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Q13437 - INFO: Import Variables from Hach WIMS Variable Template

Used to create a new location and variables from a Hach WIMS Variable Template File

See Import Variables Into Location to create variables from a template into an existing location.

From Var Admin Tool:


  1. Pick a Variable Template File to use (WIMSVARS.XLS will be loaded by default, click here to load different template files).
  2. Enter the new location name
  3. Enter the Base VarNum
  4. Select a sheet to import from
  5. Select which variables to import by clicking on the rows (you can use Shift click and Ctrl Click to select multiple rows)
  6. Click the Create Vars button.



Source Excel File: The Hach WIMS Variable Template Excel file to use to create your location/variables from.

New Location Name: The new location to create.  The New Location Name will be combined with the Parameter Name to make the Variable Name.  For example, Variable Number 44101, Name  Influent Channel 2 Total Flow will be created in the example above. 

Base VarNum: The Base VarNum is added to column A (Var #) field to calculate the Variable Number.  For example, the first variable created will be 44101 (Base VarNum of 44100 + Var # of 1 for row 4 in the example above). 

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