of bringing variable numbers in as text, now uses VINFO(x, “VarNum”) function (4246)
  • Fixed a bug with the Wisconsin State XML that was using incorrect formatting for the Drinking Water eMOR. (4299)


  • Added ability to use saved prompt answers when outputting a report with a dashboard button. See Locate, Prompt.  (4300)
  • Added dashboard button functionality to Execute SQL statements from a button. See Dashboard buttons - Execute SQL Examples (4305)
  • Added "Last Day of Prior Month" for "Custom Entry" on dashboard buttons (4269)
  • Added 2 new dashboard button functions. Calc all vars and Print Logbook. See Locate, Prompt. (4198)
  • Fixed a bug preventing users to get a menu when right clicking on a gauge in the Viewer Dashboard. (4327)
  • Dashboard linear Gauge can now be double clicked to set section values when viewing dashboard. See Set Linear Gauge Range and Section Settings (4306)

UDG1000 Support

  • Added a Wizard for the UDG1000 Online Viewer to setup a user-friendly dashboard. (4307)
  • Added ability for users using the UDG viewer to be able to adjust the decimal places displayed. (4318)
  • Interface Q14088 WIMS UDG1000 Server-Side is no longer counted against the interface license count - it is now a free interface. (4347)

Spread Reports

  • Added support for cell references in conditional formats in Spread Reports. See Conditional Formatting (4337)
  • Added four new Built-in reports:  (4279)
    • Compliance Status Report
    • LIMS Cross Reference Report
    • SCADA Cross Reference Report
    • Updated and Deleted Records report
  • Added VLOOKUP Spread Function. (4341)
  • Built-in reports (101 - 106) now properly display dates based on windows regional settings (4293)
  • Fixed bug where Spread Report with DRC function and with a Print Range set in certain cases would not print the entire report. (4342)
  • Fixed date formats for several reports where the system date format is not mm/dd/yy. (4293)


  • Added terms and conditions statement for online users. (4297)
  • Added ability to edit multiple lines with the Facility Information Form Notes. (4321)
  • Fixed Utilities, Export to Excel was not exporting thru the end of the last day of the export date range for daily detail variables (4242)
  • Fixed a bug with Var Admin Tool that was causing crashes if no areas were setup. (4295)
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate Facilities could sometimes appear in the login screen. (4309)
  • Fixed a bug causing Daily Detail forms to crash if a variable it contained was deleted. (4331)
  • Fixed a bug with the compliance engine where it would crash if searching for a violation with a symbol. (4336)
  • Export to Excel now displays dates according to the Windows Regional Settings when Exporting Daily Detail variables. (4343)


Version 7.4.0 (Build 5297, Released on 2/7/2013)

Spread Reports

  • Added four (4) new Built-In Reports : Compliance Status Report, LIMS Cross Reference Report, SCADA Cross Reference Report, Updated and Deleted Records Report  (4279)
  • Added ability to use Canadian Date format dd/mm/yyyy in Spread Report Design (4256)
  • Added Wisconsin Drinking Water eMOR electronic report support  (4266)(4274)
  • Added Locate Alberta eDMR Report (4255)
  • Added functionality in Florida eDMR Part A to accept Florida Department of Environmental Protection's new naming convention (4283)
  • Added functionality into California CIWQS to allow users more options with which LabCal data they want imported (4288)
  • Improved how variables numbers are located in the CIWQS report to capture future variable number changes (4246)
  • Fixed a bug with SFRZ that was not rounding numbers greater than 999 (4247)
  • Fixed a bug that was producing incorrect formulas in certain cases while locating NPDES rows (4250)
  • Fixed a bug that was adding an extra line when exporting a spread report to CSV (4264)
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly locking inserted columns in Spread Report design (4270)


  • Added ability to schedule the Compliance Engine tasks using Scheduled Tasks (4281)
  • Added a Data Entry Keypad inside Custom Data Entry forms to make data entry easier for touchscreen users (4280)
  • Adjusted the border width of several forms that were partially covering the status bar with Windows 7, 8 and Server 2012 (4261)
  • Added ability to Ditto Result Comments (4244)(4259)
  • Upgraded existing Shortcut to open CDE forms to have the ability to default to “the last day of the prior month” as an option (4269)
  • Added ability for LogBook entries to accept Canadian Date format - dd/mm/yyyy (4233)
  • Added ability in Variable Limits Entry to accept Canadian Date format - dd/mm/yyyy (4234)
  • Added functionality in LabCal to allow Canadian short date format - d/m/yy (4236)
  • Added ability to format Labcal dates using the Canadian Date format - dd/mm/yyyy (4238)
  • Fixed a bug with email address entry that was causing Email Gateway to incorrectly format e-mail addresses (4251)
  • Fixed a bug when exporting data to Excel that was causing errors on the last day of hourly data (4242)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry forms that did not properly read entry limits in Text entries (4243)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing historical equations from being displayed in the Variable Info Report (4245)
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing 4-hour variables to be located in Correlation Graphs (4248)
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing Variable Areas to have duplicate names (4258)
  • Fixed a bug with importing Excel files to a CDE form causing validation errors (4284)
  • Fixed a bug that effected font changes to MDE forms after a user cancelled out of the form (4289)
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing WIMS when using comments logbook shortcut from dashboard (4290)
  • Fixed a bug in the Variable Browser that was causing error messages when filtering for equations (4292)

Version 7.3.4 (Build 5194, Released on 8/8/2012)

  • Added DR6000 compatibility (4231)
  • Added functionality in Admin Console that allows users to modify the maximum columns in an MDE (4230) 
  • Added functionality in Admin Console that allows users to specify the maximum number of variables that can be located in a spread report (4229) 
  • Added support to NetDMR form for form_nodi_cd field (4228)
  • Added a Minnesota Supplemental Wastewater Daily Data eDMR form (4217)(4095)
  • Fixed a bug where Custom Data Entry Forms allowed Locked Data to be edited (4224)
  • Fixed a bug with the California eSMR form that was causing the form to no load the last two columns (4220)

Version 7.3.3 (Build 5172, Released on 6/11/2012)

  • Fixed a bug which caused Custom Data Entry Form to not find the next white cell during auto-advance when enter-key-action was set to Across (4212)
  • System Info log file now display OS user's default printer (4213)

Version 7.3.2 (Build 5168, Released on 5/25/2012)

  • Fixed a bug which caused Custom Data Entry Form to mishandle text variable entry (4211)

Version 7.3.1 (Build 5166, Released on 5/17/2012)

  • Fixed a bug which caused Custom Data Entry Form / Print Preview to crash (4209)
  • Fixed a bug which caused file system locks on concurrently running spread report graphs under high load Citrix XenApp environments (4208)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Report Additional Info data structure to reside in memory even after report windows was closed (4205)

Version 7.3.0 (Build 5146, Released on 5/1/2012)

Spread Reports

  • Added six built-in reports. See Built-In reports for documentation (4193)
  • Added a Maine eDMR option to generate XML files for the state. (4180)
  • Added two new columns to the NetDMR form (NODI_PIPE, NODI_PARAMETER) (4080)
  • Added a feature to allow CIWQS to use either DateStart or DateComplete for ANADATE field (4175)
  • Added a feature to upload National NetDMR for California eSMR 2.5. See California eSMR (4157)
  • Added over 10 new regulatory reporting spread report templates
  • Fixed a bug with multi-sheet spread reports that did not update conditional formatting on the non-active sheets (4097)(4184)
  • Removed an unnecessary and unused section from the NetDMR report (4082)
  • Fixed a bug where sample results in NetDMR allowed the use of a comma symbol (4081)
  • Fixed a bug where California CIWQS would not generate from Report Pac menu correctly (4129)
  • Increased the columns for the Illinois eDMR form from 16 fields to 21 (4091)
  • Fixed a bug with multi-sheet dashboards where the gauges were not displayed correctly (4114)
  • Fixed a bug where Spread Reports that were created using the DRG would display incrementally smaller row sizes depending on the Windows Resolution (4162)
  • Fixed a problem where Spread Report prompts were not correctly triggering if STATZ was used while referring to cell D2 (4165)
  • Fixed the tooltip for the National NetDMR so that it no longer indicates it’s a Texas NetDMR. (4103)


  • Added a feature to allow users to specify the Graph Print Method. See Graph Print Method in General Settings for more info (4121)
  • Added functionality to Variable Admin Tool to create new variables from a list. See Hach WIMS Variable Templates (4117)
  • Added a method to handle .NET DLL in high security installation sites. See High Security Licensing Work-Around (4192)
  • Added General Setting "Prompt Users whether to save changes when editing variables" (4196)
  • Added Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Compatibility (4202)
  • Added Email logfile to Hach IIM feature into Utilities / System Information (4203)
  • Added custom plugins 13x and 14x (4139) (4151)
  • Adjusted the CDE number rounding rules to be more consistent with other parts of the program. (4159)
  • Fixed a bug where an error would occur if a user used BOD Manager and then tried to open a Custom Entry Form (4177)
  • Fixed a bug were titles in the X and Y axis were not displayed correctly if only one Character was used in either title (4126)
  • Fixed a bug where PDF attachments stopped appearing when running an automatic scheduled task in some Windows 2008 environments (4096)
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting graphs located in Custom Entry Forms (4179)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed incorrect symbols to be used in a graph title (4189)
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow non-super users to be assigned to dashboards for Oracle based systems (4186)
  • Fixed a bug where the printer collection was not functioning correctly in shared environments (4108)
  • Fixed a bug where the final BOD column width was incorrectly adjusted (4071)
  • Fixed a bug where invalid characters were allowed in the Variable Admin Tool (4127)
  • Fixed a bug where the GNR server would not run a scheduled import against DR3900 data if the facility name contained lower case letters (4107)
  • Fixed a bug where the default Lab Cal Calendar view could only be adjusted for super users (4187)
  • Fixed a bug with Scheduled Tasks where name modifications were not being saved (4156)
  • Fixed a bug where the Minimum values were not showing for entries greater than 888,888 (4188)
  • Fixed a feature where some Time Series Graphs would incorrectly show a mean of 0.00 (4190)
  • Fixed a bug where Logbook entry forms do not size properly to adjust for length of comments (4167)
  • Fixed a bug where deleted variables in the MDE design tool were showing as blank (4182)
  • Clarified the error message a user receives when trying to use an apostrophe ( ' ) in a Monthly Data Entry form (4163)
  • Fixed a bug where some Citrix users were getting a locked screen when completing a CDE design Wizard (4176)
  • Fixed a bug where logbooks called from a Dashboard button would give a "subscript out of range" error message. (4183)


Version 7.2.1 (Build 4949, Released on 8/31/2011)

  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate / eDMR Link / NetDMR which cased error 380 in certain cases when number of variable decimal places were set to Not Fixed (4045)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate / eDMR Link / Wisconsin eDMR which omitted generation of STR() formulas for text cells when appropriate (4032)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design which caused replacement of cell value with = character when moving between months after having been positioned on a cell with the value of = (4044)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Import XLS which caused inability to import XLS sheets when column A was hidden (4038)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report NetDMR output which caused the output file to contain incorrect amount of columns (4050)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Print Variable List which caused incorrect output in cases when semicolon was used in variable descriptions (4024)
  • Fixed a bug in Dashboard display that caused grid lines and column headers to appear in multi sheets scenarios (4056)
  • Fixed a bug in Labcal where user could not perform certain actions in cases when regional setting for short date separator was set to – (4021)
  • Fixed a bug in WIMS Portable synchronization which caused the process to fail in cases when a text variable's LIST field was NULL (4054)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry which caused audit trail to be improperly written for minutely variables (4052)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry which caused invalid output to be printed when partial cell borders were in use (4029)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View variables which caused the List tab to not detect changes upon modification of list content in certain cases (4036)
  • Fixed a bug in BOD Manager / Print Worksheet which caused certain Final BOD value to be getting cut off from printout in certain cases (4034)
  • Fixed a bug in Weekly Entry Form which caused an error whenever user attempted to view empty result comment (4031)
  • Fixed a bug that caused side effects when Show Data Approval user setting was unchecked (4022)
  • Compatibility with DR3900 firmware version 1.02

Version 7.2.0 (Build 4922, Released on 7/5/2011)

Spread Reports

  • Added support for West Virginia eDMR. See Q13455 for more details (3996)
  • Added support for ANALYSIS_START, ANALYZEDBY(ID) into VSAMP function (2012) (3927)
  • Added support for AVERAGE,MO MED, and 90TH % statistics into Florida eDMR (3673)
  • Added support for military time formats (hhmm, hmm, hh.mm) into DFORMAT function in order to provide better support for California CIWQS reporting (3886)
  • Added support for RUN_NUMBER and REPDLVQ fields into Locate/ eDMR / California CIWQS (3929)
  • Added support for locating of formulas into LOD,LOQ, and LabCertNo fields of Wisconsin eDMR (3902)
  • Added ability to show all formulas under Design / File / Display Formulas (See Q13460 for more info)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Wizard’s Monthly Review report which caused generated reports to start on day 2 instead of day 1 (3865)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Wizard’s DRG report which caused dates to be hidden on second page when columns didn’t fit all on one page (3930)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Wizard’s DRG report which caused dates to be ordered incorrectly when using Print Data Only When it Occurs option (3931)
  • Fixed a bug that caused reports with multiple sheets with data that did not satisfy approval report options to only display warnings on the last sheet of the report (3875)
  • Fixed a bug in Locate/Dashboard Element/Button to display graphs + entry forms to be displayed in random order instead of alphabetical order (3876)
  • Fixed a bug in California CIWQS locate with Lab Cal Data (3878)

Entry forms

  • Added DR3900 (Hach spectrophotometer) interface into Monthly Data Entry, Custom Data Entry, and Daily Detail Data Entry forms. See Q13397 Q13400 and Q13408  for more info (3897)
  • Rollover warning massage now shows today’s and yesterday’s reading (3997)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry forms which caused program crash when certain data approval configurations were active (3872)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry which caused merged cell to interact improperly with Text Parameter Variable connected to a list (4011)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry forms which caused windows to be improperly sized in Windows 7 (3890)


  • Added ability to track Analysis Start Date in order to enable workflows required for SIDWIS reporting (3607) (3608)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error during rescheduling of samples when regional setting for short date separator was set to – (4019)
  • Fixed a known issue Q13363 that caused Receive Samples/ Set to Scheduled Date to output blank dates when regional setting for short date separator was set to – (3881)
  • Fixed grandfather licensing issue (3877)


  • Multiple improvements made in Admin Console/Action Scripts/Variable Admin Tool. See Q13331 for more info(3888)
  • Fixed a bug that caused HQ40d interface malfunction when running on Windows 7 or when running without administrator privileges in Windows XP. Program is now capable of using Virtual Serial communication method. See Q13388 for more information.(3904)
  • Fixed a bug that caused facility access privilege ALL to be disregarded in certain cases in System Setup /Group Managers (3772)
  • Added display of G2_Interface_ID into System Setup/System Tables/Entire System/Server-Side interface setup (4013)
  • Added ability to connect to different data source than the one specified in Hach_WIMS_Client.ini using command line parameter INILD (3969)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup/Edit View Variables that caused Error -2147217900 (Incorrect Syntax) when all limits were removed from variable and user moved off the record (3552)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup/Edit View Variables which caused the program to crash in Windows Server 2008 64-bit environment when certain interfaces requested user to provide input using a list (3873)
  • Fixed a bug that caused program crash when a very long string was pasted into logbook editor (3858)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Database Backup Action Script to refuse to run in certain valid licensing scenarios (3867)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Data Exception Report that caused Error Missing Expression when running on oracle backend (3895)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac/Time Series/Email which caused program to write to non unique filename causing clients running on Citrix to be unable to email these files in certain situations (3900)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac/Multiple Output which caused error 380 – Invalid property value when Group by Month was used (4009)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac which was causing program to not save certain changes when overwriting saved graphs (4010)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac/Multiple Output which caused error 5 in SESSION logs when used in conjuction with GNR Server (4018) 
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes (3863, 3868,3879,3887,3903,3968,3999,4001)
  • Requires Database Version 1.3.9

Version 7.1.2 (Build 4709, Released on 2/18/2011)

Spread Reports

  • Improved support for California CIWQS electronic reporting by adding support for new summary statistics such as Monthly Mean under Design / Locate / eDMR / California CIWQS menu item (3715)
  • Added new Storet Codes applicable for Puerto Rico into Design / Locate / NPDES Row (3758)
  • Added new rule (number 7) into GAVGZ function in order to support California CIWQS requirements (3798)
  • Added Hach Blue color to selection under Design (3831)
  • Fixed a bug in User Interface of Design / Locate / Multivariable Group Summary which caused to omit showing of Define Group Hours when users selected Partial Days grouping (3704)
  • Fixed a bug in SFRZ function which in certain specific input combinations caused result to round up an extra decimal point when using type 2 (Normal) rounding (3725)
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly overrode print sheet settings when user was attempting to set print area inside of sheet and then to output report vie Report Pac / Spread Reports (3770)
  • Fixed a bug in FN function which caused function to not work when cell reference were provided as inputs which adversely affected DRC's integration with FN (3834)
  • Fixed a bug in SROUND function which caused return of 0.0 when fetching data from a blank (empty) cell (3835)
  • Fixed a bug in BOS function which caused the syntax to require 4 input parameters instead of the documented 3 (3846)
  • Fixed a bug that caused conditional formatting to malfunction when used in Spread Reports that were used as Dashboards (3829)
  • Fixed multiple bugs that affected conditional formatting in Spread Reports (3828) (3819) (3818)


