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Version 8.2.2 (Nov 2nd, 2023)

  • Fixed: CalcDataApproval Setting not read correctly when using external facilities.
  • Fixed: ROUNDDOWN_Math Toolbox not rounding down in Variable equations. (AQI-5940, DP-59758)


Version 8.1.4 (Oct 24th, 2022)

  • Fixed: GETCOUNT ignores the comparison and returns the count of values not the count of values meeting the criteria. Fixed in ADOCALC 8.1.6. (DP-45613, AQI-3659)

Version 8.1.2 (Released Mar 29th, 2022)

Version 8.0.6 (Released Oct 4th, 2021)

Version 8.0.0 (Released May 18th, 2021)

Version 7.8.6 (Released Oct 5th, 2020)

Version 7.8.4 (Released April 29th, 2020)

  • Fixed: MFST function pulling data from wrong time slot.
  • MSDn function added.

Version 7.8.2 (Released Jan 28th, 2020)

  • MVVAL function added. 
  • ABTW now handles negative numbers.

Version 7.7.6 (Released May 30th, 2019)

  • Updated for 7.7.6 and new code certificate. 
  • ABTW, ATUFP, ATULN, ATUFN,ATULP, TUPL, TUFP, and TULN functions updated to support data approval options
  • DDIF and DDFN will now search up to 32 days.

Version 7.7.4 (Released Jan 25th, 2019)

  • Removed Logging that was causing large log files to be created.

Version 7.7.2 (Released Sept 30th, 2018)

  • CT Math Toolbox function added
  • Added UPDATEOPTION ini setting that allows a user to update records via SQL statements instead of using recordset. 

Version 7.6.8 (Released Oct 9th 2017)

  • Backn and LV Math Toolbox functions updated to allow Daily Detail variables to refer to themselves, e.g. V4022 = BACK1(C4022).

Version 7.6.6 (Released 7/10/2017)

  • LSDn Math Toolbox function added which calculates the standard deviation of the last n values.

Version 7.6.4 (Build 252, Released on 3/30/2016)

  • Update to Licensing

Version 2.1.9 (Build 226, Released on 10/28/2015)

  • CV function - fixed handling of calculating to a variable of a higher frequency than the source variable (e.g. calculating an hourly value from a 4 hour parameter) (4685)
  • Fixed Backx, Aheadx, LV, etc... functions when referring to data with symbols and values > 999. (4698)

Version 2.1.8 (Build 188, Released on 7/8/2015)

Version 2.1.7 (Build 170, Released on 9/15/2014)

  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity in text equations (1729)
  • Fixed issue not handling dates properly (4147)
  • Fixed issue writing to parameter variables (4249)
  • Fixed issue calculating between facilities (4409)
  • Fixed issue handling significant digits and data qualifiers (4448)
  • Fixed issue handling text variables such as IF and ISBLANK (4449)
  • Fixed issue obtaining IP Address on Windows 7 (4469)
  • Fixed issue with load balancing on Windows Server 2008 (WIMS-350)

Version 2.1.6 (Build 165, Released on 4/28/2014)

  • Fixed a problem where ADOCalc was unable to obtain the host IP Address in Windows Vista or greater (4469)

Version 2.1.5 (Build 157, Released on 5/1/2013)

  • Fixed problems with patches that were causing them to incorrectly install over current services and released the current MSI patch. (4315)

Version 2.1.4 (Build 156, Released on 2/7/2013)

  • Fixed problem with AdoCalc locking up trying to read database.  (4249)

Version 2.1.3 (Build 152, Released on 5/7/2012)

  • License handling improved and added licensing support for MS SQL 2012.  (4160, 4192)

Version 2.1.1 (Build 145, Released on 2/9/2012)

  • Fixed date format to use dd MMM, yyyy so 1/2/2012 will show as 2 JAN, 2012 - corrects error reading date (4147)
  • Added ability to license load balancing to all types of installations of Hach WIMS (4144)Added a new weekly average, WAVG23. Sun-Sat with only data in the month calculated. So for Aug 2010, calculate the average of Aug 29th, 30, 31 and place in Aug 31st. Calc Sep 1-4th and that average goes in Sept. similar to WAVG17. (3674)
  • Fixed bug where scientific rounding function that was producing wrong results. (3839)
  • Fixed bug where median and percentile functions where incorrectly sorting values with MDL symbols, that could caused errors in math functions: LMED, MMED, DDMED, GETMED, GMED, MOVM#, MVMED, WMED#, GETPERC and MPER# (4000)

Version 2.1.0 (Build 135, Released on 7/30/2010)

