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Q14644 - INFO: Import Vars from Other Facility
The Variable Admin Tool - Import Vars from Other Facility allows you to copy variables from a different facility into a location of the current facility.

Variable Admin tool 


  1. Choose the existing location to import variables into.
  2. Choose a variable number to copy to.  Note: Variable spacing will be maintained.  The tool will verify there is room in the variable numbers to copy before any variables are created.
  3. To copy the data (along with the variable definitions), check the box.
  4. Choose a facility to copy from.
  5. Pick the variables and move to the Variables to Create list
  6. Click Create Vars and variables will be copied.

Tech Notes:

  • When copying equations if ALL variables referred to in the equation are in the copy block, the equations will be updated.  Otherwise you will need to use Edit/View variables to update the equations. 



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