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Convz function converts a number (with a data qualifier) from one unit to another. 


CONVZ(Number, from_unit, to_unit, Decimal places, Optional User Defined Conversion Table)

Number: The value to convert.  Can be an entered value,a quoted string, cell reference or spread formula that returns a number with a data qualifier.

from_unit: The units for number to be converted.  A quoted string or cell reference.

to_unit: The units to be converted to.  A quoted string or cell reference.

Decimal Places: Sets the number of decimal places to be displayed.

User Defined Conversion Table:  OPTIONAL.  If a from_unit, to_unit combination you require is not supported this cell range allows you to define the conversion multiplication factor for a given from and to unit.  Range must be 3 columns, 1st column is the from_unit, 2nd is to_unit, and 3rd is the multiplication factor (i.e. From_Unit X Multiplication Factor = To_Units).

NOTE: See examples for a list of supported from and to units.  To and from units are NOT case sensitive.



ConvZ("<500","lbs","kg",3) - returns <226.796

ConvZ(500,"lbs","kg",3) - returns 226.796

CONVZ("<2","mg/L","ug/L",1) - returns <2000.0

See CONV for list of supported From and To Units.

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