  • Fixed a bug which caused application to apply only the top most schedule whenever user modified sample definitions which had multiple schedules set per one test. New button added into sample definition screen which can be used to fix future sample schedules affected by this bug (3860)
  • Added display of LC_SAMPLE identifiers on sample edit and close forms for improved troubleshooting experience (3741)

Data Entry

  • Added Monthly Data Entry Wizard under Design / Monthly Data Entry which allows users to quickly create entry forms for all facility locations (3856)
  • Additional Info Entry window is now a floating window which improves efficiency of use of Additional Info across all types of data entry forms (3796)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry / File / Print Preview which caused print area to be set incorrectly (3811)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry / File / Wizard which caused the wizard executable to freeze when running under Citrix XenApp (2947)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry Form which caused error Subscript out of Range when using forms that had no linked WIMS variables on them (3029)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry form which caused the application to incorrectly enable the save button on forms that were configured with Save Copy of Daily Bench sheet on (3292)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry Design which caused the application to allow duplicate form names to be saved under certain conditions (3736)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Approval selection dialog which caused omission of Minimum Approval Level considerations under certain specific conditions (3794)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry Form which caused situations when users could not add result comments to cells linked to variables (3822)
  • Fixed a bug in entry forms that allowed users to approve data which was locked using Data Manager / Lock Data (3852)

Graph Pac

  • Fixed a bug in Probability Plot which caused display of invalid variable numbers in certain cased on the Inquire form (3734)
  • Fixed a bug in Multiple Linear Regression plots which caused the hot hit functionality to show incorrect variable names in certain cases (3725)

BOD Manager

  • Added feature which allows users to export CSV under Data Manager / BOD Manager / Worksheet / File / Export (2449)
  • Fixed a bug which caused certain printers to omit directive to print in landscape mode (3838)


  • Added support for Weekly grouping 23 (Alaska) to math toolbox functions WDIF, WGMC, WGM, WGMP, WACg, WMED, WMIN, WSUB, and W Logical Sum (3674)
  • Added new action script under System Setup / Admin Console / VARADMINTOOL which allows Super Users to quickly change the variable setup by deleting variables, assigning variables to locations, etc (3805)
  • Added support for migrating Oracle Facility databases to Microsoft SQL Server facility databases into Admin Console / Action Scripts / RUNPLUGIN10 (3760)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / System Tables / This Facility / Additional Info Tables/ Data Additional Info that disallowed users from specifying NVARCHAR type of fields when adding additional info (3546)
  • Fixed a bug in the application that imposed a limit of 100 maximum selected rows in areas where the Variable Browser allowed Multi-Pick (3658)
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket OPS / Route Setup which caused the list of users to be presented in unsorted fashion (3750)
  • Fixed a bug in Math Toolbox parser which did not allow input of certain advanced inputs (per documentation specification) for function GETPERC (3779)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / User Setup which caused incorrect (generic) help topics to be opened upon using F1 help lookup on this form (3780)
  • Fixed a bug on the main user interface window which caused long WIMS license serial numbers to be chopped off and thus unreadable (3781)
  • Fixed a bug which caused program to crash when called by GNR Server when number of WIMS facilities in OPSROOT was extremely large (3812)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities/Message Inbox which caused very long WIMS User messages to be cropped. Double click on a message will enlarge message of any length for better viewing (3820)
  • Fixed a bug that on startup caused problems resetting serial number and license upon expiration of evaluation period (3827)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Events which caused the program to only display events whose end dates fell into queried time period. This was fixed to work off event start dates (3833)
  • Bug fixed for plugin 11x (version 1.2.2)
  • Added plugin 13x (version 1.0.0)
  • Requires Hach WIMS Database Version 1.3.8


Version 7.1.1 (Build 4502, Released on 9/24/2010)

  • Added new Weekly definition (23) to both Spread Reports and Math Toolbox. 23 is used in Alaska regulatory reporting (3674) (3692)
  • Added new functionality into California CIWQS electronic reporting module in order to handle DNQ and new monthly statistics (3674)
  • Added Max Monthly Geometric Mean, Max 7-Day Geometric Mean support to Michigan Part A DMR electronic reporting module (3672)
  • Added DISABLE_TIMEZONE_WARNING setting into Hach_wims_client.ini which when set to "YES" disables a logon warning message that notifies users about server being in different time zone (3717)
  • Added OPTIMIZE_PORTABLE_SYNC setting into Hach_wims_client.ini which when set to "YES" optimizes Hach WIMS Portable synchronization algorithm for speed when all routes contain no more than one facility (3665)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Server Side Interface Setup to list duplicate interface instances when multiple definition files were loaded for the same type of interface (3684)
  • Added features and fixed bugs in plugin11x (v1.0.8)


Version 7.1.0 (Build 4396, Released on 7/30/2010)

Spread Reports

  • Added National NetDMR Link under Design/Locate/eDMR Link, enabling to generate electronic reports for California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah (3042)
  • Added Pennsylvania eDMR Link under Design/Locate/eDMR Link, enabling to generate electronic reports for Pennsylvania (1722)
  • Added ability to locate variable name on top of the column using Design\Locate\Daily Values. Short Name is no longer on the list (3437)
  • Added ability to copy+paste formatting in Design /Edit which copies font, column and row widths along with merged cell formatting across reports or sheets (2735)
  • Added LSI Spread function to calculate Langelier Saturation Index (2652)
  • Added MPN function to calculate according to Standard Methods 9221 C (3602)
  • Added ability for conditional formatting to work with MDL rules symbols (2117)
  • Added ability to link to textual topic IDs (such as 7F1S1D) from Design/Locate/Dashboard Element/Button/Help Topic (3625)
  • Fixed a bug that caused long description text to not wrap properly under Spread Design/Report Options (3549)
  • Fixed a bug in SROUND function that caused error when rounding very large numbers (2032)
  • Fixed a bug in GSV function that caused error Type Mismatch in certain cases (2039)
  • Fixed a bug in DSORT function that caused error function to not return value start date and end date were passed in as constants (3506)
  • Fixed a bug that caused logbook selection to be improperly inserted when using Design/Locate/Dashboard Element/Button (3092)
  • Fixed a bug in Design that caused creation of invalid sheet names when importing from excel in certain cases (3264)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Spread Formula editor which caused the Cancel button to malfunction (3318)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Locate/Prompt which caused program to use improper cell type in certain cases (3491)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Spread Report Output which caused the program to only print one copy of report even when the setting was configured for multiple copies (3496)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Spread Report Output/Set Answers for Prompts/Save Answers which caused save to fail and generate error under Oracle database backend (3526)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Spread Report Output/eDMR output which caused program to omit further scanning for OEML information unless there were OEML links on the first sheet of report (3543)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Spread Report Output/eDMR/California CIWQS which caused error to display whenever user didn't specify anything in the GENERATED_BY OEML linked cell (3555)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac/Spread Report Output/eDMR/California CIWQS which caused certain units to be not outputted (3558)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/File/Open which caused formula in cell A1 to be removed and replace with the result of that formula (3564)


  • Fixed a bug that caused Spread Report Previews launched from dashboards to stay in memory as Spread Report Output and report open when switching facilities (3161)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Daily Detail Entry forms to disregard dashboard's button instructions about which date to open entry form for (3565)


  • Added ability to print Sample Order reports for closed (gray) samples (2714)
  • Added button (with F2 shortcut) to jump to the current day's column in the calendar (3436)
  • Added button under Assign Samples which lets users pick from Clients list versus Personnel list (2073)

Graph Pac

  • Added ability to save customized legends for any time series graph that is saved (3150) (3566)
  • Fixed a bug in Multiple Linear Regression which caused overflow error in certain cases where division by zero was created by data set being analyzed (3498)

Data Entry

  • Fixed a bug that made default monthly data entry form available to users after clicking on Monthly Data Entry/File/Open and caused Form not found error (3544)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Monthly Data Entry/Right Click/Display Last 12 Daily Values to show data for every other day instead of 12 consecutive days (3560)
  • Added ability to locate multiple daily variables under Custom Data Entry/Design/Locate (2109)
  • Added ability to delete multiple columns or rows under Custom Data Entry/Design/Edit (2146)
  • Fixed handling of entry point for a variable when linked to a set of merged cells in Custom Data Entry(3532)
  • Fixed a bug that caused border lines to disappear whenever users chose to print with white background in Custom Data Entry (3550)
  • Fixed workflow for print entry form in Custom Data Entry. Users can now choose destination printer and number of copies after clicking on print button (3551)

BOD Manager

  • Fixed a bug in worksheet report which used to omit pH and Temp columns when sending report to printer (3567)
  • Fixed a bug in worksheet report which caused highlights for cells to be extended improperly during print operation (2063)
  • Fixed a bug in BOD Manager / Worksheet Manager which caused to display wrong calculation result when Criteria setup used with "If all Final DO's in Sample are <1 use 1 and report as greater than:On" option and bottles were listed in increasing sample volume order (3584)


  • Added ability to setup variable confidentiality levels and enforce confidentiality rules in all WIMS facility databases. See Q13115 (3581)
  • Added ability to lock down variable definitions by Super Users in order to prevent any modifications by lesser privileged users (3282)
  • Added ability to define custom subjects for scheduled tasks that send email (3572)
  • Added action script under System Setup / Admin Console which will migrate all OPSSQL user's shortcuts into Hach WIMS dashboards (3464)
  • Added LSI function under Math Toolbox to calculate Langelier Saturation Index (3111)
  • Added NDM function under Math Toolbox to calculate number of days in a particular month (3459)
  • Added new interface under Utilities/Import designed to import data from narrow and wide formatted CSV files produced by SCADA systems (3148)
  • Added online help topic link to System Setup/Edit View Variables/ Historical equations (3457)
  • Improved presentation logic for handling longer Scan time during compliance engine scanning in Data Manager /Events (3646)
  • Added 2010 product licensing scheme with ability to run on grandfathered 2008 licenses. A significant advantage for our current customers is that interface licenses are now swappable (3434) (3561)
  • Event logging now works for events that are not assigned to locations (2320)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Data Manager / Logbook date navigator to not be able to scroll dates consistent with the rest of the program (3300)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities/Export to Excel which caused cells to be exported as protected (3309)
  • Fixed a bug that caused known issue Q12836 in version 7.0.9 in which black lines alternated when system incorrectly detected color depth in certain remote desktop / citrix sessions (3339)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error in System Setup /User Setup whenever full 20 character password was attempted to be put in use or saved (3445)
  • Fixed a bug that in System Setup /User Setup that caused facility access to be misreported for the ALL privileged facility access records (3474)
  • Fixed a bug in Preferences / Edit User Preferences and Group Access that caused facility access to be misreported for the ALL privileged facility access records (3475)
  • Fixed a bug in Stored Procedure WRITETBL_C which caused error ambiguous statement in oracle database version 1.3.7 (3515)
  • Fixed a bug in Stored Procedure WRITEDD3_C which caused error bad reference in oracle database version 1.3.7 (3518)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / System Tables / This facility / Additional Info Tables / Data Additional Info which caused Unicode varchar field types (NVARCHAR/NVARCHAR2) to be omitted from list of available types (3546)
  • Fixed a bug which caused System Setup / Manager Console security to be setup improperly for lesser privileged users than Manager (3586)
  • Fixed a bug in the help system which caused video Q10373 to be ommited from patch distribution (3570)
  • Fixed a bug in WIMS Portable (Pocket OPS) / Sync which caused client crash upon closing form in cases when connection to multiple facilities was established during synchronization process (3647)
  • Requires Hach WIMS Database version 1.3.8


Version 7.0.9 (Build 4075, Released on 12/28/2009)


  • Added ability to auto-refresh dashboards. Users can set how often to auto-refresh dashboards using a user specific setting. For more information see Q12636 and Q12762 (1614)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 13 Type Mismatch when attempting to open up a specific Logbook from a dashboard button (2442)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Quick Trend windows to stay in memory after launching them using dashboard buttons (3012)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Labcal windows to stay in memory after launching them using dashboard buttons (2140)

Spread Reports

  • Added new Locate Multivariable Group Summary menu item under Design/Locate. For more information on this feature see Q12574 (2961)
  • Added new pivot values (11,12,13) to DESCRIBEAPP function which calculate facility / OPSROOT size taken up on disk (3224)
  • Added new Pick Report button under Design/Locate/Dashboard Element/Button which opens up Spread Report Browser and lets users select report using Report Groups (3285)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Output which caused the F1 (help) keystroke to take users to the wrong documentation article (3050)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Preview Results window to stay in memory after having used Report Pac / Spread Reports (3162)
  • Fixed a bug in Design which, upon loading of report, caused to always display A1 in the formula bar, even if column A was a hidden column (2736)
  • Fixed a bug in Design which caused Report Date Type to not be applied properly upon loading of reports (3171)
  • Fixed a bug in Design which caused Report Additional Info to be left open even after report windows was closed (2984)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Report Dates / Right Click which caused pop up of incorrect (old style) date picker (2512)
  • Fixed a bug in Design which caused Report Date Type to not be applied properly upon loading of reports (3171)
  • Fixed a bug in Design which caused program crash when doing a paste special before performing copy special (3063) (2790)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Sheets/Rename Sheet which caused an error when user clicked on Cancel button (2894)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Locate/Prompt which caused the program to set cell type to Text even when it should have been numeric (2965)
  • Fixed a bug in Design/Locate/Daily Detail Values which caused that more than 1 day of 5 minute data could not be located (2085)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Output to Excel which caused certain XLS files to contain protected cells (3303)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Output / Print Preview which caused page change when changing dates of reports that contained sheets with Print Area setting enabled (3229)
  • Fixed a bug in DAMIN function which caused function to return 0 in all cases (2011)
  • Fixed a bug in GRAPHTS function which caused graph to be refreshed once for every cell in the range of its data / values. Now graphs refresh only once per report refresh (3037)
  • Fixed a bug in VIOL function which caused number of violations to be incorrectly counted when working on daily detail data with constant limit on reports that spanned exactly one day(2058)
  • Fixed a bug in GDATE function which caused wrong date to be reported for end date when using grouping D (2051)
  • Fixed a bug in GMINOPV function which caused incorrect results in certain situations (2034)
  • Fixed a bug in VT function which caused the function to return values when it should have not in situations when cell referenced for VT's date parameter was a blank cell (2136)
  • Fixed a bug in AINFO function which caused the function to return 0 when referenced Additional Info field did not exist. It now returns 'Requested AINFO Field Does Not Exist' (1936)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Locate / Other facility values which caused the program to omit display of 5-minutely variables from available variables list (2084)
  • Fixed a bug in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR which caused Outfall number to be displayed as Permit Feature ID (2969)
  • Fixed a bug in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR which caused value to be located one row down and one column to the right of the cell the user chose (2969)
  • Fixed a bug in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR which caused the form to pop up with prefilled values for analysis, and no data indicator fields (2972)
  • Fixed a bug in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR which caused units to be located even if quantity was blank (2970)
  • Fixed a bug in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR which unit identifiers to be located into report instead of unit names (2971)
  • Added default value of 0 for Season field in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR. Users can change this value to something else if need be (2975)
  • Added default value of 24 (COMP24) for Sample Type in Design /Locate/eDMR Link/ Texas NetDMR. Users can change this value to something else if need be (2977)
  • Identified known issue Q12734 - DAMIN function does not report as low of a number (approval level) as expected
  • Identified known issue Q12761 - XLS files containing Cells with Dates (Data Type) appear as text when exported from Spread Reports

Data Entry Forms

  • Added chronological date sorting into Custom Data Entry's Save Copy of Daily Benchsheet/Apply to Date (3032)
  • Added Print Options into Custom Data Entry / Print and into Custom Data Entry Design / Print which lets users select whether to print background (gray) colors as white (3020)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Design / Print Preview / Print to behave differently than File/Print (3043)
  • Fixed a bug that caused program crash when certain Custom Data Entry forms were opened due to issue with subtraction of decimal places inside entry cells (3155)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error in Procedure GetSampleComment when comment was erased when running on Oracle backend (2726)
  • Fixed a bug that caused cells with SQLFIRST function to be treated as static in Custom Data Entry forms (2686)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry / Hourly Data Entry / Print which caused error 438 and subsequent crash out of program (2472)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry forms that caused skipping of calculation of cells that we not linked to a variable but happened to be calculated cells (3039)
  • Fixed a bug in Weekly Entry Form which cause the Audit trail form to display improperly (2186)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Monthly Data Entry / Advanced which caused the dates to display as 2 - 31 (2150)

