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Used to setup the South Carolina eDMR electronic report for wastewater. Report is output as an XML file that can be uploaded to the DHEC ePermitting Web Portal.

In order to design the report, you must first download your XML Template from the DHEC portal.  Log into DHEC ePermitting Portal (https://epermweb.dhec.sc.gov/ncore/external/home):

  1.  Go to Discharge Monitoring Reports
  2. Choose the report to design
  3. Click the 3 dot menu
  4. Click Download XML Template.  This is the required to design the report in WIMS.

Next, in WIMS Spread Report Design, go to eDMR/eReport, South Carolina eDMR:

  1. Click Load and browse to the XML Template downloaded from the DHEC Portal
  2. The Set Locations window will be displayed.  Each of the Monitoring Sites in the template will be listed.  Choose a WIMS location using the … browse button.  This allows us to pick the variable (based on Storet Code) for the Monitoring Site and Parameter Name.  NOTE:  This is optional, if a location is not selected, WIMS will not be able to autofill the variables.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Pick the corresponding variables for each record.  NOTE:  This is optional, you may also locate data into the report manually after the template is built.
  5. Click Build Template.  Your report will be created in spread design. 


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