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Q14595 - INFO: Lab Cal Sample Review

Used to query received, analyzed, skipped or closed samples and review the data. 


1 Choose the date range
2 Choose your filters by clicking on the … buttons to pick the locations, tests, clients... you want to filter by.  To clear a filter, use the red X button.
3 Click Get Data to display the samples
4 Use the quick filter to filter the displayed records.  Hint:  Use >2 to find all results greater than 2.  "<", ">" or "=" can be used and must be the first character.  Otherwise it will search all cells for any part of the entered search string.


NOTES:  All filters are combined, i.e. if you set Location to Influent, Sample Type to Comp it will find samples that are named Influent AND have a sample type of Comp.  Filters are not case sensitive. 

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