Variable Setup

  • Variable Browser's Info button now features new pull down list for easy access to the same items as ones on the right-click menu (3144)
  • Edit/View Variables Info button now features new pull down list for easy access to the same items as ones on Variable Browser's right-click menu (3146)
  • Variable Browser's User Defined Fields (as well as Setup) now show names as defined by users (2902)
  • Variable Browser's Filter button dropdown list was removed (3149)
  • Removed item Show All Data from Variable Browser's Right-click menu as this operation was very risky for both client and server machine stability (3143)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the trim of parts of translated equations that were too long to fit into display area. Scrollbar is now available in such situation (3195)
  • Fixed a bug that caused user interface to be unclear after Setup button was pressed in Variable Browser. Two new buttons (Done and Cancel) were added under Setup (3193)
  • Fixed a bug in Edit/View Variables/Optional Print that caused error after having entered more than 15 characters into "What to print if Threshold is crossed" (3153)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 94 Invalid use of null when entering Edit/View Variables in facilities without any variables created when running on Oracle backend (2418)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error converting data type varchar to numeric when creating a new variable right after linking existing variable to an interface (3058)
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Browser / Filter which caused situation where 2nd filter condition could not be removed once it was set (3101)
  • Fixed a bug in Quick Trend which caused overflow and crash out of program when more than 32000 data points were being graphed (3014)
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Info Report which caused invalid use of null when attempting to bring up the report for a newly created (but not yet saved) variable (3212)

BOD Manager

  • Added ability to read Temperature from HQ40D LBOD probes and automatically insert them into BOD worksheet (3236)
  • Added way to bring up details from last successful HQ40D reading by double clicking on status bar (3233)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Read Initial and Read Finals buttons to be disabled even though Hach HQ40d was in the license (3235)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first reading (for the current connection) to be misinterpreted as Probe Disconnected in the case when HQ40d meter was set to send header information prior to readings (3232)

User Setup

  • Added double click feature to User Edit on pick facility form that selects facility and returns to the parent windows (3294)
  • Improved performance on loading of User Setup on systems with lots of users and facilities (3004)
  • User Setup now sorts list of users by username by default, and allows for sorting by other field (by clicking on column headers) (3009)
  • Fixed a bug in User Edit which caused changes not being saved on certain field in situation when only those fields (and nothing else) was modified (2989)
  • Fixed a bug in User Edit that allowed a duplicate value to be typed in when entering windows pass-through login name (3202)
  • Fixed a bug in User Edit / User Specific Settings which caused that lab cal default calendar filters were displayed even for facilities that the user had no access rights to (3141)
  • Fixed a bug that caused System Setup / User Setup menu item to show up when running as Hach WIMS Single User (3145)
  • Fixed a bug that caused tooltip mix up on System Setup / User Setup toolbar buttons (2999)


  • Fixed a bug in Sample Order system report which caused invalid chain of custody records to be placed inside of report (2129)
  • Fixed a bug in Copy Sample Definition which caused the copied definition to have the wrong master start date for sample schedule (2466)
  • Fixed a bug in Define Sample that caused program to disregard changes to the Client field in situations when nothing else changed on that record (2141)
  • Fixed a bug in Labcal/Help menu which caused the Contents menu item to fail to open documentation (3090)

Graph Pac

  • Time Series Graphs now by default display variable name (instead of heading) inside graph legend (3002) (1985)
  • Fixed a bug in Time Series Stat Sheet which caused Multi-step operation to generate errors when users typed in negative numbers into Standard Deviation fields (3198)


  • Added new hach_wims_client.ini setting PDFSLEEPEXTRAMS (with default of 500) which is needed for compatibility with GNR Server's PDF995 when running on 64-bit Windows (3296)
  • Updated alternating white-yellow list color scheme to white-light blue (3084)
  • Added automatic appending of Username and Facility to the body of message when emailing a file (2758)
  • Added ability to overwrite existing definition G2_SERVER_LU in System Tables/Entire System/Server-Side Interface Setup/New Definition (2607)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Log book which caused security loophole when printing All Logbooks. Entries were shown even for logbooks that the particular user had no rights to see (2494)
  • Fixed a bug in Login that caused Facility Access List item ALL to take precedence over any specific item. Specific item now takes precedence over item ALL (2950) (2959)
  • Fixed a bug in Login which caused security loophole when more than one record existed in the user table pointed to the same windows pass-through login name, due to which login privileges might have been upgraded (3203)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities / Import / From External Data Source which caused import to go 1 day beyond end date specified (3194)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities / Import / From External Data Source which caused application hang up when attempting to import data into future dates (2381)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Location Setup which caused the F1 (help) keystroke to take users to the wrong documentation article (3185)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities / List Client Sessions / Kill Selected Connection that caused the prompt for Super User login to reveal the password. Password is now masked (3186)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Data Exception Report / Email which caused the application to fail to send email (2229)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Scheduled Tasks / Edit Task which caused program to crash when invalid characters were entered into Time field (3047)
  • Fixed a bug in Plugin Launcher code which caused non-modal plugin processes to stay in memory even after plugin exit (3295)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Admin Console / Action Scripts / Script 55 (Q12007) which calculated variables to be incorrectly included in the change of the script (3120)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / System Tables / This Facility / Additional Info Tables / Data Additional Info which caused duplicate fields to be displayed (of SYSNAME type) in certain cases after database upgrade from 134 to 137 on Microsoft SQL Server (3267)
  • Security changes to Hach WIMS Online Edition (3244) (3218) (3219) (3223) (3222) (3220) (3221) (3225) (3226)
  • Identified known issue Q12578 - Performance issues while loading Service Queues, Spread Report SQL Results and SQL Console Window (3040)


Version 7.0.8 (Build 3819, Released on 8/31/2009)


  • Added Reload Dashboard button (under Refresh button menu) that can be used anytime to reload dashboard from database (2893)
  • Added height and width auto sensing scrollbars for ability to move around dashboards that are too large to fit on a particular screen resolution (2935)

Spread Reports

  • Added ability to enter formulas dirrectly from body of the sheet without having to go to formula bar for all cells whose content starts with = character (2919)
  • Added ability to read and set column width by entering a number in twips under Design / Format / Column / Set Width menu (2918)
  • Improved handling of merged editing. Landing on merged cell now sets the focus on the upper left corner cell of the merged set (2917)
  • Changed caption in Design / Locate / Comments dialog from Multiline Edit to Wrap Text (2773)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused data approval settings to be disregarded when outputting a report (2651)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Print Preview that caused conditional formatting to output improperly (2664)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Function GAVGZ which in certain MDL variable configurations was returning ND0 instead of just ND (2501)
  • Corrected documentation for Spread Function GAVGZ had rule 2 and 3 switched (2501)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design which caused Error : Too many rows were affected by update when saving a report after deleting a sheet (2602)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup/System Tables/Entire System/Server-side Interface Setup which improperly reproted that definition already exists when attempting to upload second definition within the same client session (2609)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Print that caused no output to be generated to printer device when going around Print Preview mode (2692) (2807)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate / Variable info that caused subsequent clicks on Repeat command not work (2719)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate / Dasboard Element / Button / Daily Comments which did not allow users to pick a specific log book (2827)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design that caused multiple sheet reports to malfunction when loading and would replace formulas on sheets with literal results of the formulas (2830)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design that caused the VIOL function to report an extra violation in rare case when comparison of monthly average versus limit would trigger a double precision rounding error on the 18th decimal place (2847)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design that caused the DATE function offset to not be considered when interval was equal 4 (2889)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused browser of Personnel Code to malfunction when upon using prompt browse (2755)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused start date and end date labels to be improperly updated when report date type was set to year (2795)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused the EDMR source file picker to append an extra backslash at the end of a file (2909)

Entry Forms

  • Improved User Interface in Monthly Data Entry when modifying results for text variables of up to 255 characters (2856)
  • Fixed a label content in Monthly Data Entry / Right click menu from Sample Comment to Result Comment (2765)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused Text Variable points to be interpreted as numbers in case they were formatted as time when inputted (2812)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused Text Variable results of 100 characters or more trigger Error 5 - invalid procedure or argument call (2858)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry Design that caused no output when locating heading in case variable did not its short name filled out (2899)

Variable Setup

  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables / Interface that caused program to chop off part of result strings reported by LIMS2OPSSQL browsers (2810)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables / Interface that allowed users to connect a variable to an interface when variable type was set to calculated (2811)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables / User Defined that caused Action History to not be written when changing UD1-UD9 field values (2903)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables / Additional Info that caused error because field size was not limited properly to the database column size (2905)


  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Labcal that caused application crash when refreshing calendar as LabCal level USER (2901)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Labcal that caused error 35601 Element not found upon refresh of calendar in situations when accessing calendar as LabCal level USER (2887)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Labcal that caused error Key Column Information is insufficient or incorrect - too many rows were affected by update when entering calendar as super user in certain situations (2888)

User Setup

  • Complete rewrite of User Setup User Interface to be more reliable and flexible. Documentation updated (2785)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup that caused the program to not update facilaccess table properly upon changing a username (2729)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup that caused the program to not remove facilaccess records upon changing or deletion of a user (2731)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup that caused facilaccess records to be improperly removed from users setup in certain situations (2761)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup that allowed duplicate records in facilaccess table for a user (2762)

Pocket OPS

  • Fixed a bug in Pocket OPS / Route Setup that caused runtime error 6 : overflow when adding variables into routes with varid larger than 32000 (2709)
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket OPS / Route Setup that caused route to be cleared after changing security options on Oracle backend (2775)


  • IT Client - a new executable (it_client.exe) is distributed along with Hach WIMS Client and runs the application in mode specially designed for IT administrators. See Q12526 for documentation (2946)
  • Added Utilities / Import / From Generic LIMS CSV Files which allows import from any LIMS system that supports CSV file output (2863)
  • Added facility browser into System Setup / System Tables / Entire System / Facility Setup (2907)
  • Added setting under Admin Console / General Settings that allows users to disable or enable the use of Short Name field in variable setup. See Q12523 for documentation (2939)
  • Added Manager Console menu item under System Setup. The UI now allows managers to perform certain tasks that used to only be available inside super users Admin Console (2946)
  • Date Picker control now properly updated start date and end date field when in its right click menu / pick dates (2798)
  • New Action Script CHECKDB was added under System Setup / Admin Console. It exists to scan and repair databases with duplicate records (2876)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities / Export / Export to Excel that caused application crash after clicking on Print All button (2908)
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Browser / Filter that caused ORA-00918 Error : Column Ambiguously Defined when running against Oracle backend (2363)
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Browser / Filter that identified the SCADATAG variable column as SIGNALTAG (2940)
  • Fixed a spelling error in BOD Manager Startup wizard plugin (2895)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Multiple Linear Regression that caused output malfunction when graphing variables varid larger than 32000 (2804)
  • Deprecated Action Script HSCALCSHUTDOWN (2953)
  • Deprecated Action Script HSCALCIDLE (2954)

Version 7.0.7 (Build 3698, Released on 6/30/2009)

  • Added ability to produce Texas NetDMR electronic report files using Spread Reports. See Q12342 for information (2575)
  • Added capturing of all commands executed inside SQL Console. These can be further reviewed via Action History (2705)
  • Added ability to disable use of SQL Console (even for super users). Must contact Tech Support in order to put this into effect. Once it is in effect, users will see Q12341 error message when trying to access SQL Console (2752)
  • Added ability to view status of all queues using different windows at the same time from Utilities / Queue Status (2752)
  • Added ability for SCADA-2-OPSSQL interface browsers to be aware of what tag is currently selected on the interface tab in System Setup / Edit View Variables (2685)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate / Other Facility Values that caused error "login failed for user OPSDBA" when menu item was clicked (2644)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Repeat Command that made Locate / Monthly Summary cause no output (2725)
  • Fixed a bug that caused improper display of an error message in System Setup / Edit View Variable on the calculation tab when equation parser was attempting to report a digit in the content of its error message (2687)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variable/ Interface tab that caused the program to pass improper parameters to LIMS-2-OPSSQL interface browsers when connecting to two sources of the same type (2727)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variable/ Interface tab that caused error 3704 "Operation is not allowed when object is closed" when adding new limits in certain configuration scenarios (2730)
  • Fixed a bug that caused application crash in Utilities / Change Password when certain combination of password characters could not be properly encrypted. Error message is now displayed. See Q11018 for list of allowed characters (2724)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Additional Info Setup / Data Tables that caused program to present certain entries as blank rows (2732)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a security loophole by displaying content of hidden commands on the login screen (2750)

Version 7.0.6 (Build 3672, Released on 6/16/2009)

  • Added support for spaces inside names of sheets in Spread Report Design (2580)
  • Added weekly grouping W22 in Spread Report functions which implements weekly average as requested by the State of Ohio (2708)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Group Managers that caused error  Failed to refresh group list when using Oracle backend (2717)
  • Updated graphics in Spread Report and Custom Data Entry Wizards

Version 7.0.5 (Build 3665, Released on 6/5/2009)

  • Fixed bug where the current sheet was set wrong in a multi-sheet spread report after "save" or "save as" (2608)
  • Fixed bug where CDE wizard would crash with "Failed to initialize plugin" error message (2624)
  • Fixed bug where "Invalid use of Null" error was thrown when a dependent calculated variable was deleted and then "List Inputs (All Levels)" was selected in MDE (2625)
  • Added LIMS support to Client (2627)
  • Fixed crash in Spread Reports Design that occured after saving a report as a template and opening a different template (2648)
  • Fixed bug where GMEAN would incorrectly return 0 on a range of cells (2650)
  • Fixed error when switching a facility after editing preferences (2654)
  • Fixed error when "Failed to refresh group list" was displayed when not a super-user and accessing the Entry Form Group Manager (2656)
  • Client now supports the "Enhanced Security Features" add-on (2658)
  • The SQL Console is now disabled when "Enhanced Security Features" is enabled (2659)
  • The Admin Console is now disabled when "Enhanced Security Features" is enabled (2660)
  • User Setup is now disabled when "Enhanced Security Features" is enabled (2661)
  • Fixed bug where variable references were lost after a CDE entry form was saved as a template and then a new entry form was opened from the template (2672)

Version 7.0.4 (Build 3640, Released on 5/6/2009)

  • Added ability to export content from all tables from a Microsoft SQL based database to an Oracle based user schema in System Setup / Admin Console. See Q12181 for info (2527)
  • Added ability for manager user type to edit preferences for other users from Preferences / Edit Other Users Preferences. See Q12173 for info (2412)
  • Added ability to create dashboard buttons that apply to Hach WIMS Remote Client. See Q11202 for info (2427)
  • Added ability to create dashboard buttons that display Quick Trend Graph for a variable. See Q11202 for info (2556)
  • Added support for Hach WIMS Client-Side interface to YSI Models 5100/5000/59. See Q12166 for info (2535)
  • Added ability to disable all use of Hach WIMS passwords inside Hach WIMS Client for Enterprise and Professional Editions when Windows pass-through login is enabled. See Q12171 for info (2573)
  • Fixed a bug that caused start date and end date to be out of sync with the date navigator controls once certain windows were brought up on the screen (2583) (2584)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 13 and subsequent program crash after clicking on Delete Event in Location setup under certain circumstances (2578)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Time Series that occurred when trying to delete graph right after saving it and caused error 3021 (2577)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Time Series that caused Moving Average Days setting to not be saved when saving a graph (2010) (1807)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Multi-graph output that caused Incorrect Syntax Error in cases when database was imported from OPS32 and the graph title contained single quote in OPS32 (2568)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Multi-graph output / Email that caused error 3002 because files were being created in wrong location (2567)
  • Fixed a bug in Labcal / Define Sample that caused the UI to jump to the left when the variable browser button was pressed (2582)
  • Fixed a bug / awkward user interface in Report Pac / Spread Reports that did not provide any confirmation to users upon requesting a PDF report to be emailed (2593)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to hang with an invisible error message when running in GNR_SESSION mode and attempting to produce multi-graph output and email it as a png (2592)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables when the interface stop time did not allow to be set to 4:00 for 4 hour variables (2595)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Edit View Variables when the interface stop time did not allow to be set to 1:00 for 1 hour variables (2594)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused certain sheet settings to be skipped during communication to the selected printer driver (2520)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports which caused the program to crash in certain random occurences when previewing reports with more than one sheet and had to do with runtime memory management of DRCstateMachine expansion that caused memory leaks (2597) (2552)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Print Variable List report that caused error 3265 when selecting Interface Cross Reference report preview (2585)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Custom Data Entry Forms / Wizard that caused error 13 type mismatch after click on Finish button (2591)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Custom Data Entry Forms / Wizard that caused "error in procedure ApplyFilter - invalid column name SignalTag" (2554)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Spread Reports / File / Save that allows users of Entry Types to overwrite a report designed by other users (2590)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Spread Reports that caused the date navigator to show incorrect dates upon loading a report (2551)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Spread Reports / File / Save that caused "Unexpected Error [91 - object variable or with block variable not set][oWriteOrAddSheetOPSSQL]" when certain sequence of actions was followed while adding sheets (2559)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Spread Reports / edit formula bar that caused the program to not show 2 lines when editing a cell whose Wrap Text property was set to true (2389)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Compliance Engine / Scan that causer error "non-nullable column cannot be updated to null" if trying to log event for a variable that is not assigned to a location (2435)
  • Fixed a bug in Labcal that caused some invalid schedule records to be generated that then subsequently caused "error 5 - invalid procedure call or argument" when bringing up the calendar (2456)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Logbook that caused runtime error and subsequent program crash when trying to delete time for a note being entered (2423)
  • Fixed a bug in Math toolbox equation parser that caused the PI function to be unrecognized (1943)
  • Fixed a bug in Data Manager / Entry forms / Monthly Data Entry / Right Click Menu / List Dependencies (All Levels) that caused the program to produce incorrect output (2486)
  • Fixed a bug in Dashboard control that caused certain Custom Data Entry forms to come up for incorrect date, when date setting was ignored (2477)
  • Fixed a bug in Dashboard control that caused the program to display error 91 when trying to open Custom Data Entry design form from a button (2566)
  • Fixed a bug in Quick Trend Graph control that caused program crash when attempting to graph an empty data set (2555)
  • Added a warning message that pops up on startup if current windows graphics environment is set to insufficient parameters such as non 24-bit colors, or resolution smaller than 1024x768 pixels. This prevents a bug that causes the client to display its images improperly in certain parts. See Q12175, Q12174 for info (2587)
  • Recognized known issue Q12176 : Spread Design - Copy Special, Paste Special (F5,F6) functions do not properly copy merged cells
  • Recognized known issue Q12179 : Time Series Graph -The legend is removed if one of the legend items is blank

