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 VDE returns a flag (1 or 0) that indicates that the data for the variable has been edited, deleted, or forced.


VDE(VarNum,Offset/Date, Edit Type)

VarNum: The variable number to get text value for.

Offset/Date: If the field is numeric it is assumed to be the offset and is defined as the offset from the start date of the report. For example, for a daily variable if the start date is 1/1/2016 and the offset is 1, the value from 1/1/2016 will be returned. If the offset is 2, the value from 1/2/2016 will be returned and so forth. For daily detail variables 1 returns the first data slot since the start date, a 2 the second data slot for the variable type, etc...  If the field is a date in quotes or a cell reference to a cell containing a date the value for the date will be returned.

Edit Type:  Sets what type of edits should be flagged: 

Edit Type Description  
1 Value was edited or deleted
2 Value was deleted at any time
3 Last Audit record is a delete
4 Value was edited at any time
5 Value was Forced


Works with Daily and Daily Detail variables.


=VDE(2,1,1) returns if variable 2 was edited or deleted for the first data slot.

=VDE(12,B5,5) returns a 1 if variable 12 was Forced for the date in cell B5.

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