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Q10647 - INFO: Monthly Data Entry Right Click Menu

When using a Monthly Data Entry Form, you can right click on a cell to access a variety of functions. 

Cut: Cuts or Deletes the data from the hightlighted cells and places it in the window clipboard

Copy: Copies data from the highlighted cells and places it in the windows clipboard

Paste: Pastes data into cells from the windows clipboard

Audit Information: Displays the complete audit trail for the current cell.

Restore From Audit (Undo): Overwrites the current cell(s) with the previous value in the audit trail.

Ditto: Copies the last entered value (value does not need to be in the current month) for the variable and enters it in the cell.  If a block of cells is selected will copy the values of the respective variables for all selected cells.

Ditto Result Comment: Copies the last entered Result Comment (MUST be within the month) for the variable and enters it.  If a block of cells is selected will copy the result comments of the respective variables for all selected cells.

Force:  Used with calculated variables, will override a calculated value

Result Comment: Used to enter/review comments on the value.

List Calc Inputs/Dependencies>

List Inputs (1st level): Inserts the calculated variable's inputs into the form.

List Inputs (All levels): Inserts the calculated variable's inputs and all their inputs into the form.

List Dependencies (1st Level): Inserts all variables that use the currently selected variable in their equation.

List Dependencies (All Levels): Inserts all variables that use the currently selected variable in their equation and all variables that use those variables in their equations. 

Insert Column: Displays the variable browser allowing you to insert variable(s) into the form.

Remove Column(s):  Removes the current column from the form.  Does not effect data in the variable.

Sample Information: Lab Cal Only.  Displays the Sample that is associated with the data point.

Calc Error Log: For calculated variables only, will display any errors during calculation for the variable (e.g. division by zero, etc...)

Refresh Cell: Reads the data from database.  In a multiuser environment, data may have changed since the data was displayed. 

Additional Info: Used to enter/review/edit the Additional Info data for a variable.

Data Summaries and Trends>

Block Stats: For the selected cell range, a popup window displaying average, total, min, max, etc... is displayed.

Var Info:  Displays the variable info report for the current variable.

Last 1000 values: Shows the 1000 previous values for the currently selected cell (i.e. variable and date) in a popup window.

Quick Trend Chart:  Displays the quick trend graph for the current variable.

Edit Detail Data: For Daily Detail Vars, displays a popup form allowing you to enter/edit/review daily detail data.  Note: Double-clicking on a cell for a daily detail variable displays the same form.

Recalc Cells: Submits a calc request for the calculated variables and date range of the highlighted cells.

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