Version 7.0.3 (Build 3555, Released on 4/1/09)

  • Program now displays a warning message during login if no printers are defined (2431)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crash of program upon going to Report Pac / Spread Reports in cases when printer hardware handle could not be obtained from memory (2443)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused the inability to approve data on the 31st day of a month (1847)
  • Fixed a spelling error on message that signal exceedance of maximum allowed concurrent connections (2424)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate Prompts that caused error 91 when certain sequence of events occured (2430)

Version 7.0.2 (Build 3543, Released on 3/12/09)

  • Fixed bug in ClientUp where it wouldn't launch the silent upgrader (setup.exe) properly under Microsoft Vista (2415)

Version 7.0.1 (Build 3542, Released on 3/6/09)

Spread Reports

  • Added ability to display Tick Labels on Dashboard gauges to the specified number of decimal places (2379)
  • Added ability to clear cell notes from a block of cells under Design / Edit (2397)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Reports that caused the preview window hide its horizontal scrollbar (2391)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Import From Excel that caused inproper import when using multiple sheets (2347)
  • Fixed a bug in Design that occured when double clicking on column header and caused Object Required error (2404)
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain old reports to disallow hard references ($) to perform correctly (2357)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Preview that caused the date navigator to work inconsistently with the rest of the program (2390)


  • Added Trend 1000 Most Recent Values feature into Variable Browser, and under Edit / View Variables (2392)
  • Added ability to automatically create dashboard for WaterEye clients under Action Scripts of Admin Console (2370)
  • Added support for Hach WIMS BOD Manager (2354)
  • Added support for Hach WIMS Deluxe (2405)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash when using File / Open Facility (2384)
  • Fixed a bug that caused My Preferences display an error for user type Entry (2350)
  • Fixed a bug in BOD Worksheet Manager that allowed users to start a new worksheet with an empty set of samples (2401)
  • Fixed a bug in Edit / View Variables that made it impossible to set stop time before start time when interfacing to daily variables (2378)
  • Fixed a bug in Time Series Graph that caused the data navigator to work incorrectly the first time the form was pulled up (2373)
  • Fixed a bug in Graph Pac / Time Series that caused to render limit line at 0 even if a limit did not exist (2366)
  • Fixed a bug in Modeling / Oxygen Utilization Coefficients that caused the Plot Organic button to work improperly (2368)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that used to display an error message after clicking on Calc button in certain cases (2365)


Version 7.0.0 (Build 3439, Released on 2/10/09)

Spread Reports

  • Added support for multi-sheet reports and dashboards (1520)
  • Added ability to locate graphical gauges / widgets on reports and dashboards. See Design / Locate / Dashboard Gauge (1308)
  • Added support for unlimited number of Report Prompts (2202)
  • Improved logic that determines whether cell type needs to be text or numeric based on nested use of VAL and STR functions (1415)
  • Improved Spread Report Wizard - now uses colors when generating reports (2296)
  • Locate, Filtered Dates now uses the standard Variable Picker instead of old-style combo box (1335)
  • In Design / Locate / Link to Microsoft Excel, it is no longer required to specify which sheet name to use, as the sheet name is determined from report sheet name during runtime (2333)
  • Added ability to import from multiple Excel sheets into one spread report (with multiple sheets) (1990)
  • Added ability to set printable range for each sheet of report (1348) (1903)
  • Added ability to do fit-to-page (smart printing) for each sheet of report (1307)
  • Florida MOR electronic report now utilizes multi-sheet Spread Reports (2330)
  • Fixed a bug that caused no message box to be displayed when user tried to delete currently opened report (1963)
  • Fixed a bug in Design, Locate Sample Info when sorting by Date Collection Due returned error (not a message box, but in the cell) ERROR : Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'Collection' (1980)
  • Fixed a bug in the COM function that had to do with incorrect varnum to varid translation (2008)
  • Fixed a bug in the COMWO function that had to do with incorrect varnum to varid translation (2038)
  • Fixed a bug in the VINFO function that was causing some existing fields to not be reported (2023)
  • Fixed a bug in the VINFO function that was causing Limit statistic field to not be reported (2068)
  • Fixed a bug in the VIOL function that caused different result to be reported when limit value is constant version when it is read from a variable (2053)
  • Fixed a bug in the VIOL function where less than or equal to operator was treated as less than when comparing weekly averages (2056)
  • Fixed a bug in the VIOL function that caused Custom Function Error 5 when using limits with semiannual groupings (2064)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Locate data when it occurs that caused the last day of the month to not be displayed (2224)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Locate / Dashboard Button that caused error 481 - Invalid Picture Error by letting users pick a png for the graphic (2237)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Wizard that caused the use of a wrong formula in cases where STATZ was needed (2268)
  • Fixed a bug in Design / Locate Events that used SQL function instead of SQLFIRST (2116)
  • Fixed a bug in Output which caused date navigator to disappear when approval level of data was not reached (1997)
  • Fixed a bug in Locate Violation Count form that did not properly refresh after limit for a variable had been modified (2061)


  • Significantly improved the speed of refreshing the calendar view and sample setup (2215)
  • Added support for "Sampled By" information synchronization with Pocket OPS (when in Labcal mode) (2088)
  • Fixed a bug in Pick Report where duplicate items were shown on the list (1608)
  • Fixed a bug in Close Edit Sample that caused "Error 13 - Type Mismatch" when attempting to delete results (1785)
  • Fixed a bug in Test Setup that caused CAS number changes to not be saved (2065)
  • Fixed a bug in Enter Results by test when the read only test info fields were not filled out (2066)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities/History/Sample History that caused the sample to be brought up in read only mode (as opposed to edit mode) when choosing it from samples in history (2212)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Labcal User Type of User to reschedule samples (2223)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error 340 - control array element 6 doesn't exist (2289)

Graph Pac

  • Fixed a bug that caused Time Series Overlay graph to not store edits to the left or right axis titles (1965)
  • Multi Graph Output now uses the Default Export Folder setting when saving its JPG output (2159)

Entry forms

  • Spell Check now works on Result Comments entry dialogs (use F7 to run) (1898)
  • Entry of Decimal Places is handled better by giving users ability to specify how many additional decimal places should be used (default is 3) (1875)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry where Header Foreground color was not properly displayed (1874)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused the summary rows to consider one more day than needed (2144)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry Design that always printed grey background on certail older forms (2114)
  • Fixed a bug in Entry forms where pasting data into a cell did not edit the cell in the database and changes were lost (2187)
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Data Entry Design that caused settings to not be saved in some cases when creating a new form (2190)


  • Added Compliance Engine which scans for limits / qc / entry violations and creates events when violations occur (1906)
  • Improvements on user friendliness and intuitiveness of the Graphical User Interface (2208) (2235) (2249)
  • Completely new way of linking variables to Server-Side Interfaces (1718)
  • Added a unified way of tracking audit trail changes for all tables. Go To Utilities / Review Action History to use the Action History Browser (1968)
  • Added support for USB communication and data exchange with Hach LBOD probe / Hach HQ40d Meter (1757)
  • Added ability to track any Additional Info on facility tables : AREA, EVENTS, LOCATION, LOGBOOKENTRIES, SPRPTS, VARDESC (1900)(2097)
  • Added ability to track any Additional Info on OPSROOT tables : FACILITY, USER, SPRPTS (1899)
  • Edit / View Variables now shows equations for calculated variables in rich text format using color and font attributes (900)
  • Added new menu item Preferences / My Preferences where each user can modify their own set of settings based on preference (1744)
  • License2008 implements ability for license to track unlimited amount of inventory items through use of xml files (1735)
  • Added support for Hach WIMS Database version 1.3.7 (2185)
  • Added support for UNICODE data storage (2134)
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (1716)
  • Added support for Oracle 11g (1715)
  • Added support for time zone tracking for each facility (1745)
  • Added support for communication with Hach WIMS IA Broker Tray App (Integration API) (1717)
  • Added support for Hach WIMS OnDemand (1719)
  • Report Export Folder User setting was changed to Default Export Folder located at /Export path (2225)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup that disallowed deletion of super users (1959)
  • Fixed a bug in System Tables / Lookup table setup that caused Operation not allowed when object closed when trying to get out of a blank record(1338)
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in QC Analysis Report (1966)
  • Fixed a bug in Utilities /Export to Excel that caused a situation where one cannot select variable type when more than one is added to the list (2171)
  • Fixed a bug in BOD Manager that caused Initial Temp, Initial pH, and Final Temp to be always rounded to an integer (2315)
  • Fixed a bug in Client Update that caused Could Not Inflate OPSSQL1.cab on 64-bit windows (1092)
  • Fixed a bug that caused client always generate portrait orientation output when called by GNR Server and sent to PDF (1956)
  • EQ_English is no longer saved in the database, instead it is always determined during runtime (899)
  • Deprecated use of Shortcuts in favor of Dashboards (2243)
  • ClientUP.exe now shows users progress as new patches are being downloaded (933)
  • New set of Dynamic Libraries is used to keep current with the latest technology. Dropped support for Windows 95/98/ME Operating Systems (1768)


  • Completely re-written documentation / help system which includes numerous training videos in SWF format (1756) (1310)


Version 6.9.6 (Build 1911, Released on 7/08/08)


  • Florida Wastewater eDMR reporting capability added into Spread Reports. Click here for how-to instructions (1721)
  • Fixed bug in Custom Data Entry Designer's ClearAll functionality which occured when user clicks on a message (such as that cell contains a duplicate variable reference), then goes straight to Edit, ClearAll (without setting focus back on the spread control) (1306)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash in Monthly Data Entry Design when user clicked the "Advanced" button before any variables were added into the form (1775)
  • Fixed a bug that caused data to not be written to database when using Utilities\Import\From External Data Source in case when no data approval levels have been configured (1780)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Reports' VARWO, DWO, VOPVWO that caused the report to not output data for the last day specified in date range of a report (1910)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused the logbook picture in column 1 to be displayed improperly during months with less than 31 days (1920)
  • Fixed a bug in PocketOPS synchronization where if "Persist Security" was FALSE in the connection string, OPSSQL would error out saying user OPSDBA could not login (1925)
  • Fixed a bug in PocketOPS where if the user never Viewed/Modified their Pocket OPS security settings, the POPSSYNCDATE was never set in generalsettings.xml, causing an error on Pocket OPS load (1930)
  • Added a feature into PocketOPS : Barcode scanning can now be selected when sync'ing in non-LabCal (regular Pocket OPS) mode (1929)
  • Added a feature into PocketOPS : synchronizing lab cal data from device, samples on calendar are colored appropriately according to  their status. Requires Pocket OPS 1.6.10 or later (1754)

Version 6.9.5 (Build 1884, Released on 5/15/08)


  • Fixed a bug (introduced by version 6.9.4) that caused the program to disallow users to set Start and Stop Times to 8:00 thru 7:59 the next day on daily variables (1800)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program running on Oracle 10g backend to report "Unsupported DBMS" warning when using specific combinations of Oracle client driver versions (1723)


Version 6.9.4 (Build 1820, Released on 4/3/08)

Spread Reports

  • Texas EDMR functionality added to Spread Reports. Click here for more details (1512)
  • Added a shortcut button into Spread Design that can be used to repeat the last click action that was performed on the Locate submenu (1594)
  • Report Pac / Spread Report output to EDMR can now generate one file from multiple reports when External Excel is required to populate multiple worksheets within one file (such as in Florida MOR). Click here for more details on how to use it. (1388)
  • WDATE Spread function is now properly documented here (1549)
  • Format Cell in Spread Design and Custom Data Entry Design now allows you to set the Stretch and Maintain Proportion properties of a located graphic. Previous versions of OPS SQL always stretched graphics to fill the cell size. (1555)
  • COM Spread Function now supports passing in a date literal and a cell reference to a date literal (1631)
  • GPERC Spread function updated to support daily detail variables. Also, minor adjustment made to algorithm to support EPA requirement for Percentile calculation. Click here for more info (1650)
  • Fixed a bug in GPERC function where it would not function properly when a cell reference was used as the 4th or 5th parameter (1584)
  • When 'Print Data When Occurs' and 'Place Sample Comments Beside Data' is checked when locating data for a variable, the comment is displayed/repeated every day. Fixed. (1622)
  • Fixed a bug that caused GLASTZ Spread function to return random characters when no data was found (1629)
  • Fixed a bug that caused 1 character to be output instead of the required 2 for the number of excursions in the Illinois EDMR output (1477)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GCP spread report function with a not equal condition malfunction, i.e. GCP(81,1,"R","<>",7) returned the wrong result (1551)
  • Fixed a bug that caused GSUM(1,A1,A2) where A1 is 1/1/2007 and A2 is 1/1/2007 4:00 AM returns the sum through the end of the 1/1/2007 for daily detail variables. In addition, BOS (Beginning of Slot) and EOS (End of Slot) functions added to Spread Reports (1429)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to not prompt for save changes when a user modified a report by using Spread Design / Locate / Dashboard / Button (1412)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Edit / UNDO to not work properly after Locate Dashboard Button action was performed in Spread Design (1618)
  • Fixed bug in YTD and YTBSD Groupings in Spread Report G Functions when end date of report is Feb 29th (YTD) or start date is Feb 29th (YTBSD). (1573)

Variable Setup

  • Interface tab now supports setting STARTTIME and STOPTIME for all variable frequencies except for minutely. Consult your particular interface documentation whether this feature is supported by the interface (1625)
  • The variable browser now displays the name of the filter in the form caption, if a particular filter is applied (1648)
  • New grouping for limits of "Limit Dates" (Grouping "L") has been added to Variable Edit and VIOL Spread Function. For example, If limit dates are 1/15/07 thru 3/15/07 the stat will be calculated for those dates and compared to the limit. (1504)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Interface tab’s Wonderware Industrial SQL tag Picker to not connect to the server specified in OPSSQL.ini (1678)
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite looping (and thus a lockup) when a user entered an equation with ISSYMBOL math toolbox formula, but the symbol specified did not exists in OPSSQL (1558)


  • Sample Definition Setup only refreshes the calendar when required (i.e. Sample Added, Deleted, Name Changed, Schedule Changed...) (1620)
  • Improved error message when attempting to close sample with test associated to no variables (1679)
  • Entering Results in Edit Sample and Enter Results by Test now handles variable with 'Not Fixed' Decimal Places properly (1540)
  • Sample Setup browse samples (... button) refreshes Sample list when required. (1398)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a newly created associated sample be placed on the wrong date on the calendar (1699)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed samples that were copied to be save with tests with no associated variables (1685)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crash in Add / Edit chain of custody when no personnel were setup in the database (1689)
  • Fixed a bug that let users copy sample with an empty name (1676)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed duplication of sample names after Sample Copy was used (1621)
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to lose their selection  after right click when multiple sample were selected using CTRL + click method (1692)
  • Fixed a bug that caused accumulation of duplicate entries when used multiple times in the same session in the Pick Report Dialog (1674)
  • Fixed a bug that caused audit trail to be not set when using Calendar Filters (1449)
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed users to have the ability to prepare multiple samples for PocketOPS LabCal synchronization at one time (1406)
  • Fixed a bug in Method Setup, click Show all record where OPS added a new record and the form was blanked (1572)
  • Fixed a bug in Edit Lab Cal Sample History when adding Tests to a closed sample. Clicked Save Changes & Exit and get error: Error 3705: Operation not allowed when object is open. Error came up many times and then form was closed. (1571)

