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Q12734 - KNOWNISSUE: DAMIN function does not report as low of a number (approval level) as expected

There is a known issue when using the DAMIN Spread Function in a Hach WIMS Spread report.  The function is intended to report the lowest Data Approval level found on the given report.  However, it will not always behave as expected.


The DAMIN function does not report as low of a number (approval level) as expected.


The DAMIN function is analyzed in real-time and only reports the lowest data level reached thus far in the report.  Each report is calculated/analyzed one column at a time (i.e., A1 -> A2 ... -> A50 ->... B1 -> B2 ->...).  The DAMIN function returns the lowest data approval level reached "so far" in the program, as demonstrated in this screen shot:

The two DAMIN cells above have the exact same syntax in their function field. However, they report a different result because the green cell is analyzed before any data is loaded, so the minimum data level is 0 (default).  By the time the yellow cell is analyzed, data has been loaded that is unapproved (-1024) and therefore the -1024 result is shown in that cell.


Currently there is no solution or work-around other than to understand the above information and ensure that you take this into account when designing spread reports.  Always put the DAMIN function at the end of a report, otherwise you may not get the desired result or number.

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