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Q11708 - INFO: User Types and their descriptions


  • Full access to all facilities
  • Is the only user type with access to User Setup, Admin Console, Data Approval Setup,  Spell Check Setup, and the global email address book.
  • Is also the only user type who may unlock variable setup when variable setup is locked.
  • Has access to all WIMS functions except those exclusive to user type SUPER.
  • Cannot remove the read-only flags (i.e. Data Read-Only, Definition Read-Only checkboxes) in Edit/View Variables.
  • Has full access to Data Manager (except for Lock Data), Report Pac , Graph Pac and Design.
  • System Setup is disabled (the user can view Variable Setup as Read-Only and can access Email Address Book).
  • Can enter new data using Data Entry forms but cannot Lock Data or access Events. 
  • Data previously entered may not be edited by Entry user type.
  • New data entries may be edited only until the data has been refreshed to the form either by changing the current
  • Date/month or loading another form.
  • Existing reports may be previewed or printed.
  • Can generate any type of graph in Graph Pac.
  • Design and System Setup are disabled. 
  • Can Export Data and change their password in the Utilities menu. 
  • Additional functions may be provided to an Entry user via  Dashboard buttons created by others for them.


  • Data Manager and System Setup are completely disabled.
  • Existing reports may be previewed or printed.
  • Can generate any type of graph in Graph Pac.
  • Can Export Data and change own password in the Utilities menu.
  • Users access is limited to items accessible with the shortcut buttons created for that user.
  • The entire menu system is disabled with the exception of the Help Menu, Open Facility, Change Password,  and Exit. 
  • New Spread Reports may be created and existing reports may be opened. 
  • Changes to Spread Reports can only be saved under a new report title using Save As . . . (Save, Save as Template, and Delete are not available to this user type).

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