Entry Forms

  • The color of cells that are locked has been toned down because it was too bright (1657)
  • VSAMP Spread Report function was added to Custom Data Entry forms (1440)
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Error 13 – Type Mismatch” when DEL key was pressed in the comment column of Monthly Data Entry (1702)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 380 in Custom Data Entry when AUTOSAVE interval exceeded 64 seconds. Any number above 64 will be assumed to mean 64. (1626)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Monthly Data Entry to display a random date in the column header of the first column after a daily comment was typed in (1693)
  • Fixed a bug that caused 15 minute values to be not bolded when a limit was exceed in Custom Data Entry (1390)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Custom Data Entry form cells to not clear the bold font settings (resulted from previous daily limit violations) when a date was switched (1619)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / Group Managers / Entry Form Group Manager that caused the "Apply To" buttons work improperly in certain situations (1590)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the date column to contain wrong dates after using the date changing dialog (1709)


  • A warning message is going to show up on OPSSQL startup when program is run using the legacy (Microsoft SQL 2000) OLEDB client driver to connect to Microsoft SQL 2005 server (1680)
  • Added a detection mechanism that now warns users upon startup when OPSSQL client is running against unsupported version of DBMS (1683)
  • A RFC locale identification string is now being sent to PocketOPS in order to resolve problems when synchronizing across different locale settings (1566)
  • Improved message that used to say "Failed to Init Form” when users clicked on Additional Info in Monthly data entry , and additional info had not been configured, to more user friendly message that now says “You may not have Additional Info configured” (1681)
  • Added EDMR Source Folder and EDMR Output Folder as new user settings in User Setup / User Specific Settings. Use these to modify defaults which may not work when running in Citrix or Terminal Services (1550)
  • Added a action script into Admin Console / Action scripts which can be used to submit calculation requests to all facilities at once (1575)
  • Fixed a bug that cause Import From External Source to not work on variables of text type (1524)
  • Fix a bug that occurred when running OPS SQL against Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (or later builds) where concurrent connections were accounted for improperly. Bug was introduced by Service Pack 2 of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and was identified by Microsoft as backward compatibility issue. The OPS SQL bug fix uses a workaround as suggested to us by Microsoft Technical Support staff (932)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Run-time error 3251 and a subsequent program crash when certain sequence of actions was used in Daily Log Books editor (1697)
  • Fixed a bug that caused OPSSQL to misreport that a Spread Report Design window what open in certain situations when it in fact was not open (1663)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to incorrectly read its configuration file OPSSQL.ini when a comma character was used. This bug was preventing users from being able to type in the TCP/IP port number to connect to (1672)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Variable Browser to show a list of all variables as opposed to showing just calculated variables when using the browser from Data Manager / Calc Data Block (1607)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Run-time Error 94 and thus crash out of the program when the Plot button was clicked in Modeling / Oxygen Analysis/ Generate Oxygen-Transfer Capacity Curve in the case when no Kla for basin were configured (1602)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Legend labels lines be wrong on Probability Plots with more than one variable (line) plotted (1611)
    Fixed a spelling mistake where privileges was misspelled wrong in System Setup / Group Managers (1589)
  • Fixed a bug that caused units to be displayed incorrectly in Time Series Graphs using overlay axis (1706)


Version 6.9.1 (Build 1608, Released on 12/14/07)

Variable Setup

  • Fixed a bug that caused 'Runtime error 6, Overflow' when clicking on the Variable Setup, Copy Variable button when copying variables with in databases with variable numbers over 32000. (1397)


  • Fixed a bug that occured when using right click, Reschedule this Sample. Program now checks that cell contains a valid sample before trying to reschedule it. Also, right clicking on a cell now sets that cell as the current cell. (1367)
  • When rescheduling a Sample, the Sample Notes now shows original sample number (when sample number is reassigned) along with the rescheduling notes (i.e. Sample (071119-0004) rescheduled from 11/19/2007 to 11/20/2007) (1368)
  • AuditUser is now always set correctly in the Sample (LC_SAMPLE) table. Null and empty strings were sometimes stored in the AuditUser field (1385)
  • Fixed a bug in Quick Close that caused Error 380 when Samples over 30 days old were closed. (1409)


  • Report Pac \ Spread Reports no longer shows hour-glass mouse cursor when users need to input prompt values (1370)
  • Locate, Dashboard Item - the button shown on the Locate form was sized incorrectly. Fixed (1375)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Monthly Data Entry - Daily Detail Entry store a 1 instead of value specified by MDL rules for variables that AllowSymbol (data qualifiers). (1411)
  • Fixed a bug in Admin Console / Ado Calc Load Balancing that caused overflow error in certain situations when NODEIDs reported by worker nodes contained large numbers (1433)


Version 6.9.0 (Build 1583, Released on 11/13/07)

Spread Reports

  • Added ability to move multiple variables up and down at a time in the Locate Multiple Variables window in Spread Design (1251)
  • Added Fit-to-Page check box into Report Pac / Spread Reports. When checked smart printing will attempt to fit the selected report on one printed page (1324)
  • GPERC function now supports a new optional parameter called type, and MVSTAT now supports PERAxx. See help for more info. (1033)
  • Export to Excel now uses more intelligent color replacement algorithm to match colors of cells in spread report to ones supported by Microsoft Excel (703)
  • Users are no longer limited to 300 character size limit for a cell (1297)
  • Fixed a bug in Report Pac / Spread Report / Preview / Print that caused run time error 380 (invalid property value) in the rare case when database report definition held unsupported value for report orientation setting (1331)
  • Changed the caption of the Cancel button to Done on the variable browser in Locate Multiple Variables / Add variables (1009)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the variable browser window to cover up the Locate Multiple Variables window in Spread Design. (861)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the variable browser window selection to jump to the last chosen variable when moving selection down the list in the Locate Multiple Variables window in Spread Design. (1257)
  • Fixed a bug in Locate Weekly Summary on variables with Not Fixed decimal places (310)
  • Fixed a bug in the Wizard that cause error 380 when using variables with Not Fixed decimal places (1250)
  • Fixed a bug that caused to Cancel button to not work when inside Import Excel Sheet in Spread Design (1034)
  • Fixed a bug that caused inability to change variable numbers once a report was exported to excel (1212)
    Fixed a bug in Spread Report Design / Locate NPDES row that would in certain situations return blank values in cells with limits (1082)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to freeze up in Format / Conditional Formatting inside Spread Report Design when running on database with very large number of variables (1132)
  • VAL function now properly handles ND symbols (1070)
  • Fixed a bug in DDVWO, HWO, and DDVTWO functions that caused group offset with optional grouping parameters to return wrong results (1159)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wizard to crash in Violation Summary Report when no limits were setup for a variable (1166)
  • Fixed a bug in the Wizard for the Violation Summary Report which inserted a statistic into the VIOL function without regards to the actual statistic of the limit (1171)
  • Spread Reports now account for situations when import from OPS32 incorrectly converted the GRAPHTS formulas using 3 parameters instead of the required 4 parameters. The formula is corrected when report is loaded (1202)
  • Fixed a bug in the GRAPHTS formula that returned wrong result if test cells were referenced (1237)
  • Fixed a bug in the GRAPHTS formula that caused a graph to be generated even when no values were on the spreadsheet when data was linked to text cells (1302)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crash of the Wizard in the Variable Summary Report when the browse button was clicked (1214)
  • Fixed a bug in DSORT function that caused omission of date stamp when locating data for partial days (1215)
  • Fixed a bug in dashboard which caused SQLFIRST and SQLRESULT functions to return no results (1247)
  • Fixed a bug in the Wizard’s Variable Summary report that surfaced as error 381 when users forgot to pick a variable to do a summary of (1254)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GAVG function to return average for the report date range when second parameter of GAVG evaluated to blank. Now returns blank (1274)

Custom Data Entry

  • A new user specific setting (Custom Data Entry Auto Save Frequency) was added to System Setup / User Setup. This setting tells the program how often to perform auto saving of data on a Custom Data Entry Form. It is by default disabled. (1120)
  • Not Fixed decimal places are now supported in the Wizard (1275)
  • Added TOE (time of entry) function. See help for documentation (958)
  • Wizard no longer allows users to create forms with no variables (1286)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error 424 after using the Browse / Find function in the Wizard (1008)
  • COM function now works as documented in help (1062)
  • The Calc button now submits calculation for correct data range when data points located on the form span more than 1 day (1067)
  • Designer now allows deletion of form that is currently open in the Designer (1068)
  • Fixed a bug that caused bold and italicized data (due to limit/entry violations) to not stick when a form was opened back up (1183)
  • Fixed a problem where print was done using gray background even when the user answered No to the gray background prompt (1232)
  • Fixed a bug that caused comments for 4-hourly variables be duplicated from one time slot to others (1284)

Daily Detail Entry Forms

  • Data Approval is now available in Daily Detail Entry Forms (118)
  • Text variables now properly show a dropdown list (759) (821)
  • Fixed a bug that caused hourly data entry form to attempt to read a non-existing database table column (1096)
  • Fixed a security hole that allowed Entry level users to modify data even after it was entered (1097)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a text variable with a long list of allowed values to display truncated list (1326)

Variable Setup

  • Added a feature into Copy Variable that gives users a dropdown list of choices for variable number such as next available variable number, and last variable number (1312)
  • Added support for new Math Toolbox functions GAVG, GGM, GMED, GCC, GCNT, GLST, GMAX, GMIN, GSUM. Click here for documentation (1224)
  • Added new limit groupings called MA12  and RMA12 (1123)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Limits to not be saved right after creating a new variable in System Setup / Edit/View Variables (1050)
  • Fixed a bug that caused deleted Limits to not be saved (1083)
  • Fixed a bug in that caused the Test button to return an error on Variable Edit / External Source tab when running against an MS Access data source (658)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error -2147217900 (Ambiguous column name ‘DESCRIPTION’) when trying to filter by the description field in the Variable Browser (1197)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the WMIN and WMAX to not auto fill description  and grouping in the same fashion as in the other types of limits (1203)


  • Added ability to set column width and row height in Admin Console / General Settings. These settings will only show up if you are licensed to use Labcal (1200)
  • Added ability to see unsigned Samples on the calendar using Filter (1228)
  • Changed default mode of data edits from Add-On to Overwrite in Sample Edit / Edit Results (1235)
  • Entry into Calculated variables is now disallowed (557)
  • Ditto key (F3) now works correctly when entering results with Data Approval status (1266)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Null-pointer error when assigned a sample to a person before the sample date was checked (1157)
  • Fixed a bug that reported an Ambiguous column error when a filter by name or sample type was applied in the Overdue Samples Browser (1196)
  • Fixed a bug in Receive Samples that caused multi-select to not work (1210)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crash when in Sample Setup / Browse /Filter by Description (1226)
  • Fixed a bug that caused change to not be saved when users changed Sample Type of a sample (1234)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sample Editor to clear the location field when the combo box was clicked (1313)


  • Added the ability to search for all comments within a specified date range. Use * for search key word (1111)
  • Delete comment now supports selecting comments to be deleted by clicking on any field of the comment (1117)


  • Added a way to quickly switch facilities by using File / Open Facility. This menu item now displays all facility databases that the currently logged in user has access to. The login screen no longer requires users to re-type their username and password (1128)
  • Added Open Facility Via Logon menu item under menu which performs the same function as did the old style of switching facilities (1323)
  • Load-balancing Admin Console has been improved to use API calls instead of shell calls to SC.Exe (1047)
  • Added START ALL NODES and STOP ALL NODES buttons to Load-balancing Admin Console (1280)
  • Load-balancing Admin Console no longer allows users to check / uncheck the Enabled box for worker nodes. The enabled field is monitored (and essentially modified) only by the dispatcher and it represents the real-time status of the load-balancing system. (1147)
  • System Setup / System Tables / Lookup table setup now allows users to size the column width by right-clicking on a cell (937)
  • Utilities / Export to Excel now properly remembers the export folder and asks whether to overwrite a file if it already exists (982)
  • PocketOPS synchronization now omits all calculated variables that exist in routes (1016)
  • System Setup / Scheduled Tasks now does not allow to save an email task without providing an email address (1018)
  • Login screen sports an improved look when using wrong display drivers on 16:9 displays (1065)
  • Entry Group Manager now omits listing of Entry-Only types of users from the list since these users cannot use entry groups anyway (1115)
  • Report Pac / Variable List report now uses memory efficient variable picker instead of pull down box (1116)
  • Admin Console / Action Scripts / Backup databases now properly warns users that scripts are not supported in Professional and Enterprise editions of OPS SQL. (1133)
  • Admin Console / Action Scripts / View Audit of Deleted Variables was added and can be used to keep track of when and who deleted variables (1190)
  • Added support for setting AUDITUSER_USE_NODEID in Admin Console / Calculation settings that tells load balanced calc engine worker nodes to uniquely identify themselves in all audit trail transactions they generate (1271)
  • Added ability to check status of support subscription against OPS Systems online database. Go to Help/Support/ License Support Status, or to Utilities/System Information/License (1346)
  • Added an OPSSQL.ini switch called KILL_SESSION_ON_UPGRADE which allows users to override default behavior during database upgrade. This is to work around an Oracle bug that was encountered when Oracle RDB was used as backend. See Q10578 for more info. (1255)
  • Added ability to custom label windows spawned by OPS SQL. See new setting in Admin Console / General setting called Application Title Bar Display Setting (1129)
    Added a warning into Express and Lite editions that warns users when their facility database size reached 90 % of the allowed limit. This warning occurs at around 1.8 GB  (1207)
  • Added new menu item that links to Support Area Web Site under Help / Support (1339)
  • Added HOLDVALUE data generator plugin (opssql_plugin_7.exe) that generates flag values in real time for use with HOLDVALUE math toolbox function (1350)
  • BOD Manager no longer allows you to add the same sample more than once into a BOD worksheet (516)
  • Load and Save works properly in Report Pac / QC Analysis Report (1158)
  • The facility database size of Express and Lite editions was misreported as a sum of DATA + LOG files. Since the 2 GB size limitation is on the DATA file, this was corrected to only show the size of the DATA file.  (1205)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup / System Tables / Lookup table setup that caused error (row cannot be located for updating) when canceling creation of a record while running on Oracle backend. (1333)
  • Fixed a minor bug that caused BOD Manager to store Dilution Blank results incorrectly when storing to an OPS SQL variable (1305)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Modeling Pac to initially not load data into reports (1084)
  • Fixed a minor bug in the 1.3.1 database upgrade that caused some of the WMAX limits to be populated with incorrect description (1165)
  • Fixed a bug Dashboard navigation that cause the navigation buttons to display in two rows. They now only span one row, no matter what size of Windows Fonts is used (1001)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 3704  in Variable Browser when numbers were used for Areas and there happened to be a location with the same location id as the area number (1004)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in Monthly Data Entry / Custom Data Entry / Daily Detail Data Entry Forms and caused the forced value to remain in the database until the next re-calculation occurred (1258)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in Monthly Data Entry / Custom Data Entry / Daily Detail Data Entry Forms when a text variable had a value that was no longer on the list of allowed values, and the value would not show up in data cells of the entry forms. Value now displays correctly (1124)
  • Fixed a bug that caused data from 31st day to not be cleared when clearing a highlighted block of data in Monthly Data Entry (1316)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed for restoring of values from audit trail into calculated variables in Monthly Data Entry / Custom Data Entry / Daily Detail Data Entry Forms (1259)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Multi Var selection indicator to not show up in the Variable Browser under certain video resolutions (1143)
  • Deprecated no longer supported hot standby settings HOTSTANDBY_PING_INTERVAL and HOTSTANDBY_PING_TIMEOUT in Admin Console / Calculation settings (1269) (1270)
  • Help file updated.