  • Fixed bug where TextEq was not being evaluated properly if MatchCase flag was on (1729)
  • Fixed bug where calculated variable using '@' function was not returning correct data from external facility (3269)
  • Fixed bug where DDFN Math Toolbox function would not calc with zero (1794)
  • Fixed bug where DDTC (Time count of Daily Detail) was not functioning as expected (1487)
  • Added new CALCERRORLOG mode: NONE (1175)
  • Added Langelier Saturation Index function (LSI) to Math Toolbox (3112)
  • Fixed bug where if LOCKDate was within startdate and enddate of a calc request, data would end up being written for the wrong datestamp (3192)
  • Fixed bug where the facility LOCKDATE was not being refreshed (3412)
  • For distributed AdoCalc environments, added a setting to make worker nodes clean up database connections after calc request is successfully processed (3125)
  • For distributed AdoCalc environments, fxed bug where the reported second count of a completed calculation was not being reported correctly (1281)
  • For distributed AdoCalc environments, added a new INI file option - RESURRECT_999_ONSTARTUP to avoid non-completed requests from being cleared from queue on service restart (3167)
  • Added NDM (number of days in month) to Math Toolbox (3459)
  • Fixed overflow problem in Math Toolbox function SciRound (3483)
  • Fixed bug where not all variables were being calculated even if "calculate all" was requested (3088)
  • Fixed rounding behavior in Round and SciRound functions (3535)
  • Fixed '@' function to work with daily detail variables (1599)
  • Implemented per-facility based licensing (3434)

Version 2.0.3 (Build 91, Released on 8/28/2009)

  • Added optional HACHWIMS_USERMSG_SENDTO parameter to ini file to only send service status messages to the specified users (2848)
  • Fixed bug where AdoCalc was overwriting locked data (2898)

Version 2.0.2 (Build 88, Released on 6/12/2009)

  • Fixed issue where an error was thrown during AdoCalc uninstall/upgrade - "APPDIR parameter was not passed" (2710)

Version 2.0.1 (Build 87, Released on 5/5/2009)

  • Support for the PI function added (2570)
  • Fixed bug where AdoCalc was not dispatching properly in load-balanced mode due to wrong service name (2565)

Version 2.0.0 (Build 80, Released on 2/10/2009)

  • Support for Hach WIMS Database version 1.3.7 (Version 1.7.9 was the last one to be called OPS SQL AdoCalc. It is now called Hach WIMS AdoCalc.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Adocalc to improperly differentiate between MGM MGMC and MGMP functions (1623)

Version 1.7.9 (Released on 10/25/2007)

  • Added support for functions GAVG, GGM, GMED, GCC, GCNT, GLST, GMAX, GMIN, GSUM. Click here for documentation. (1223)
  • It is now possible to have each load-balancing worker node report their unique ID in their audit-trail transactions (1268)
  • Fixed a bug that was reported in load-balancing dispatcher logfile as "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal" (1256)
  • Fixed a bug that caused data being deleted by worker nodes in load-balanced mode when the TABLE function created a filesystem deadlock in the case that one node was trying to write a blob while the other nodes were trying to read that same blob as .SS3 from the disk. (1267)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the load-balancing dispatcher to report "Overflow" in the case where worker nodeid's held larger values than integers (1282)

Version 1.7.5 (Released on 9/13/2007)

  • Fixed a bug which caused that Data for facility (that adocalc first connected to) was being deleted for the same date range and varid's as in the requested facility in the rare case when the requested facility's equations used circular references (1177)
  • Fixed a bug in the HOLDVALUE function that was reported as 'Unable to find function' in the Calc Error Log (1173)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Dispatcher to send requests to noded that reported themselves as alive, but a user manually stopped their NT services (1174)
  • Dispatcher now reverts the status of requests back to their original status whenever it fails to dispatch requests to worker nodes (1187)
  • Deprecated support for HotStandBy and FilterQueue mode. Load-Balancing mode is now available to replace both modes (1184) (1185)

Version 1.7.2 (Released on 8/28/2007)

  • Load-balancing dispatcher now reports its online status through OPS SQL user messages (931)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the self-upgrade proces to fail when running in Load-Balancing mode that occured because of a deadlock caused by multiple nodes attempting to upgrade the same file at the same time (1012)
  • Memory usage was decreased for calculations on huge databases (1028)
  • Status propagation of request between nodes and the dispatcher now works even when original requester to dispatcher did not care about the outcome of the request (1144)
  • Identifier of the request in the worker node queue is now being properly outputed to the log file of the dispatcher. This makes troubleshooting easier. (1145)
  • Worker Node Enabled field is now used to report back to dispatcher whether the worker nodes are alive. It use to improperly be used as a way of enabling and disabling worker nodes. (1146)

Version 1.7.1 (Released on 6/19/2007)

  • Added a fix for a situation that caused the exact same calculation request to take on the order of 10 times longer than previous one submitted. This was due to using serverSide database cursors in certain parts of the program and was noticed to be really prominent when using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as database backend. Program now uses 100 % clientSide database cursors (984)
  • Fixed a bug that caused "[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied" error under Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (or its later hotfix builds) (976)

Version 1.7.0 (Released on 5/21/2007)

