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MVVAL returns the first non-blank value of a specified set of variables for the day.  Variables are evaluated in the order they are listed in the equation.

MVVAL(Cj, Cn:Cw, Cy, ...)
where :
Cx is a conditional variable x


Each variable must be specified as a Conditional Variable (use "C" instead of "V").

The variables may be referenced two different ways;  single variables separated by commas or a range specified by a beginning variable, a colon, and an ending variable.  These two methods can be combined. (i.e., C14:C22 will include all variables whose numbers fall between Variable 14 and Variable 22)

When specifying a range of variables,  there can be gaps in the series of existing variables.  For instance, if the specified range is C11:C17 and variable 14 does not exist, the function will calculate the remaining variables.

This function only works properly when all variables are the same frequency, i.e. all daily, all hourly, etc...  

This function will handle up to 199 variables.


V126 = MVVAL(C4,C3,C2,C1)

Will check if C4 has a value and if so return that value, then move to C3...

V126 C4    C3   C2   C1  
40 40 30 20 10
30 - 30 - 10
40 40 - <20 80
<20 (if cascade symbol on) - - <20 44
- - - - -


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