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A Hach WIMS Variable Template is an Excel file in a specific layout that is used to create variables from the list.  The Import Variables from Hach WIMS Variable Template function in the Variable Admin Tool is used to create the variables from file.  By default, the Variable Templates are placed in the client\templates\Variable folder. 

Click here for example Variable Template Files to use. 

Field Column Notes
VarNum A (1) Number
ParameterName B (2) String - Combined with New Location Name to make variable name during import
ShortName C (3) String
Frequency D (4)

Valid values:
4 Hours
30 Minutes
15 Minutes
5 Minutes

Type E (5)

Valid Values:
Text Parameter

units F (6) String
DecPlaces G (7) Number (9999 sets to Not Fixed)
AllowSymbol H (8) To Allow Symbols (Data Qualifers <,>, ND...) set to Y, Yes,-1, or 1.  Set to N or 0 to turn off. 
Equation I (9) String - Use { } to signify that the variable or constant needs to be prompted for.  See examples below.
EntryMin J (10) Number
EntryMax K (11) Number
Description L (12)


StoretCode M (13) String
SCADATAG N (14) String
Statistic O (15) String
ScaleFactor P (16) Number (default to 1 for no scaling)
LIMS_Loc Q (17) String
LIMS_TEST R (18) String
UD1 S (19) String
UD2 T (20) String

Example file:

Working with Equations:

When equations are imported, they are "translated".  Variable Number references in the Equation are assumed to refer to variables in the same location.  In the example above, Var# 12 BOD Load has an equation of V1 * V11 * 8.34.  If we import these variables with a base Varnum set to 5000 the equation will become V5001 * V5011 * 8.34. 

If the Equation contains text in "{ }", i.e. {Influent Flow in MGD} * V51 * 8.34, WIMS will prompt for the Variable or constant when the variables are imported:

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