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Q10796 - INFO: Symbol Setup

Used to setup user defined symbols (data qualifiers) that can be used when entering results.

The first three symbols are setup by default (<,>, and ND).  You can add up to seven (7) additional symbols for a total of 10.  Once a symbol is added it will be allowed when entering data.  To setup how each variable uses symbols, see Understanding MDLs.


moves to the first symbol in the list

moves to the previous symbol in the list

moves to the next symbol in the list

moves to the last symbol in the list

exits the symbol setup window



Symbol: String that can be used in data entry.

Description: Optional.  Used to describe how the symbol should be used.

Allow Numeric: Value If the symbol is used, should a numeric value also be entered.  For example, the "<" symbol is setup to allow numeric because "<2" is a valid entry but "<" is not.  ND does not allow numeric value because ND is all that should be entered.

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