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This screen will enable you to filter and/or sort which samples are displayed.



Move to the first record in the list.

Move to the previous record.

Move to the next record.

Move to the last record.

Used to add a new record.

Deletes the currently displayed record.

Applies the currently displayed filter to the calendar.

Turns off any applied filter and shows all of the samples on the calendar.

Exit the form.  Changes to the current record are not saved.

First it saves changes to the current record and then it tests the currently displayed filter to see if it will return any records.

Pulls up a list of the filters from which you can pick one.

Not Implemented Yet.

Not Implemented Yet.



Filter Name The name of the filter that you are working on.
Currently Applied Filter Name The filter by which the samples are currently filtered on the main screen.

Fields on Filter Tab:

Filter By The field by which you want to filter.
Operator The comparison operator.
Value The value of the field you want to filter by.

Sort Tab:

This is where you set the order in which the samples are displayed on the screen.


Advanced SQL Tab:

This is only for people who have a very advanced understanding of SQL statements.  If you want to see the SQL statement that is generated by the selections you made on the filter and sort tabs check the Show Filter and Sort SQL expression made from the Filter and Sort tabs box.  Uncheck this box to clear the text displayed in the box.  If you want to filter by a SQL statement that you have written enter the text in the box and then check the Override All Filter and Sort Settings and apply this SQL expression box.  Now your statement will override any settings that were made in the Filter and Sort tabs.


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