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Q12178 - HOWTO: Increase value of your color depth when using Remote Desktop / Terminal Services

Consider :

  • You can NOT get a higher color depth/resolution from a session than your video card on the client computer supports, even if the video card from the server computer supports it.
  • The OS running Terminal Services (server) DOES count.
  • Windows NT/2000 Terminal Services does NOT support a color depth higher than 16 bit. If you run these OSs and want better, don't bother, you won't get it.
  • Windows XP's DEFAULT Maximum Color Depth is ALSO 16 bit. This explains why when you try to use a 24 bit color depth option with rdesktop you will get WARNING: Color depth changed from 24 to 16 or something to that extent.

Here's the solution for Windows XP and Server 2003:

  1. Go to Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc

  2. Go To Terminal Services in Administrative Templates / Windows Components

  3. Go to Limit Maximum Color Depth properties
  4. Change value to Enabled and Color Depth to 24
  5. click OK

In Remote Desktop client, go to Options / Display

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