Version 6.8.2 (Build 1328, Released on 6/19/07)

Monthly Data Entry

  • Fixed a bug in List Inputs First Level or All Levels that caused no results on calculated variables with very large variable ID numbers (872)
  • Fixed a bug that caused improper highlighting of locked data cells (873)
  • Fixed a bug that caused improper highlighting of a column on 1st day of the month (935)
  • Fixed a bug that caused entries on the 31st to pop-up the wrong menu options on right click (911)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to default to the day before today (942)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to not jump to the first day of the month when switch months. Now jumps to the first day after switching months (945)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to be moved to column headed when user pushed the PAGE-UP key, or the CTRL+HOME keys (983)

Custom Data Entry

  • Paste from the right click menu now works properly (301)
  • AINFO formula now works properly in the designer as well as entry forms (987)

Spread Reports

  • Fixed a bug in the wizard that caused a lock-up when generating the Violation Report on databases with more than 500 limits (916)
  • Fixed a bug that used to caused to load a selected template when user clicked cancel on the New report dialog in the designer (962)
  • TABLE function can now return text of more than 50 characters into a cell (963)

Graph Pac

  • Fixed an overflow error/program crash that occured when configuring the Pie chart graph type in the 3D gallery in certain situations (966)
  • Added a better error message when clicking View in Time Series Graph Input window when no variables have been selected (969)


  • Fixed a bug that caused sample type to not display properly on the calendar in certain situations (693)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed blank Sample Numbers to be generated in certain situation when using Create One Time Sample (971)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Type Mismatch error when a calculated variable was added into a sample (973)


  • Updated internal database cursor locations to clientSide throughout the program. Previous to this version, the program used about 90 % clientSide cursors along with 10% serverSide, but it is now setup to use 100% clientSide. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (and its later hotfix builds) introduced several huge performance bottlenecks when using serverSide cursors with the OLE DB driver technology, therefore this adjustement had to be made (988)
  • Added a new setting for OPSSQL.INI called DBUPGRADETIMEOUT (set to 600 seconds if not specified otherwise). Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 was observed to time out during upgrade of very large databases. This was due to the fact that SP2 understood our timeout settings differently than previous releases of Microsoft SQL Server. This situation is now accounted for. Should there ever be a need, users can set the timeout even higher than 600 seconds (862)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup/Scheduled Tasks/Edit that used to display 'Task id X could not be loaded' (938)
  • Users who are not superusers and do not have any facility access rights are now properly handled on by login screen (485)
  • Fixed a bug that caused program crash when creating shortcut to Time Series Graphs with Last X Days/Months/Quarters set for dates (715)
  • Fixed a bug in User Setup/Copy that caused user settings to be ommited during copy (879)
  • MS Sans Serif font was replaced by Arial as default font throughout the program due to the fact that MS Sans Serif does not implement italics for printer devices (884)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "You are not authorized to view this report! Contact your administrator!" message when loading a dashboard for super users in certain situations (923)
  • Fixed a bug that broke emaling of PDF's via GNR server (926)
  • System Setup/Shortcuts/Create Shortcut now displays a message and disallows operation when user is using a dashboard to avoid confusion about the function of this menu item (974)
  • Fixed a bug in System Setup/Shortcuts/Shortcut Manager that caused super users to be listed twice on the list of available users (975)
  • Fixed a bug that caused to display misreported message "Request took more than 10 minutes - Aborting" in Data Manager/Calc Data Block. To avoid confusion, this was changed to "Request is not complete at this time, but it is waiting in the queue. Check 'Utilities','Queue Status','AdoCalc Queue' for the queue status" (979)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to disappear from the screen when loading a large dashboard upon login. A new status message is now displayed saying "Loading your Home Dashboard ..." (981)

Version 6.8.1 (Build 1237, Released on 5/21/07)

Spread Reports

  • DRC formula added - Data Repeater Counter function repeats results of an SQL query (defined by SQLFIRST) or date.  "See DRC - Spread function" in help for more information.  This function allows you to design reports that grow based on a run time criterior. (678)
  • Added "Dashboard Element" to the "Locate" Menu to allow Spread Design for creating Dashboards. Users can add Shortcut buttons and Gauges to reports, plus icon shortcuts can be converted into dashboard shortcuts using the "User's Icons" dashboard element
  • OPS SQL Plugins can now be executed using dashboard shortcuts, and custom parameters can be passed to these plugins. (734)
  • Spread Report Wizard now supports "Daily Report" generation. Daily Report Generator was popular in OPS32, but reports are now generated as Spread Reports that utilize the new DRC features (38)
  • Quarterly Min/Max limits display properly when locating variable information in a report (468)
  • Florida MOR is included as a Template in Spread Report Design and is supported in EDMR output(502)
  • GAVG() function will now calculate properly for certain weeks that span a month.  See Spread Functions, Weekly Grouping Examples in help for more information (574)
  • CA CIWQS has improved setup and control over the PARLABEL, ANMCODE and BASIS data fields and can be defined by the user (580)
  • SQLFIRSTX and SQLRESULTX functions work correctly in Report Pac (606)
  • Added option for Weekly Summary in the Locate menu to include partial weeks which span two months (672)
  • Conditional Formatting has been updated to work with all data types, including calculated variables (697)
  • "Replace All" and "Replace all in Selection" functions were updated to work as expected (731)
  • Trigger Report capability added. Works in conjuction with GNR Server. Implements highly configurable triggers that can be setup to warn users when certain events occur. See help for more info. (647)
  • DFORMAT and NFORMAT Spread Function Added (338)
  • Illinois eDMR functionality added (776)
  • Exception List Report recognizes and analyzes Daily Limits as expected (646)
  • Locate Group Summary now supports locating data in reverse chronological order (745)
  • Export to CSV function added in Report Pac, Spread Reports output (843)

Monthly Data Entry

  • Fixed minor data approval bug for all data types, including 4hour, hourly, 30m, 15m, 5m (556)
  • Users can now print Monthly Data Entry sheets in color and "Forced" values print in red (581)
  • Location and Area can now be optionally displayed at the top of the entry form (631)
  • You can now set the Column Header colors in Advanced Settings.

Custom Data Entry

  • Custom Data Entry has been updated to refresh data for Custom Forms and TSS Bench Sheets; however, recalulation of data must be done using the Calc Button at the top of the window (719)

Lab Cal

  • Calendar now goes back 100 days
  • Added browse button and name search capability where selecting people/personel is required (385) (741)
  • When closing a sample, the user is now asked if they want to reassign variables if they change the Location of a sample (493)
  • Changing a Sample Definition applies the change to all related future Samples (509)
  • OPS SQL User Setup can be used to apply default filters for Lab Cal on a per-user basis (770)
  • The Location field of a Sample is now visible on the Main calendar view of Lab Cal (538)
  • Auto Sense Variables has been improved to find a closer match from the OPS SQL variable list and now works when editing a Sample Definition as it does in Edit/Close Sample (540)(541)
  • Adding Tests/Schedule to a Sample Definition can now add up to 150 tests at a time, instead of 25 (548)
  • Added Find buttons to assist in locating records when Adding Methods and Adding Tests (619)
  • The Copy Sample Definition Function now copies Custom Schedules as well (651)
  • The select filter screen does not require a filter to be selected, in case there are none (732)
  • Entering results in sample edit form now works correctly. Fixed bug that surfaced under very complex circumstances (771)
  • You can now cancel out of the create filter form without actually having to create a new filter. (795)
  • Added ability to delete or skip samples (from the past) that have fallen off the calendar (811)
  • A default Lab Cal filter can be applied to a user.This allows you to auto apply a filter when Lab Cal is started.  Set each users default filter in User Setup, User Settings. (513) (740)

BOD Manager

  • Optional YSI Interface now supported.


  • Database Version 1.3.4 (Min Client Version=6.8.1, Min Calc Version=1.7.0, Min GNR Version =1.3.0, Min DBA_Helper Version=1.2.0, Min LiveUp Version=1.1.0, Min OPS SQL Remote Version=1.1.6)
  • Database Version 1.3.3 scripts also included
  • Database upgrade includes nt service patch "seeds" that will be required by upcoming versions of Live Update.
  • Added the user Dashboard feature - super users can assign dashboards for users within User Setup, allowing for a custom look to each OPS installation and for quick access to OPS functions.  Dashboards are designed in Spread Reports using the new Locate -> Dashboard Element function (740)
  • Fixed problem with refreshing the list of Variables in "Variable Browser", you can force a refresh using the <Ctrl>-<R> command.  Also, Location Setup/Browser List automatically refreshes whenever users modify locations. (86) (583)
  • Improvements made for "Time" data entry in Spread Reports, Custom Reports, Lab Cal (387)
  • Calculation Load Balancing for ADO Calc service is now implemented for OPS SQL Enterprise Edition (ADO Calc Version 1.6.0 and later) (459)
  • External Source in Variable Setup now tests date fields properly when connecting to an Access Database (506)
  • Fixed problem when switching facilities when the installation has one concurrent user license (521)
  • Fixed problem when switching variables while in Add/Edit Variables, it now functions correctly and properly updates each record/variable when on Oracle backend (544)
  • Audit Trail in Shortcut Manager is now tracked properly which allows for correct synchronization with OPS SQL Remote databases (561)
  • System Setup/Scheduled Tasks now supports "Run Report Trigger" tasks that generate reports based on a user defined report trigger (647)
  • User Setup, Browse users now has a search functionality (762)
  • The Copy Location feature has been updated to prompt the user if they would like to copy the associated variables. Doing so will create new variables and assign them to the new location (652)
  • A "Restart load-balancing" button has been added to the Admin Console for Enterprise Edition to restart their distributed AdoCalc nodes (739)
  • HOLDVALUE Math Toolbox was added (814)
  • In Variable Setup, changing the variable number now gets properly written to the audit trail (827)
  • Fixed a bug in daily detail data entry (hourly, 15min, ... forms) that caused the program to not apply the correct MDL rule to data (840)
  • Admin Console/Action Script now contains a script that can be used to export reports from one facility to another (also to another server) (789)
  • Added a browse button with sort capabilities and Find function to the User Setup screen (741)
  • Lookup table audit info now displayed when editing tables (791)
  • Lookup table default export file extension is now ss3 (792)
  • Utilities/System Info form now displays OPSSQL license information (793)
  • Help file updated


Version 6.7.7 (Released on 1/15/07)

BOD Manager

  • Improvements to Sample Setup - Does not allow user to Check Used as Seed and pick a Seed on the same sample.  Other minor improvements.  Support for Oracle improved.
  • Fixed problem with data approval
  • Fixed problem with calculating the Final BOD as Zero when no Final DO's entered.  Now calculates blank.
  • Create new worksheet, Pick Setup from previous sheet now works correctly (515)

Lab Cal

  • Filtering improved and several minor bugs fixed (510) (508)


  • External Source Test uses the correct end date in the test (505)
  • Shortcut Manager does not show multiple entries for users (372)
  • Fixed a "Quoted string not properly terminated" bug that occured in Copy All Shortcuts in Shortcut Manager (171)
  • Variable Setup Limits Entry - can now easily create seasonal limits (345) (514)
  • Monthly Data Entry Design - when creating the very first form if an Entry Group was not selected caused error to be displayed.  Fixed.  (524)
  • When eval version expires the user can not enter a new Serial number from the login screen. (529)
  • An extra concurrent seat is not taken up anymore when switching facilities.
  • Help file updated.

Version 6.7.6 (Released on 1/9/07)

Spread Reports

  • California CIWQS electronic reports can now be designed using Locate/eDMR/California CIWQS, and submitted to California Regional Water Boards. See help for instructions. (248)
  • Added a way to locate 1 day beyond the end of the report into the DATE formula (340)
  • Added function SWTRDR that handles Distribution Disinfectant Residual SWTR (241)
  • GAVG function produces correct results when MOV7 statistic is used (328)
  • VINFO now produces correct results when asking for Quarterly Max (398)
  • Designer Wizard no longer produces Error 6 (Overflow) on databases with very large number of variables (439)
  • Footnotes now refresh correctly (456)
  • Designer Wizard no longer causes error 3265 (Item not found in collection) when using the Hourly Log report (463)

Custom Data Entry

  • Designer no longer crashes when running Wizards (205)
  • Designer Wizard overflow bug fixed (257)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to force data in entry forms omitting the users data approval settings (388)
  • Designer saves TSS bench sheet reports correctly (472)

Monthly Data Entry

  • Force status in status bar now updates correctly (269)
  • Designer now allows users to include daily detail variables (246)


  • Added a setting that way to set x number of days into future. Used to be fixed at 365 (327)
  • Auto-Sensing feature added to populate variables for tests based on test name and/or storet code (258)
    Program now warns when user closes the last sample that came from a definition with a custom schedule (286)
  • Improved user interface in Custom Schedule Setup (278)
  • One-Time Sample Pick Sample definition does not how when typing characters, nor does it default to location and assigned to fields from the picked sample definition (382)
  • Quick-close of sample used to cause error 13 (Type mismatch) when using on whole column of samples. This has been fixed (380)
  • Error 3725 no longer occurs when marking sample status as inactive (386)
  • Non-critical bug fix in Oracle (ORA-00933) that occurred when double-clicking on a sample (498)(500)
  • Click on Cancel in pick a Filter Name in Filter settings does not cause error 3001 (511)


  • Database Version 1.3.2 (Min Client Version=6.7.6, Min Calc Version=1.5.6, Min GNR Version =1.2.4)
  • Connections to external SQL-Compliant sources can now be setup and configured to fetch data on per variable basis (357)
  • GNR Server now allows for scheduling of tasks that import data from external data sources. (491)
  • A new user setting is provided to toggle user’s ability to run import from external data sources. (504)
  • BOD Manager added into program
  • Modeling Pac added into program (399)
  • Added a setting into Admin Console that specified the path where OPSSQL looks when downloading XML data from a Windows Mobile PDA running PocketOPS (359)
  • Added ability to easily create summer/winter style limits for variables (345)
  • Added a general setting that specifies the Minimum Version for the OPSSQL REMOTE clients. This setting is enforced by all remote clients that synchronize with the master OPSSQL database.
  • Lookup table setup no longer sizes rows to 200 when row size is set beyond 1500 (255)
  • Weekly Data Entry Form by OPS Systems takes significantly less time to load on large databases (256)
  • Fixed up a bug occurred during PocketOPS synchronization process when the POPS/Temp directory was not created (278)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in Oracle when synchronizing PocketOPS routes that consist of variables from different facilities (499)
    Fixed a bug that occurred when user double-clicked on variable to show its quick info and the process return incorrect units (341)
  • Variable Info report now correctly reports variable use in Custom Data Entry forms (353)
    User Setup/User Specific Settings now says “Show Data Approval Setup” instead of “Approve Data”. This gets rid of confusion about the functionality of the setting (383)
  • Installer now supports OPS SQL Professional edition (480)
  • Help file updated.


Version 6.7.4 (Released on 10/5/06)

Spread Reports

  • Report Pac/Spread Reports/Prompts now allows for selection of multiple items (225)
  • Added report template called Variable_Historical_Eqs. Use this to create a report that will show historical equations for a variable (227)
  • Added Spread Function VSAMP. Experimental use only! (249)
  • Added Spread Function STI. Experimental use only! (251)
  • Fixed "Runtime Error 91" in Spread Design\Spread Report\Locate\User Formula (202)
  • GFIRSTZ and GLASTZ displays the Text Results entered as Dates correctly.  (164)
  • Violation Summary Wizard now works correctly (231)
  • eDMR Generator now supports California CDF format

Custom Data Entry

  • Custom Data Entry now allows for Multiline edit cells (cells with text wrapping turned on) (259)
  • Custom Data Entry Design now supports import from Microsoft Excel (275)
  • Custom Data Entry Design now supports changing the number of columns (275)
  • You can now use numerical constants in white cells and will not be cleared when using the form. It now only clears white cells that are equal to 9999 (ie 9999, 9999.0, etc) (211)
  • Custom Data Entry now checks for rollover. Hybrid sheet and database scanning is used to accomodate for data that has not been commited to the database (240)

Monthly Data Entry

  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that occured when pasting data beyond 29th day (265)
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry which caused a whole row of data turn yellow when Hide Columns feature was used (268)
  • Monthly Data Entry Design now allows Managers to to create a form in the default group, if no forms exist (276)


  • Added a new button to LABCAL that brings up Analyzed but not Closed Samples (65)
  • Added a new button to LABCAL that displays the count of samples that are overdue and have fallen off the calendar (67)
  • Fixed a bug in LABCAL that used to cause a crash editing existing results in "Enter Results by Test" (78)
  • Fixed error 3705 in LABCAL's receive sample function when changing dates (80)
  • Added a way of creating a prefix to sample numbers (up to 5 characters). See help topic "Sample Number" for more information on setting up this feature (81)
  • Added a way to copy sample definitions from one to another in LABCAL (85)
  • Read Only LABCAL users can no longer edit the "Sampled By,Assigned to, Location" fields in the sample edit form (216)
  • Read Only LABCAL users can no longer drag and drop samples on the calendar (217)
  • LABCAL's Create One Time Sample no longer allows for duplicate sample numbers to be created (219)
  • LABCAL/Enter Results by Test now sabes the Time Complete field (234)


  • Installer now lists report templates and let's users pick which ones they want to install (11)
  • Fixed "error 3265 : Item not found" in Report Pac/Print Variable List/Detailed Variable Report (190)
  • OPSSQL Console is now available to Manager user type if their "ALLOW_CONSOLE_ACCESS" user setting is checked (220)
  • Windows/Active Directory pass-through login now fills in the password for a user when switching facility (264)
  • Bug fixed in equation parser that caused an the '{<--Number must be 32767 or below}' error in databased with more than 32767 variables (261)
  • The login screen and Utilities\System Information menu item will now bring up a summary of information about your system and your OPS environment. This can be written to a log file. (270)
  • PocketOPS Synchronization changed to support PocketOPS Windows Mobile v1.2.0
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs. Help topics updated.

