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This action script will quickly update all your variables to interface enabled using a specific interface. This is very handy if you've just upgraded to 7.0 and need to quickly update your variables to the new Hach WIMS Standard of interfacing. The Older versions of OPS SQL allowed you to simply type in your Scada Tag. The later versions require you specify which interface you'd like to use and then which Scada Tag. When Updating from 6.x.x to 7.0.0, you will find that none of your variables are enabled for an Interface and that your Scada Tags appear to be gone. Your Interface information is still present in the database, you simply need to select which interface this variable is associated with. If you have a large number of variables, this action script allows you to update them all at once with out enabling an interface for a variable that is not associated with an interface..

Note: If you have multiple interfaces, this action script will not help. It will simply update ALL that have/had a scada tag variables to a particular interface.

This action script can be select via System Setup->Admin Console->Action Scripts.

Select which interface you'd like all your variables to use.

If all goes well you will see the following message.

To confirm you can open up Variable setup.

If you have anything in the TAG field, you will be assigned to a specific interface. This will Select the Interface to Radial button and also select the interface specified.

It will not update variables that were never associated with an Interface.

This action Script works for Scada interface only.


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