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Q14585 - INFO: Dashboard Variable Card

Locates into a spread report/dashboard one or more Variable "Cards" that displays information about the data for a variable.

  1. Sets the summary stats displayed in upper left corner.  Can show "Min, Avg, Max", "Min, Max", or Don't Show to leave blank.  The stats are displayed for the date range of the Report/Dashboard.  Locates GMINZ, GAVGZ, and GMAXZ.
  2. Displays in yellow the Entry Limits for the variable.
  3. Displays in red the daily regulatory limits for the variable.
  4. The main statistic being displayed. Options:
    1. Last Value - GLASTZ
    2. Average - GAVGZ
    3. Sum - GSUMZ
  5. Uses Slope function to calculate the trend of the variable.  Displays  if the variable is trending up,  if the variable is trending down, or  for a flat trend (slope of close to zero)
  6. Displays the Date/Time of the Last value in the date range.  Uses the DSORT function.
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