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MDL-Calculator.ss3  Used to calculate Method Detection Limits from 7 (or more) replicates  : Preview
Uses Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) MDL procedure promulgated at 40 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 136, Appendix B, rev. 1.11. The EPA defines the MDL as the "minimum concentration of substance that can be measured and reported with 99% confidence that the analyte concentration is greater than zero, and is determined from analysis of a sample in a given matrix containing the analyte"
Author: SPD 04/11/2016

phoscal.ss3  Phosphorous Calibration : Preview
Phosphorous calibration calculator
Author: SPD 06/26/2003

TSS_SampleInfo.ss3 TSS Bench Sheet with Sample Information : Preview
This is a sample TSS Bench Sheet which includes sample information from LabCal,
provided on the bench sheet as a reference for lab personnel entring data via this
sheet instead of in LabCal. Note: this template will only work if you have the
LabCal Addon Module.
Author: GLS 11/18/2008

TSS_Benchsheet.ss3 Simple TSS Benchsheet : Preview
This is the standard version of the TSS Benchsheet, created using the Wizard in
the Custom Data Entry Form Design.
Author: GLS 11/18/2008


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