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Used to enter, edit, and review Logbook Entries.  A Logbook is a collection of notes organized by date and time.  A note contains the name of the last user that edited it, the time at which the note was edited, and the text that was written.  A Logbook can contain any number of notes.  Any number of Logbooks can exist.  Initially, just one Logbook exists called Comments.  More Logbooks can be added by opening the Logbook Manager.


Comments are sorted by day and  time for each Logbook .  Each Logbook can have any number of comments.  Comments are viewed by day.   To change a comment (you must have edit privileges to the logbook), double click on it and you will enter edit mode (a blinking cursor will appear).  You can then start typing or deleting as you see fit. 

NOTE: Another method of accessing the Logbooks is by double clicking on the notepad on the bottom left of the main menu.



Date: Selects the date to view logbook entries for. 

Logbook: Selects which logbook to view/edit.  The default Logbook for entry is the comments logbook.  Every user has permissions to write to this Logbook, but no one has delete permission except for Super Users.  If you do not have permissions to view a Logbook, it will not appear in this list. 

Note: First line of the Note displays the Time the note is associated with (not the audit timestamp) and User (last user that edited/entered the note).   


After you have entered a date, click the Go button to load that day's notes.  If this button is disabled it means that the records for the day have already been loaded.

Outputs the currently displayed comments to the print preview window where the comments can be sent to the printer.  To print a Logbook for a specified date range, use the Logbook Report.

Displays the Find Logbook Entry form allowing you to search for comments.

Reads the comments for the currently selected logbook/day from the database.  You may need to use this to see other user's comments that have been entered since you read the day's comments in.

Deletes the currently selected note.  You must have edit privileges for the logbook. 

If you have permissions to add to the current Logbook, you can add a note.  To add a note, click on the Add Note button and it will bring up another window, which allows you to enter the text for your note.  At the top, there is a "time of occurance" box. Once you are finished entering the text, click on the OK button.  The note will be listed on the day that you are on, in the Logbook that you are in. 

Displays a window allowing you to edit the currently selected Note.  You must have edit privileges to the logbook. 

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