Version 6.6.9 (Released on 8/11/06)

  • New Licensing model was implemented. The new Concurrent Session licensing model allows you to install OPS SQL Client on an unlimited number of computers. However, only a limited number of clients can connect to the database at a time. OPS Systems will be happy to issue a new serial number to all our existing customers who are on support. Just call us at 800-677-0067, or email at sales@opssys.com
  • OPS SQL v 6.5.9 was the last version of the program to carry the product name OPS SQL. Customers with version 6.5.9 or lower will get a new product name assigned after applying this patch  -  OPS SQL Enterprise Edition. Based on the serial number, OPS SQL Express Edition and OPS SQL Lite Edition are available for medium and small facilities.
  • LabCal (Laboratory Calendar) module was added and can be purchased for an additional cost from OPS Systems. It is a simple LIMS system that can be used by small and medium sized laboratories to track and report on samples.
  • Extreme speed improvements were achieved by using Variable Browse Buttons all through-out the program. They replace the old pull-down combo-boxes.
  • Loading time of the Variable View/Edit form and the Variable Browser were drastically decrased by using database trigger based hash tables (Clients only reload data when the database signals them that something changed)
  • Limits can now be created for arbitrary date ranges as well as operators (<,<=,=,>, etc...) The old limits (that were based on months of the year) will be converted to the new Limits and will be interpolated for you automatically until 2011
  • ActiveDirectory/Windows pass-through login was implemented.
  • Login History is now being tracked for all logins.
  • PocketOPS module was modified to support XML mobile databases.
  • Plug-in architecture was implemented. Spread Report and Custom Data Entry wizards were converted from DLL's to plug-ins.
  • Database Version 1.3.1 (Min Client Version=6.6.0, Min Calc Version=1.5.5, Min GNR Version =1.2.2)
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs. Help topics updated.

Version 6.5.8 (Released on 11/29/05)

  • Connecticut EDI can now be produced using Report Pac/Spread Reports/Output to EDMR.
    Added Locate/EDMR Link/Connecticut EDI menu item into Spread Report Design.
  • Added a feature that enumerates all windows opened by OPS SQL. Go to Utilities/Windows. Click on a window name and the program will give it focus.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.
  • Help updated.

Version 6.5.5 (Released on 10/6/05)

  • Additional Info entry capability added to "Weekly Entry form by OPS Systems".  In entry form, right-click and go to Additional Info on the menu.
  • Data Approval added to daily detail entry forms (i.e. hourly, 15 minute entry forms...)
  • MID Spread function did not work in some reports that were imported from OPS 32.  Added Check Report button the Report Options form to check for and correct this situation.  If the MID function is not working in a report, go to File, Report Options in Spread Design and click the Check Report button.
  • VAL Spread function would sometimes convert a number as a date in Spread Print.  Fixed.
  • Multiple Custom Data Entry Sheets Open causes Error when changing dates. Fixed. (Q10182)
  • Fixed a bug in Logbook Entry that occured when using logbooks from Custom Data Entry Sheets and caused certain notes to be added into the database with an invalid time stamp.

Version 6.5.3 (Released on 9/12/2005)

  • Monthly Data Entry now allows editing of detail data (i.e. hourly, 15 minute data).  Right-click on a day and go to edit detail data.
  • Logbook search/select no longer causes an error.
  • GCC function updated.  New setting allows for counting of time consecutive samples.  See GCC in updated help file.
  • GLAST formula in Spread reports did not work in some imported reports.  Fixed
  • Spread Function PERC added. Calculates the nth Percentile and returns the value at that position of a cell range
  • COMWO would return ##:##:## when no time entered for comment.  Fixed.

Version 6.5.1 (Released on 8/22/2005)
NOTE: Version 6.5.1 MUST be installed from a CD.  It cannot be installed as a self-update.

Spread Reports

  • Added UNDO functionality. Users can specify the number of UNDO levels in Spread Report Designer
  • Added REDO functionality
  • Added Locate Values from Other Facilities
  • Enhanced Prompts - Select Multiple Locations or Varnums
  • Added Conditional Formatting based on Data Approval Level (Q10163)
  • Users can specify default dates for report when opened in Spread Report Designer. Go to File/Report Options to set this setting (Q10157)
  • Added Close All button to Report Pac/Spread Reports/Print. Button is only shown if more than one report is selected or more than one prompt answer is given (Q10167)
  • Added an ability to set Max Columns in Spread Design/Report Options (Q10161)
  • Group summary statistics is now able to work with 3 digit settings (Q10159)
  • Added STATZ formula to calculate statistics of Text Cells. Use when cells contain MDL symbols
  • Added Cascade Rule 0 to STATZ function (Q10158)
  • Fixed a bug in ISBLANK formula. Unpredictable behavior in certain cases has been corrected (Q10141)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Report Date Type not work in Spread Designer (Q10146)
  • Fixed a bug in Spread Report Wizard that caused the program to crash when Find was used in Variable Browser (Q10169)
  • Fixed a bug that caused invalid results on certain text cells when using Scientific Rounding. Added SROUNDZ formula to handle these situations correctly (Q10131)

Data Entry

  • POCKET OPS (for Windows Mobile) is now fully integrated within OPSSQL client. All you need is the device client application and you can start offline data acquisition via your Pocket PC. Please contact sales@opssys.com for more info
  • Added a new type of entry form - Weekly. It is especially useful for data troubleshooting purposes. Form can be accessed via Data Manager/Entry Forms Open. It will be residing in the Default group, but can be moved to another group via System Setup/Entry Form Group Manager. The form is called Weekly Entry form by OPS Systems
  • Additional Info can now be tracked for every data point. This new functionality enables tracking of virtually unlimited number of fields for each data point. To Access, Right click on data point in Monthly data entry and select Additional Info 
  • Not Fixed Decimal Place setting was added for variables that allow data qualifiers. OPSSQL will store such data to however many decimal places are entered by user.
  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry that caused MIN and MAX statistics to malfunction on data with MDL symbols (Q10117)


  • Database Version 1.3.0 (Min Client Version=6.5.0, Min Calc Version=1.5.3, Min GNR Version =1.2.0)
  • Fixed a bug that caused OPSSQL to crash (Illegal Operation performed) when waking up from "screen lock" under Windows 2003 Server. If you still experience this behavior after the upgrade, it will be caused by one of the interfaces. Contact support@opssys.com and we will update the interface to use the new .OCX file that is distributed with OPSSQL
  • Fixed a bug that caused DDAVG and QCLIMITS settings be ommited when saving a Time Series Graph (Q10145)
  • Fixed a bug that caused OPSSQL.INI setting SHOWGAPS to malfunction. This setting is now ommited.Please use a newly created user setting (Q10146)
  • Fixed a typo in QUARTER in the Task Scheduler (Q10147)
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Browser Filter. Filter now works properly on areas and locations (Q10168)
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Invalid Use of Null" error when printing Sample Comments in Report Pac/Logbooks (Q10123)
  • Added a new OPSSQL.INI setting ALLOWMULTIRUN. Using ALLOWMULTIRUN=yes allows you to have multiple instances of OPSSQL open concurently.

Version 6.3.4 (Released on 5/3/05)

Spread Reports

  • Fixed a bug in the VT function which caused to apply the wrong number of decimal places to data with MDL rules


  • Scheduling of hourly tasks now works on a Oracle 9i database backend using Oracle 9i OLEDB driver.

Version 6.3.3 (Released on 4/13/05)

Spread Reports

  • LV, LVT, and DLV functions now support searching forward when search days is set to a negative number.  See Help for more info.
  • SQLFIRST and SQLRESULT functions added.  Should be used instead of the SQL function.  In certain cases the SQL function would cause out of stack space errors.   Additionally, SQLFIRST and SQLRESULT can retrieve data from other OPS SQL facilities. 
  • Design/Locate/SQL Result has been updated to use SQLFIRST and SQLRESULT
  • Design/Locate/SQL Result now allows users to save their favorite formulas
  • Fixed a bug that occured in specific situations when saving a report in Oracle


  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when multiple CDE forms were open at one time and date setting was changed
  • Help updated

Version 6.3.1 (Released on 3/14/05)

  • Edit Data Utility no longer allows locked data to be edited.
  • Time Series Graphs where data is grouped Monthly/Weekly no longer locks up PC.  (Bug introduced in V6.3.0).

Version 6.3.0 (Released on 3/2/05)

Spread Reports

  • Design/Spread Reports/Report Options allows to specify the type of daterange the report was designed for.
  • Design/Spread Reports/Report Options allows to specify a textual report description.
  • Report Pac/Spread Reports allows to sort and find on report name, description and date type.
  • The < and > date scroll buttons in Report Pac/Spread Reports now automatically adjust date range based on their Report Options setting.
  • The first prompt in a report can now accept multiple VarNums by clicking the Variable Browser button.  When multiple variables are selected the same report will be run once for each variable selected.
  • New Prompt Type added : Location
  • The first prompt in a report can now accept multiple Locations by clicking the Browser button.  When multiple locations are selected the same report will be run once for each location selected.
  • AINFO Function Added, used to locate data from the Additional Info tables
  • Ihistorian Tag Picker now allows an alternate way to diplay tags in RAW mode. Users can use ctrl+c to copy tags from this output.
  • DSORT function now supports sort by date desc ("DD") and date ascending ("DA")


  • StartDate replaces DateStamp Field.  EndDate, Duration, Flow, UD1 and UD2 fields added to events.
  • Event Type Setup now allows you to show/hide fields and set properties for User Defined Fields for each Event Type.

Time Series Graphs

  • 1 Minute and 5 minute data can now be displayed on graphs that are grouped by 15 Minute or Hourly

Custom Data Entry

  • Improved error handling for the Save button


  • Database Version 1.2.7 (Min Client Version=6.3.0, Min Calc Version=1.4.1, Min GNR Version =1.1.0)
  • LogBook Report Print was fixed to support landscape
  • System Setup/System Tables/Lookup Table Setup now allows column and row resize.
  • "Not Fixed" option added for Decimal Place setting for a variable that allows symbols.  Spread Functions GAVGZ, GMINZ,GMAXZ, GSUMZ, VT, DDVT updated to support "Not Fixed". See http://www.opssys.com/instantkb/article.aspx?id=10086 for examples.
  • Added Additional Info Table Setup under System Setup, System Tables.
  • Variable Edit/View, Audit Trail now outputs equation infix in the Varnum form. It used to do it in Varid form which confused users.
  • Fixed an update bug in Scheduled Task Editor. Day setting is now properly updated when using weekly or monthly schedule type.
  • More than one SQL CONSOLE window can be opened within OPS SQL
  • Help updated

Version 6.2.6 (Released on 2/1/05)

Fixed a bug that caused to display an annoying message about VsView licencing. This bug was introduced in version 6.2.5.

Version 6.2.5 (Released on 1/24/05)

Spread Reports

  • Functions DDVWO, DDVTWO, HWO, GDP, GPREC, DATEDIFF have been added
  • Added support for exporting Reports to OPR files (Ops Reports)

Custom Data Entry

  • Fixed clear cell of text variables
  • Handles Daily Detail Text Parameter Variable correctly
  • You can now highlight the entire spreadsheet and Approve Data


  • Schedule Tasks Hourly in Oracle for GNR Server now works correctly
  • Message Inbox now sorted by date descending (this fixes bug introduced in version 6.1.2)
  • Added right-click options for Variable browser. These will run simple queries against the datatables
  • Last 365 days added to date pulldown
  • SQL Console now allows you to specify command timeout in seconds
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Help updated

Version 6.1.6 (Released on 12/02/04)

Spread Reports

  • Locate User formula no longer limits you to locate 366 values.
  • Fixed a bug in VIOL Formula
  • Reports can now be emailed as PDF (via GNR Server) from Report Pac/Spread Reports

Time Series Graphs

  • You can now select the line color from Time Series Input form

User Setup

  • User Setting 'Allowed to use Edit Data Util (if Manager):' added.  If checked and the user is a manager the Data Manager, Edit Data Utility is enabled.   
  • User setting 'Ignore System Messages' now works correctly.  If checked, the user will not recieve system messages.  Note, Super Users always recieve system messages regardless of this setting.


  • Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry. Comments icons are now shown properly for daily comments.
  • QC Analysis Report - Legend for outliers is now placed in the proper location.
  • Queue Status Reports (Utilities, Queue Status) now describe Status Codes in English.
  • Supports GNR's PDF Writer (GNR version 1.1.0 or later)
  • Updated the Help file.

Version 6.1.1 (Released on 10/27/2004)

Spread Reports

  • MOV for moving average grouping added
  • CTR3LGC(Disinfectant ID, Water Temperature, pH, Cl2 Residual) function for CT tables added
  • Fixed bug in Format, Cell Colors when selecting custom colors without selecting a color from pulldown first.

Math Toolbox

  • DDWHEN function added.  See Help.
  • DDNORM function added. See Help.
  • PUMPON function added.  See Help.
  • CTR3LGC function added.  See Help.


  • Lookup tables can now be imported.  CT Inactivation tables are available for download at www.opssys.com/support/CT_LookupTables.zip.  Save tables to your c:\opssql\LookupTables folder (you may have to create the LookupTables folder.)
  • Focus is now set back to the form after changing dates
  • Ditto function improved in MDE and CDE.
  • Recalc Cell added to Monthly Data Entry to right click menu
  • Added Calc Vars on Form button to Custom Data Entry
  • Fixed bug in Open Entry Form when the form was maximized
  • A script added to the Admin Console that allows GNR testing
  • New Help File released


Version 6.0.8 (Released on 10/11/2004)

Spread Reports

  • Locate Events now places column headers correctly
  • DSORT fuction now works properly for daily grouping "D" (daily detail variables)
  • 'Locate Filtered Dates' now locates the exact number of records specified
  • Fixed a bug that occured when changing order of variables in Spread Reports/Locate Multi-variable daily values
  • TABLE, MVDWO, MVVNWO, VARNUM, and VARID Functions added to Spread Reports
  • Ctrl-P added to Spread Design.  Opens the variable browser for selection of VarNum to display into a cell


  • Events/Add Event now works properly on Oracle backend
  • Fixed resizing problems in several forms
  • Math Toolbox @ (lookup) function now returns variable name instead of variable shortname
  • Load/Import lookup table added to Lookup Table Setup
  • Ctrl-I displays the variable browser for selection on VarId to enter into the lookup table
  • Fixed a bug that occured when entering single character data qualifiers with no numeric part
  • Time Series Graphs - Fixed 'Invalid use of Null' bug when graphing variables with no ShortName (Heading) on the overlay.
  • Cross Reference Variable List report now displays the proper records for Oracle systems

Version 6.0.2 (Released on 9/19/2004)
NOTE: Version 6.0.2 MUST be installed from a CD.  It cannot be installed as a self-update.

Spread OCX v6.0.40 now used which fixed memory leaks introduced in OCX version 6.0.45.
Spread Report Save As (on MSSQL backend) fixed. This bug was introduced in OPSSQL version 6.0.0.
Fixed a security hole in Monthly Data Entry. Adding columns (i.e list inputs, insert column...) is now only permitted if the user has design priviledges to the entry form.

Version 6.0.0 (Released on 9/10/2004)
NOTE: Version 6.0.0 MUST be installed from a CD.  It cannot be installed as a self-update.

Spread Reports

  • Updated wizard (OPRPTWIZ.DLL v6.0.0)
  • You can now have multiple spread reports open in design at one time.
  • Data Approval options added to Spread Report Options.  Allows you to set whether to run report with unapproved data or not, etc...
  • Ability to populate Wisconsin EDMR XML file.  (CHILLKATXML.DLL)
  • Locate SQL query results added.  Allows you to directly query the OPS tables and return the results into a spread report. 
  • Locate Events added

Custom Data Entry

  • Now suppports all data types (i.e. you can now enter data for 15 Minute, 30 Minute, Hourly, 4 hour data)
  • Locate Minutely data.  Allows minutely data to be entered on form.
  • Right Click, Set Time added.  Set the time (within the slot for the variable) for daily detail variables.
  • Updated Wizard (OPCDEWIZ.DLL v6.0.0)


  • Event tracking added.  For a location (go to system setup, Location Setup) events such as Violation, Spills, etc... can now be tracked.
  • Event Type Setup added. (System Setup, System Tables, Event Type Setup)
  • Event Entry added (Data Manager, Events)


  • Spell checking added.  Click on "Check Spelling" in the "Add Note" window.  When all words are spelled correctly, the spell check window will not pop up.
  • Spell check Setup added (System Setup, System Tables, Spell check setup).  Allows the Super user to maintain the spell check dictionary (ie add words).
  • Logbooks without a time stamp now work without any problems.  To add an entry without a time, uncheck the "Occured At" checkbox.
  • Logbook printing now allows printing of all Logbooks at once in one report.


