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Q14241 - INFO: View Sample History [Lab Cal Toolbar Button]

Displays history for a particular Sample.

Displays all samples for the date range (default date range is 100 days back thru the end of the current month).  The sample can be set in two ways:

1. From the Calendar, the currently selected Sample when the History button in Selected.

2. By picking the Sample from the pull down list or the list of values button (Item 1 below)


1 Use the pull down list or the list of values button (...) to select the Sample to be displayed.
2 Click on a Sample to see it's sample detail.
3 Use the Edit button to display the close/edit sample form for the currently selected sample
4 Displays the counts for each of the sample status (i.e. how many are Pending, Late, Closed, etc...) for the samples displayed.


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