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Q11145 - INFO: Receive Samples
Used to quickly receive samples.  Allows you to set the Sampled On date/time, who took the sample, and initial chain of custody information for a group of samples.   


By default, all samples that are due will be displayed.  NOTE: If you highlighted a range of cells and used the right-click menu item Receive Samples only the highlighted samples will be listed. 

Enter the Sampled By, Sample Date and Time and your COC information for the Samples. 

Click the  button to post the changes to the samples.  The samples will be updated and their color will chang to received:


Sample Name:  The name of the sample.

Sample#: Unique id for the sample assigned by Lab Cal. 

Sample Date/Time: Sets the time the sample was taken. 

Sample Notes: Comments on Sample.

Relinquished By: Person or client who relinquished the sample.

Received By: Person or client who received sample.

Date of transfer: Date of transfer.

Time of transer: Time of transfer.

Chain of Custody Notes: Comments on COC record.


Refreshes the form based on the Samples scheduled for collection on or before this date field. 
Default the Sample Date/Time to the Scheduled Date/Time for all samples listed. 
Clears the entry in the current cell.
Save changes to samples and close the Edit/Close Sample Form.
Closes the form without saving changes.

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