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Q11499 - INFO: Sheet Properties

Allows you to change/review certain properties (margins, print options...) of the sheet.    


SheetName:  Displays the name of the current sheet.  The Sheetname can be used in formulas to refer to a different sheet.  Use the   button to edit the SheetName.  If the sheetname is changed, all formulas that use the sheetname will be updated accordingly.

Print Type: Sets what on the sheet is to be printed.  You have the following Options:

Entire Sheet:  Prints the entire printable area (cells where data appears) of the spreadsheet.
Cell Range: Prints the specified cell range.  You can edit the cell range here or use File, Print Area, Set Print Area.
Do not print sheet: Omits this sheet from printing.

Header/Footer:  Sets the text and format of headers/footers on printed pages.  Use the buttons to insert control characters (i.e. /p) to customize the position and appearance of the header text.  See Example Header/Footer Settings.

Output Scaling: Sets the scaling method to use when printing the sheet.  The following settings are availiable:

Print Full Scale: No scaling occurs and the sheet is printed as is.

Smart Print: Tries to fit the report on a page based on the following rules:

  • If the information can be printed without making any changes, the sheet prints in portrait mode.
  • If the sheet is wider than a portrait page, the sheet prints in landscape mode.
  • If the information does not fit in landscape mode, but will fit in landscape mode if the sheet is reduced up to 60% of its original size, the sheet is scaled to fit within the page.
  • If the information cannot be scaled to fit, the sheet tries to reduce column widths to accommodate the widest string within each column.
  • If all attempts to make the sheet print within a page fail, printing resumes normally in the current printer orientation with no reductions.

Adjust to XX %:  A Zoom % to print the sheet at.  50% will reduce the printed size of the sheet by 50%.  200% will double it's size.

Fit To x pages wide by y tall:  Will scale the sheet to fit in the number of pages specified. 

Paper Size: Choose which paper size the report will be printed on from the pulldown list.

Orientation: Landscape or Portrait

Margins: Increase or decrease margins on the outside edges of the form by clicking the up and down arrows for the margin you want to adjust.

Sheet Size:  Sets the overall size of the sheet. 

Max Cols - Select the maximum columns to be displayed on the report
Max Rows- Select the maximum rows to be displayed on the report


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