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Hach WIMS comes with ten (10) built-in reports that allow you quickly get data out of WIMS without designing a new report. 

To use a built-in WIMS report:

1. Go to Report Pac, Spread Reports 

2. The built-in reports will be listed at the bottom and always start with "Hach". 

3. Click on the report (or reports) you want to output.  The built-in reports function just like user designed reports.  Depending on the report selected you will be prompted for the variables/username for the report:  For example the Hach Daily report will prompt you to select up to 9 variables using the Variable Browser for the report.



The built-in reports are placed in the Default Report Group.  Use the Report Group Manager to move the built-in reports to different groups. 

You CANNOT delete built-in reports.  You can move them to a group that only Super users have access to (i.e. create a report group that no users have any access to).  This will "hide" the reports from all users other than Super users.

You CANNOT customize or design a built-in report.  However, you can use the built-in Spread Report Templates to create a copy of the report and customize the copy using Spread Design.


Hach Basic Statistics Report (multiple variables)

Displays basic statistics (Average, Min, Max, Total, and count) for up to 40 variables for any date range:


Hach Full Statistics Report

Displays 16 different statistics for up to 10 variables for any date range:

Hach Daily Report 

Displays daily values (or daily average for daily detail variables) and Min, Max, Sum, and Average for any date range for up to 9 variables:


Hach Variable Two Year Data Report

Displays daily values (or daily average for daily detail variables) for 2 years (broken down by month) for a single variable:



Hach Variables with no data Report  

Displays a list of variables that have no data in the date range of the report.

Hach User Activity Report

Displays for a specified user, the number of logins, last time user logged into facility, number of datapoints entered/edited/deleted. 



(NOTE: The following reports are available in Hach WIMS Client version 7.4.0, which requires Hach WIMS DBMS upgrade 1.4.0)

Hach Compliance Status Report

Displays all limits for all variables, and counts the violations for the given month.


Hach LIMS Cross Reference Report

Displays all variables cross referencing a LIMS interface.

Hach SCADA Cross Reference Report

Displays all variables cross referencing a SCADA interface.


Hach Updated and Deleted Records Report

Displays all variables that have had values changed (either modified or deleted) within the reporting period. Includes all daily and daily detail variables, and omits changes by "VIA_CALC".

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