WORKDAY returns a date that is the indicated number of working days before or after a date (the starting date). Working days exclude weekends and any dates identified as holidays 


WORKDAY(StartDate, Offset, Format,GetDateOutside, WeekDays, optional Holidays)

StartDate: A date to start calculating from.  Can be a quoted string ("12/15/2015"), a cell reference to a cell containing a date, or a formula that returns a date (DATE(1,"mmm dd, yyyy",1))

Offset: The number of workdays before (negative number) or after (positive number) the start date to retrieve.  One (1), evaluates the start date and finds the first workday on or after the start date.  Two (2) finds the second workday, etc...  Zero (0) finds the 1st Workday before the start date, -1 the second workday before the start date.

Format: Date Format (i.e. "mm/dd/yyyy"...) to return.

GetDataOutside: Sets whether to return the date if the date is outside the report dates.  A setting of 1 will return the date, 0 will not if the calculated date is outside the report date range. 

WeekDays: Is a string that specifies which days are weekdays. Combine values to specify multiple dates ("MWF" means Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are considered weekdays.  Set to "" to use the default of Monday thru Friday. 

Su - Sunday
M - Monday
Tu - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
Th - Thursday
F - Friday
Sa - Saturday

Holidays:A cell range of dates that list Holidays (dates that are not workdays). 


=WORKDAY("12/1/2015",1,"m/d/yyyy",0,"",$H$5:$H$94) - returns 12/1/2015: the 1st workday starting on 12/1/2015. Since 12/1/2015 is a Monday, 12/1/2015 is returned.

=WORKDAY("12/1/2015",7,"m/d/yyyy",0,"",$H$5:$H$94) - returns 12/9/2015: the 7th workday starting on 12/1/2015.

=WORKDAY("12/1/2015",4,"m/d/yyyy",0,"MWF",$H$5:$H$94) - returns 12/8/2015: the 4th Monday, Wednesday, or Friday starting on 12/1/2015.

=WORKDAY("12/1/2015",0,"m/d/yyyy",1,"",$H$5:$H$94) - returns 11/28/2015: the 1st workday before 12/1/2015.


Download Example Template: Help_Workday_Examples.hwr (Click here for download instructions)

See Also: NDM

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