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Data Approval Levels can be setup that allows you to verify and lock data.  When data is entered, that data point’s approval status will be set to the current user’s Minimum Approval Level.  Data can then be approved and the status of the data point is changed.  If a data point’s status is outside the users approval level, that data is locked from edit/delete for that user. 

Steps to Setup Data Approval.

NOTE: Must be a SUPER user to Setup Data Approval. 

1. Setup Data Approval Levels and which users can approve data in Data Approval Setup.

2. If you need to approve Calculated variables, choose the Calc Approval Mode in Data Approval Setup.

Method 1 - Lowest of Inputs.  As data is calculated, the status of the data will be the lowest of the inputs. Example, V3 = V1 + V2, if V1 is Unapproved and V2 is approved, V3 will be Unapproved (since that is the lowest of the inputs to the calculation).

Method 2 - Approve calculated data just like manual entries.  Calculated data status will be set to the Level specified in Data Approval Setup

3. Pick variables that you want to track data approval on.  For example, you may want to require data approval only on regulatory variables.  Set the "Track Data Approval for this variable" on the Options tab of Edit/View Variables for all variables you wish to track approval on. 

4. Enter data.  Data's status will be set to the user's Minimum Approval Level (set in Data Approval Setup, Approval User Setup button). 

5. Approve the data.  This can be done with the Approve button in Monthly Data Entry, Custom Data Entry or the Data Approval form (The Show Data Manager - Data Approval Form user setting must be checked to see this menu item).  

6. Use the data approval options in Spread Report design to control how reports with unapproved data should be handled.

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