  • NT Service is now able to self-patch itself. Patches can be uploaded to OPSROOT via Server Setup/LiveUpdate. Raising MIN_CALC_VERSION and subsequently restarting nt service will perform self-patch. This comes very handy under load-balanced mode when you are running numerous nones across multiple machines (817)
  • Added HOLDVALUE function (814)
  • Fixed a bug in DD functions (such as DDAVG, DDMAX, ...) that surfaced when using 4-hour variables (806)
  • Support for OPS SQL database version 1.3.4

Version 1.6.0 (Released on 4/30/2007)

  • Added support for Load Balancing Mode (See article Q10374 for demonstration) (459)
  • Support for OPS SQL database version 1.3.3

Version 1.5.6 (Released on 1/9/2007)

  • Support for OPS SQL database version 1.3.2
  • Support for OPS SQL Professional Edition.

Version 1.5.5 (Released on 8/11/2006)

  • Support for OPS SQL database version 1.3.1 and the concurrent licensing model.

Version 1.5.3 (Released on 7/6/2005)

  • Added functions MVGM0,MVGM1,MVGM2
  • Fixed a bug that occured when using the SKIP formula in historical equations

Version 1.5.1 (Released on 6/6/2005)

  • Fixed a bug that occured when calculating on daily detail variables with historical equations.

Version 1.5.0 (Released on 3/21/2005)

  • New INI setting added : KEEPLOGSFOR
  • AdoCalc will now automatically maintain its LOG directory's size by removing log files older than the number of days specified in the KEEPLOGSFOR setting. If this setting does not exist in ADOCALC.INI, AdoCalc will assume 1000 for the value of the setting. That is also the upper bound for the setting. The lower bound is 7.

Version 1.4.1 (Released on 2/25/2005)

  • Fixed a bug in DDNORM that caused an extensive amount of "Generic Error - Division by Zero" messages to be written into the CALCERRORLOG table.  
  • Fixed a bug in PUMPON.

Version 1.3.8 (Released on 10/27/2004)

  • Added DDNORM, DDWHEN, PUMPON, and CTR3LGC functions.

Version 1.3.6 (Released on 9/19/2004)

  • Fixed a bug that occured when calculating on a sequence of forced values.
  • Added MVMED function.
  • New INI setting added : LOGSTATS
  • AdoCalc now will report status on per calculation basis when LOGSTATS=1.

Version 1.3.2 (Released on 7/21/2004)

  • Fixed a bug that occured when using searching functions on daily detail variables with data stored after the beginning of a particular time interval.

Version 1.3.1 (Released on 2/24/2004)

  • Highly optimized algorithm for Searching functions (and also other functions derived from searching functions).
  • Fixed a lock-up that occured in some very specific situations (chains of events) and had to do with updating status of calc requests that were deleted from underneath the service.
  • Implemented performance index tracking.
  • Log file buffer gets now written before each calculation begins.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the FILTERON function - freeze at backwash now works.

Version 1.2.6 (Released on 12/18/2003)

  • New INI setting added : PERMITFUTURECALC
  • AdoCalc now will not calculate into future unless PERMITFUTURECALC=1

Version 1.2.5 (Released on 12/16/2003)

  • FilterOn formula now works on Oracle databases.
  • AdoCalc now provides OS and Network info about the machine it is running on.

Version 1.1.8 (Released on 9/10/2003)

  • Added a more robust error trapping into SaveData.
  • Fixed bug that occured when combining Multivariable and other formulas.

Version 1.1.7 (Released on 8/27/2003)

  • Minor bug fix. Error stack propagation now works correctly in SaveData.

Version 1.1.6 (Released on 8/13/2003)

  • Data access classes updated
  • Added support for tracking of Data Approval
  • Added function DDTWA (Daily Detail Time weighted Avarage)
  • Added function DDTC (Daily Detail Time Condition)
  • Added function FILTERON (Number of hours/minutes that filter has been online since last backwash)
  • Calculations can now return DATE (a double precision floating point number representing date) 

Version 1.1.2 (Released on 7/30/2003)

  • DDGM, DDMED, WMIN, WMAX math toolbox functions added
  • ROUND function now has optional parameter to set number of decimal places
  • Advanced Math Toolbox Functions added.

Version 1.1.1 (Released on 4/4/2003)

  • Now fully supports Microsoft SQL 2000 in addition to Oracle.
  • Fixed several "GENERIC ERROR"s that used to occur during calculations.

Version 1.0.5 (Released on 7/31/2002)

  • Fixed a bug that had to do with bringing in data from text variables into calculated variables.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 1.0.3 (Released on 7/12/2002)

  • Fixed a major bug (reported as GENERIC ERROR) that had to do with the order of equations.

Version 1.0.2 (Released on 7/11/2002)

  • Added a way to specify CALCERRORLOG mode (defaults to PARTIAL)
  • Calculations now work with variable numbers that range from 0 to 99,999
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