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The Calc Data Block feature provides a way to update selected equations over a specified time period.


         Variables can be selected using a Where Clause


Set the dates (see entering dates)

Choose the variables to be calculated using  and/or




Calculates the equations in the Variables to Calculate list box for the date range.  A progress window will be displayed during calculation.
Allows Variables to be added to the calc list through the Variable Browser.

Adds all calculated variables in the database to the list.
Removes selected variables from the calc List.
Removes all variables from the calc list
Adds the variables from the selected saved group into the Variables to Calculate list box.  A list of previously saved groups will be displayed for selection.

Saves the variables in the Variables to Calculate list box for future loading.  When [Save Group] is clicked, the Group Name Dialog appears.  Enter a unique group name and click [OK] to save the group.  [Cancel] takes you back to the Update Data Block form without saving the list  of variables as a group. A Where Clause that selects a group of variables can be saved as a group.  The where clause must be valid and return variables before it can be saved as a group.

Deletes a saved group from the list of groups (this does not remove the variables from the database). Click [DelGroup] to display the Select Group dialog.  Click on the name of the group to delete and click [OK]. 

Exits the form.

             Aids in adding content to the where clause.

              Tests the where clause.       



Var 10 is a calculated variable.  It's equation is: V10 = V8 * 8.345

Var 8 is also calculated and its equation is:  V8 = V7/1000000

Var 7 is a parameter

If Var 10 is the only variable in the list of Variables to Calculate, only Var 10.  If Var 8 should also be updated, it also must be included in the list of Variables to Calculate.

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