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Q11253 - INFO: Enter Results by Test [Toolbar Button]

Allows you to enter/edit/approve results for Received/Analyzed Samples for selected Tests.  Example, all TSS tests that are in the lab and not closed.    

  1. Click ...Add to pick the test(s) to enter results for.
  2. Choose which records to show
  3. Choose your date range and click Refresh
  4. Enter your data
  5. Enter Sample Number or Name and the cursor will be placed in the result column for the row (if found).
  6. Click Save Changes & Exit.

HINT: You can click on any column header to sort the records by that field. 


Used to set a date range

Displays the samples that have been received for the selected tests that are in the specified date range.

Changes are saved and then the form is exited.

Exit the form.  Changes are not saved.

Brings up a screen that will let you search for samples that test results have been entered for with search criteria that you select. First you will have to click on a test from the grid below in order to get started.

Saves the current configuration of the form including Tests, Show Options, Form Size, startup position, and column widths.  Will prompt for a name to save the settings under.   

Saves the current configuration of the form including Tests, Show Options, Form Size, startup position, and column widths.

Allows users to pick from the saved settings and loads tests, show options, etc..

Resets the form to the default settings, i.e. clears tests, resizes columns to their default...

Print Previews the current view.  Hint:  Resize columns to fit on page.

Allows you to select the data approval level for the entry. Unchecking the box and then clicking the Approve button will allow you to change the approval level for variables set up to track data approval levels. See Data Approval Setup.

Used to change the Analytical Method used for the current test. Defaults to the default method for the test.

Clears the information in all of the highlighted white cells.



Test Info (Method, MDL, etc.) These are read-only fields that are associated with the test and sample whose row is selected in the grid below.
Result Enter the test result.
Analysis Start Date & Time Enter the date and time analysis was started for the test.
Date & Time Complete Enter the date and time analysis was complete.
Analyzed By Enter who performed the test.
Result Comments Enter any comments associated with the test.


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