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Used to setup and schedule your samples.  A sample consists of sampling information (location, type) and one or more tests (analytes) that need to be performed on the sample on a specified date:



Sample Setup is used to set your sample schedule.  The values set here, set the defaults for the actual sample created.  See Add new test(s) and set up a schedule for examples.


Move to the first record in the list.

Move to the previous record.

Move to the next record.

Move to the last record.

Used to add a new record.

Deletes the currently displayed record.

Display active records.  See Understanding Active/Inactive records.

Display inactive records.

Display all records.

Creates a new sample with the information from the currently displayed sample. You will be prompted for a new name.

Pulls up a list of the samples from which you can pick one.

Save changes to the current record and exits form.

Exit the form.  Changes to the current record are not saved.

Add new test(s) and set up a schedule for performing them on this sample

Edit or view the test that is highlighted.

Delete the test that is highlighted.

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