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CASE returns a value based on a list of conditions (similar to an IF statement) 


CASE(TestValue, Condition1, Result1, ConditionX, ResultX,Condition9, Result9, ResultElse

TestValue:  The value being tested.  Can be a constant, cell reference or formula.  Can be Text or Numeric. 

ConditionX: The comparison to test the TestValue against.  If the Condition is meet, the corresponding ResultX will be returned.  Conditions are tested in the order listed and once a condition is found to be true the Result is returned and no other conditions are evaluated.  Is a string with the following syntax (test:value).  Test can have the following values.  Value is text or number to test against. 

Test Examples Description
= "=:4", "=:Scott"

If the test value equals 4

If test value equals "Scott" (not case sensitive, i.e. if test value is scott, SCOTT, or Scott will all be true)

NOTE: Equal is assumed as the test if it is not specified.  Example, "Scott" would be interpreted as "=:Scott"

CS= "CS=:Scott" Case Sensitive equals "Scott".  SCOTT, scott, ScoTT will NOT be true, only Scott.
STARTS "STARTS:New" Starts with New.  If TestValue is New York, new mexico, or New Delhi will all be true. 
CS.STARTS "CS.STARTS:New" Case Sensitive starts with.  If TestValue is "New York" would be true but "new mexico" would be false. 
ENDS "ENDS:Bacti" Ends with Bacti.  If TestValue is "DS-270.BACTI" would be true.
CS.ENDS "CS.ENDS:Bacti" Case sensitive ends with.
CONTAINS "CONTAINS:BOB" Contains BOB anywhere in string.  If TestValue is "Jim Bob Cooper" would return true.
CS.CONTAINS "CS.CONTAINS:BOB" Case sensitive contains.
< "<:4" Less than 4.  If Testvalue is 3 would be true
<= "<=:4" Less than or equal to 4.  If Testvalue is 3 would be true
> ">:4" Greater than 4.
>= ">=:4" Greater than or equal to 4.

Resultx: The value to return if the corresponding Conditionx is true.

ResultElse: Optional.  When no conditions are met the Result to return.  If omitted, function will return "".


=CASE(7,1,"ONE",2,"Two",3,"Three",4,"Four",5,"Five",6,"Six",7,"Seven",8,"Eight",9,"Nine","Not a Digit") returns "Seven"

=CASE(B12,"ENDS:UP","Repeat-Upstream","ENDS:Down","Repeat-Downstream","ENDS:RT","Routine","ENDS:NM","New Main","Not a Distribution Sample")

=VAL(CASE(B19,"<=:1",0,"<=:4",1,"<:50",2,"<:100",3,4)) - Val is used to convert the value returned to a number.  Case function returns text by default. 



SEE ALSO: If spread function

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