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Used to enter and track events that occur.  For example, you can track spills at your plant or your industries compliance with your Industrial Pretreatment program.   The Compliance Engine automatically creates Events for Limit violations, Entry Limit Exceedances, and QC Flags

1 Click on the root location to see all events
2 Click on a location to see events for that location only
3 Click Edit to display the Edit Event Form where you can add notes, set the status of the event, etc...
4 Toggle which events to show
5 Runs the Compliance Engine, scanning for new events

Note: The background color is set by the Status of the Event.

SEE ALSO: Event Status Setup, Event Type Setup


Refresh the list from the database.

Creates a new event.

Deletes the currently selected event(s).

Searches the list for user defined values.

Prints the list

Exports the list of events to excel.

Exits the form.

Runs the Compliance Engine, scanning for new events.

Allows users to pick from the saved settings.  From the popup form, also allows users to delete a saved settings record.

Saves the current configuration of the form including Show Options (i.e. show violations, entry...), Quick Filter, Location Selected, Form Size, startup position, and column widths.

Saves the current configuration of the form including Show Options, Form Size, startup position, and column widths.  Will prompt for a name to save the settings under.   

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