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Q11001 - INFO: Custom Data Entry Forms

Used to design data entry forms that can be customized to look anyway you want.  They can be designed to look like your paperforms, perform calculations for lab/operator benchsheets, etc...  Data may be entered for any number of variables and variable types in any order.  Custom data entry forms can also be printed out for use as bench sheets in the lab or field.


Use the locate menu to link variables to cells.  Use the familar spreadsheet control to format your form (setting fonts, colors, etc...). 


File: Perform typical file operations, start the Form Design Wizard, and Set form options.

Edit: Provides familiar edit commands

Locate: Used to create data entry cells for variables, place summary data...

Bench Sheet:  Used to place entry points not linked to the database, protect formulas,etc...

Format: Perform typical formatting operations like changing fonts, add or remove page breaks, and format cells and borders.

KeyPad: Performs actions for the touch screen entry pad such as display, hide, and positioning.


Most toolbar buttons are self explanatory, however the following items may need explanation:


SEE ALSO:  Custom Data Entry Form Templates

Video: Custom Data Entry Design Basics

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