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System Information window shows the current configurations of Hach WIMS, network, printer, local PC, and license


  • System
    Shows Windows Version, Windows user, Windows root for your Operating System. It also shows network information containing Hostname and IP address.

  • Hach WIMS 
    Shows Hach WIMS Client Application Version (along with Build Number) , Application path, WIMS user name, and WIMS user type.

  • Database & Printer
    Shows DBMS version information, database driver information, and WIMS Database Server connection string, along with a list of printers available to the application.

  • License
    Shows information about your WIMS License. It also has a button to gain access to License status.
    See License Tab for more information.



  • Check License Support Status 
    See License Tab for more information.
  • Email Logfile to Hach IIM
    Emails a dump of information from all tabs to iimsupport@hach.com.  Note: The Email Gateway must be installed and running.

  • Write to Logfile
    Dumps the information from all tabs into a logfile. Presents the option of opening this file right after it was created.


  • Close
    Closes the System Information window.
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