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In order for the Hach WIMS BOD Manager to read values from an HQd meter in Windows 10 you must:

  • Update Meter Software to firmware v2.5.0.744 or later. 
  • Install WnAspiNT.DLL version File version, Product version v1.39b. Download WnAspiNT.zip.
  • Update your Hach_WIMS_Client.ini to instruct WIMS to use Mass Storage communication mode (add line HQ40D_USES_SERIAL_PORT=no)

Update the meter software
A USB storage device that contains software update files is used to update the meter software. 
Note: The meter must be turned off and then on again before the software update will begin. The software update initiates upon meter startup after the USB device is correctly inserted.

N O T I C E: Do not remove the USB device until the “Update complete” message is shown. The meter can become damaged if the USB device is removed before the update process is complete.

Find your current version:

1. Push the Wrench Icon.
2. Go to Instrument Information>Meter Information.  Software Version will be displayed.  If it is or later you do not need to update the firmware. 

Download the update:

To download the most current version of the firmware software, refer to the applicable product page on the manufacturer's website.

1. Go to https://www.hach.com/hqd-meters-intellical-probes/hqd-portable-meters/family-downloads?productCategoryId=35547408086 (as of Nov 2017) and download the HQD Software Update v2.5.0.744 or later.
2. Transfer the update files to an empty (e.g. no files on device) USB storage device.

Install the update:

1. Save stored data from the data log to a USB storage device or to a PC. Refer to Send data to a USB storage device on page 15 and Send data directly to a computer on page 18 of your HQd Portable Meter User Manual.
2. Turn off the meter.
3. Connect the USB/DC adapter, AC-DC power supply and cord.
4. Insert the USB storage device that contains the software update files into the USB/DC adapter.
5. Turn on the meter.
The update process starts. The display will show “Updating meter to <firmware version>”. After an interval, the display changes to “Updating files, please wait...” In addition, the display will show a rotating flask and emit a periodic audio signal during the update process.
Note: A large capacity USB storage device increases the time required for completion of the update process, even if most of the device memory is empty.
6. Wait for the meter to finish the software update. When the update process is complete, the message “Update complete. Remove USB
device” is shown. The meter will turn off after the USB device has been removed.

Install WnAspiNT.DLL 

1. Download WnAspiNT.zip
2. Unzip the file and replace your existing WnAspiNT.dll file in your client folder (usually c:\HachWIMS\Client). 

Update Hach_WIMS_Client.ini

1. Open Hach_WIMS_Client.ini file in your client folder (usually c:\HachWIMS\Client). 
2. Add or update the HQ40D_USES_SERIAL_PORT to no.  (i.e. HQ40D_USES_SERIAL_PORT=no).  Note Windows 10 ONLY supports mass storage communication mode so you must set to no. 


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