  • Entry Group Manager added.
  • Data manager menu is now dynamically built according to user's permissions to Entry Groups
  • Graph Group Manager added.


  • Database Upgrade 1.2.5 (Min Client Version =6.0.0, Min Calc Version =1.3.5, Min GNR version =1.0.8)
  • Listpro v3.0.12 now used.  Variable browser now supports wheel scrolling with mouse. 
  • Spread v6.0.45 now used.
  • Location Type added (System Setup, System Tables, Location Type setup).  Allows you to categorize locations into groups such as Industries, Groundwater Monitoring Sites, etc...
  • Area, Event Type, Location Type, and Units Setup now have a consistent user interface.
  • Startup Load Entry Group User Setting added.  Will open all forms in the entry group when the user logs into the system.
  • Scheduled tasks now allow user to choose GNR printer to print to.
  • Fixed a bug in Email Multi Graph List
  • Fixed a bug in Multi Graph List Print when called via GNR server

Version 5.7.3 (Released on 7/26/2004)

Spread Reports

  • In design when File, New is selected Merged cells are now cleared and no longer appear to be merged.
  • Print Preview of spread reports now allows you to scroll the report dates on the preview form
  • In spread design, Block Stats added to the right click popup
  • When locating a prompt, if the prompt is numeric the cell is automatically changed to numeric
  • GDIFF function added.  See help.
  • You can now change report dates when viewing the preview of a report
  • Block Stats added to Spread Design
  • DDV, DDVT functions now display variable and Time in status bar.
  • Locate Daily Detail and Group Summary now can place across.
  • Locate, Multi Daily Variables added.  Allows selection of up to 100 variables to be located into a report at one time.


  • System Setup, Edit/View Variables the insert button no longer changes the vartype of variables that are moved.
  • When showing Daily Detail variable in a Monthly Data Entry form the daily average is now displayed to the correct number of decimal places.
  • Variable Browser, saved Filters are shown on the Filter Pulldown button
  • Improvements to Variable Browser export to Excel.
  • Hourly data entry now allows you to hide the time columns.  Display improved.
  • Variable Edit - You can now clear a block of Limits using the Delete Key.
  • Edit Data Utility added.  This function is being beta tested and should be used with extreme caution.


Version 5.7.0 (Released on 5/19/2004)
Spread Reports
Time Series Graphs can now be displayed within reports.
Locate VarInfo now allows data from Location table to be placed in the report.  For example, you can now locate the Location Description for a particular variable's location.
First and Range statistics now work in Locate Report Summary and Locate Monthly Summary.
Pick IHistorian Tag now displays the Description field from iHistorian (ihTags.Description) and allows the list to be exported to Excel.
STR function improved to handle cell references.
Greatly enhanced functionality of DFILTER function (Locate/Filtered Dates).
Fixed a minor bug in DDVT function.
Fixed a bug in GMED and GDEV functions.
Added function LINFO (Location Info).

Variable Setup
Fixed a minor bug in VARDESC related stored procedure interface (lenght increased to from 12 to 20 chars on vardesc.shortname).
Variable Browser will now show the location and area browser on tabs to allow different views of the database.
User Setting PickLocWidth added.  Allows the width of the Location or Area Browser on the Variable Browser form to be set in twips (default 2150).
Variable Browser can now export the list to Excel.
Auditrail is now written for variable's STARTIME, STOPTIME

Monthly Data Entry Design
When Adding vars to a form, the Form Vars list now scrolls to and highlights the added vars.  User no longer needs to scroll after adding to verify the proper vars were added. 

Log Books

Logbook Manager can now set print properties for each logbook.

Lookup Table Setup now has a browse tables button.  You can now set the size of the table to handle large tables.
User Setup now has a browse users button.
On some MDAC versions, the stored procedure interface would pad string values with spaces. Strings are now trimmed.
Fixed a bug in User Setup/Print.
Clicking on an Icon/Shortcut no longer bypasses Spread Report Group Security.
Icons Select users can now Save Reports if they have Write Right to the particular Report Group.
Scheduled Task Editor now properly populates the EmailTo input box when selecting addresses from the GLOBAL address book.
Added admin console action scripts : COPYVAR, VAR2LOGBOOK
Setup.exe is now able to inflate files which significantly decreases the database space requirement for storing Client Upgrades.
Help Updated.

Version 5.6.0 (Released on 3/30/2004)
Monthly Data Entry
Advanced Settings allows you to set column widths and fonts for the form.  See "Monthly Data Entry Design - Advanced Options" in help for more info.
Fixed a bug that used to ignore Admin Console Settings when switching months.

Spread Reports

Locate User Formula Added
No Value Print added to GSUMZ, GAVGZ, GMAXZ, etc...  Formulas now have an optional setting at end that allows text to be printed if there are no values.  IE =GMINZ(4011,1,"M",0,0,"****") 

Variable Setup
Parser stack depth increased from 80 to 200 which allows for even more complex equations.
Added LIMS Interface tab to allow cross referencing of LIMS tests to OPS variables.  NOTE: if you have an existing LIMS interface continue to use the User Defined Fields per your LIMS Interface documentation.  These fields will be used in future LIMS Interfaces.
iHistorian Pick Tag now allows up to 20,000 tags to be displayed. Find and Sort added to form.

User Setup
Managers can be permitted to enter Scheduled Tasks
Default Excel Export Folder setting has been added.

Database version 1.2.3 (Min Client Version=5.6.0, Min Adocalc Version=1.3.1, Min GNR Version=1.0.5)
Temp file generation & removal has been greatly improved. Each application session now creates different set of tempfiles, which solves problems that occur under Citrix environment.
Location Table added numerous fields.
Area Table added.  Allows grouping of Locations in Areas.  Variable Browser can now display Area/locations as a Tree View.  See help Area Setup for more info.
Logbooks now save records correctly when making entries that are out of order.
Lookup Table Setup now properly adjusts the lookup table size.
Scheduled Tasks adds 2 new Relative Date Settings : LAST 30 DAY, LAST 45 DAYS
GLOBAL email address book implemented. Can be modified by SuperUsers.
Help updated.

Version 5.5.5 (Released on 2/24/2004)
Time Series Graphs
Time Series Graphs 2nd y-axis scaling has been improved when graphing 2 overlay lines (it no longer goes to 0 automatically)
Time Series Graphs will now use User Defined Y-Axis settings when loading saved graphs. 
Time Series Graphs - Hot Hit now displays the proper value for the 2nd overlay variable in all cases.
Time Series Graphs - ClipGraph now supported.  Set the TSGRAPH_CUTOFF_AT_MAXMIN value in the GeneralSettings to 1.  When the axes in a 2D graph have user-defined scale and range, the axes are drawn independently of the data values. As a result, the graph may extend beyond the boundaries of the axes. You can mask areas beyond the boundaries of the axes by setting TSGRAPH_CUTOFF_AT_MAXMIN to 1.
Time Series Graphs - When viewing a time series graph you can now select a different month without going back to Time Series Input using the Date Browser buttons.
Time Series Graphs has shortcut buttons to change the grouping (i.e. daily, 15 Minute, Hourly) of the graph.

Spread Reports
Spread Reports - Spread Reports Group Summaries - All Daily Detail data or grouping of date that is a day or less (ie group by day, hour, partial days) will now only print for the Report dates (ie you cannot get data outside of the report range).  Grouping by more than a day will still gete data outside the report range (ie group by month, quarter...)
Spread Reports - iHistorian Pick Tag now supports up to 15,000 tags.
Widened VarName column in pulldowns for Spread Design locate form.

Data Entry
Custom Data Entry Design - Check Form Menu Item has been added : Checks for duplicate variable links and cells linked to calculated vars with formulas.
Custom Data Entry - Cells with Rotated text now show up the same way as in Custom Data Entry Design.
Monthly Data Entry - Can now display daily detail variables (hourly, 15 Minute, etc...) on the form.  Displays the Average for the day (or the first value if it is a text variable).  Right Click, Show Detail Data will display all entries for the day.

Log books
Log books - Timestamp value has been changed to indicate the time that the comment occurred.  This value is setable when entering the comment.  It can be changed by super users and by the logbook owner by double clicking on the time.  Logbook comments are now sorted by time.  An action script has been added to the AdminConsole to correct out of order comments.  This action script should be run if the comments are currently out of order.
Log books - Fixed a security loophole. Search now won't display results from logbooks users dont have read rights to.

Variable Setup

Var Info added - The Variable Information report has been added to the Pick Var form, Monthly Data entry Right Click, and Custom Data Entry Right Click.  The report displays where the variable is used in reports, data entry forms, and calculations.  It also displays data statistics for the variable.
Greatly Improved Historical Equations Input.

Export to Excel Utility now supports all variable frequencies.


Spread functions GFIRST,GFIRSTZ, GFIRSTOPV, GRANGE added to spread reports and custom data entry.
Math Toolbox functions DDCHF, DDCHB, DDFST, DDCHX, DDCHXR added.
User Setup - Added a user setting 'Ignore System Messages' : Clients will not recieve system messages unless the 'Ignore System Messages' setting is unchecked. Clients will always recieve system messages when a SuperUser is logged in.
Fixed a bug in DB upgrade in Oracle - The DB version check now always returns the proper number.
Only managers and superusers can now create/edit icon shortcuts.
sql_console.exe added to the distribution package.
GRAPHPPR.HLP added to the distribution package.
Run Script capability added into SQL Console.
OPS SQL Help updated.

Version 5.4.7 (Released on 12/18/2003)
Fixed a bug a Multi-Graph Output (Email now works)
Fixed a bug in Monthly Data Entry, Refresh Cell
In Correlation Graphs, Variables now show up in the correct order on the input screen

Version 5.4.6 (Released on 12/16/2003)
Added GNR SERVER support
Added Scheduled Tasks menu option under System Setup
Added a way of forwarding OPS SQL user messages to email (via GNR Server)
Added Queue Status menu option under Utilities
Added Log Book Manager menu option under System Setup
Added several new icons in Shortcut Manager
Updated The Daily Comments System to work with mutliple logbooks. Users can take advantage of the new powerful security and searching functions in multiple logbooks.
Added Approval Filters
Added a custom SQL console under Admin Console/Action Scripts
Updated Edit/View Variables form to take advantage of new parameter types
Updated Variable Browser to properly display new parameter types
Updated Time Series Graphs to graph shift variables.
Updated Email to work via GNR Server
Updated Shortcut Manager
Updated Database Upgrade Engine to be more stable and account for extreme situations
Custom Data Entry was optimized for speed
Custom Data Entry can now open multiple forms
Custom Data Entry now supports data approval
File/Open Facility is now stable (Database connection now gets reset properly)
Fixed misc bugs in Spread Reports
Fixed misc bugs in Custom Data Entry
Fixed misc bugs in Edit/View Variables
Fixed misc bugs in Graph Pac
Fixed other minor bugs

Version 5.3.1 (Released on 8/13/2003)
Data Access classes updated
Added Data Approval Tracking System
Added Data Approval Setup under System Setup
Added Track Data Approval option into Add/Edit Variables/Options
Added Approve button in Monthly Data Entry
Added an option to use Data Approval Color Scheme in Monthly Data Entry Design Form
Added an option to use Data Approval Color Scheme in Daily Detail Data Entry Design Form
Fixed a bug in Multi Graph Output that used to occur when loading a large number of graphs
DDTWA, DDTC, FILTERON math toolbox functions added
Equation parser now expands colon separated variable ranges into comma separated ranges
LV spread function now works properly on Microsoft SQL 2000 database backend

Version 5.2.8 (Released on 7/30/2003)
Fixed bug in Variable Setup when adding new records
Fixed bug in Monthly Data Entry Design when adding new forms
Monthly Data Entry no longer locks up the PC when reduced to the task bar in NT/2000.
DDGM, DDMED, WMIN, WMAX math toolbox functions added
ROUND function now has optional parameter to set number of decimal places
Advanced Math Toolbox Functions added.

Version 5.2.6 (Released on 6/30/03)
DLL UPDATE : Spreadsheet and Wizard DLL's updates (Full CD upgrade of all clients is necessary).
Now fully supports Microsoft SQL 2000 along with Oracle 8i.
Time Series Graphs now supports up to six variables on the 1st Y-axis and two variables on the Overlay Axis.
QC Limits can now be tracked by date.
QC Analysis Report/Graph added.
Database upgrade engine is now even more bullet-proof.
Spread Report Group Help chapters have been added.
SQL console for SuperUsers added into Admin Console/Action Scripts.
Fixed a bug in the Change Facility form (12 character long usernames & passwords now work).
Fixed a bug in System Setup/Units Setup.
Fixed a bug in System Setup/Locations Setup.

Version 5.1.9 (Released on 4/4/03)
Monthly Data Entry when changing months leaves the cursor in the current column.
Spread Report Groups have been added.  Go to System Setup, Report Group Manager to get started.
Misc Database Administrative tools have been added (rarely used).

Version 5.1.7 (Released on 2/07/03)
Variable Browser - Location Browser added to allow quick viewing of variables for a certain location.
NODI Codes - Problems in printing and editing of NODI codes have been fixed.
Spread Reports - New Groupings have been added on Locate, Group summary including Year to Date, Moving n month.
Open Facility - Several Windows that were left open by OPS SQL are now properly closed allowing you to use Open Facility.

Version 5.1.5 (Released on 12/06/02)
Val Function in Spread Report updated.  Val function only worked on strings with '<' or '>' as data qualifiers.  Now works with any data qualifiers.
Data Exception Report - Daily Limit Violations now works correctly.

Version 5.1.4 (Released on 12/02/02)
Spread Report Design - Locate Filtered Dates has been added to allow dates that meet user defined criteria to be displayed using the new DFILTER formula.  See Spread Report Locate Filter Date in help.
Variable Browser Filters - You can now define Filters to view a subset of variables on the Variable Browser form.  See Variable Browser Filter in help.
Variable Browser - You can now print a report of the currently displayed variables in the variable browser.
NODI codes can now be edited. See NODI Setup in help.
Data Exception Report has been added.  Reports include Variables outside of Daily Limits, Entry Limits, QC Limits, etc... See Exception Report in help.
When a user views daily or sample comments (i.e., no edit) they became last user/last updated.  Has been fixed (only edits reset the last user/last updated).  

Version 5.1.2 (Released on 9/20/02)
Location Table can now be sorted.
Text Variables List - New option button allows users to limit the list to the defaults only.

Version 5.1.1 (Released on 9/13/2002)
Data deletion in Custom Data Entry now works correctly.
Fixed a minor bug in Spread Reports.
Changed Monthly Data Entry CALC button to calculate all variables for the month.
Changed Monthly Data Entry REFRESH button to calculate form variables for the month.
Minor feature advancements.

Version 5.1.0 (Released on 8/20/2002)
Fixed a bug in Edit/View Variables - Limits entry
Fixed a bug in Spread Reports - VTWO now works correctly
User setup now lists users in alphabetical order
Fixed a bug in Shotcut Manager - Edit
Added VLAB formula into Spread Reports
Fixed a minor bug in Monthly Data Entry Security
Control-V (Paste) now works correctly in Spread Design
Monthly Data Entry submits calc requests only when data was changed

Version 5.0.7 (Released on 7/31/2002)
OPS SQL stored procedured are now archive-log friendly.
All boolean data storage now works consistently.
Fixed a bug in Insert Variable.
Fixed a bug in User Setup.
Fixed a bug in Open Facility.
Fixed bugs in Edit/View Variables (Equation update).
Spread Reports - Optional Print Value now works correctly in all cases.
Added trigonometric functions (COS,SIN,TAN,SEC....) to Math ToolBox (requires ADOCALC v 1.0.5 or higher)
Added Data Status Feature into Data Manager (allows you to track the status of LIMS data)
OPS SQL features a new performance boost (database version 1.0.7). Click here to see our benchmarks.
Spread Reports - Format Actions feature added.

Version 5.0.2 (Released on 7/11/2002)
'List Active Sessions' feature has been added under Utilities.DBAs please read this document.
Probability Graph feature has been added.
Multiple linear regression Graph feature has been added.
Variable numbers can now range from 1 to 99,999. (ADOCALC's version must be 1.0.2 or higher)
PickVar form now refreshes correctly after swiching facilities.
Fixed a minor bug in User Message Console.
Fixed a minor bug in Open Facility.
Fixed a minor bug in User Setup.
Managers can now add shortcuts for any users.
When saving Time Series graphs, the overlay variable is now saved correctly.

Version 5.0.1 (Released on 6/27/2002)
Added Audit Trail interface to Variable Setup.
Added 'Restore from deleted variables' feature to Variable setup.
Admin console layout updated.
Minor bug fixes.

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