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Q11060 - INFO: Edit/View Variables
Used to edit, view, create, and delete variables.      


VarNum:The numeric variable identification.  Variable numbers don't need to be consecutive.  Variables are referenced by number when using many WIMS functions.  Typically, variables are displayed in Variable Number order. 

Location: The location (full path of location, i.e. WTP#1\Filters\F1) or sampling point of the variable. Click ... to browse for a location or type in a valid location to set the location for the variable.  Use Location Setup to add Locations to the list of valid locations. 

Name: The textual description of the variable (required).  This name can be up to 40 characters long. Use variables names that are descriptive of the process or meter producing the values.

Units Represents the units of measure associated with data entered for a variable (i.e. MGD for Influent Flow).  A combo box allows selection of units or simply type in units.  Click here to see how this list may be customized.  This field is not required.  The field length is limited to 10 characters.

Track Every: Sets how often data is to be tracked for the variable.  The following choices are available (Note when changing this value, you will be asked if you want to move data, see  Migrating data when changing a variable's Track Every Field article):

Track Every Data Slots per day
Minute 1440
5 Minutes 288
15 Minutes 96
30 Minutes 48
Hour 24
4 Hours 6
Day 1

Type: Defines the variable as an input parameter, text parameter or a calculation.

Type Description
Parameter Numeric Entries (including variables that allow symbols (data qualifiers <,>, ND,...)
Text Parameter Text or String Entries.  The List tab will be enabled allowing you to define a pull down list of entries.
Calculated Value is calculated from the formula defined on the Equation tab.  The Equation tab is only enabled when the Variable type is set to Calculated. 

Data Read-Only: Marks all data for this variable as Read-Only, i.e. it CANNOT be entered, edited, deleted in WIMS.  This is typically used when data is imported from another system such as SCADA or LIMS.  Note: Only Super users (or managers with the "Allowed to edit Variable's Data Read-Only Setting" User Setting) can uncheck this field.

Definition Read-Only: Marks this variable's setup as Read-Only, i.e. no fields on this form can be changed.  For example, our regulatory variables can be marked as Definition Read-Only which means no one can edit or delete the variable's definition without unchecking this field first.  Note: Only Super users (or managers with the "Allowed to edit Variable's Definition Read-Only Setting" User Setting) can uncheck this field.


Move to the first record in the list.
Move to the previous record.
Move to the next record.
Move to the last record.
Used to add a new variable
Deletes the currently displayed variable. 
Used to search for a value in the list of variable.
Inserts a new variable after the current variable
Allows you to set a new variable number for the current variable.  You will be prompted for the variable number. 
Allows you to copy one or a group of variables. 
Closes the Variable Edit/View window.  Changes to the current record are saved. 



Description Used to set various description fields for the variable (Decimal Places, Storet Code...)                     
Reg Limits Used to set your regulatory limits for the variable.
QC Limits Used to define quality control parameters for the variable.
Entry Limits Used to set the data entry warning limits.
Equation Define the equation for the variable.  Only enabled for calculated variables.
Interface Used to cross reference variable to SCADA, LIMS, or External Data Sources .  Defines how interfaces (optional add-ons to WIMS) should import data for this variable.
Options Used to set variable options (data approval, compliance engine, optional print values...) 
User Defined Used to set user defined attributes for a variable.
Symbols Used to setup how symbols (<,>,ND...) are handled for the variable.
Text Options Used to setup the options for handling of text entry (i.e. pull down lists, date formats, etc...).
Add Info Used to set the Variable's Additional Info
Global Ids Set the Global Parameter, Group and Process for use with Multi Facility Query
Samp Req Displays any Sampling Requirements for the variable. 

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