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The Variable Group Manager group manager is used to setup security and access permissions between Users and Variables.  The Variable Group Manager allows you to set privileges (Edit, View Only, No Access) for a group of variables for a list of users.


opens a window to set the access permissions for the selected group

creates a new variable group

deletes the selected group

cuts the selected variables to be placed in another access group using the "Paste Selected" button described below

pastes variable in the selected group which were removed using the "Cut Selected" button described above

exits the Spread Report Group Manager window, saving all settings and groups edited


Privilege Descriptions:

Edit: Data can be entered, edited, and deleted by user unless otherwise restricted by Data Approval or Data Read-Only flag.  Variable can be edited/deleted in Edit/View Variables.

View: Data can be viewed in data entry forms, i.e. it is displayed by locked.  New data entries cannot be made.  Variable can be viewed in Edit/View Variables (if user has rights to Edit/View Variables).

No Access: Edit and View Privileges are not checked.  Variable is hidden from the user.  Column will not be shown in a Monthly Data Entry, Hour Data Entry, etc.. form.  In custom data entry, the cell will display "No Rights".  Variable will not appear in the variable browser. 

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