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Q11045 - INFO: Data Approval Setup

Creates approval levels  for specified users. Data approval is used to verify and lock data. See Data Approval Overview for more information. 

 NOTE: Must be a SUPER user to create approval levels.



Creates a new data approval level. Users cannot change or approve data below the minimum Data Approval level.

Deletes a current data approval level description


Prints a simple report listing the approval levels.

Opens new form that allows you to assign Minimum and Maximum Data Approval Levels for each user.

Allows selection of data approval level of calculated variables.  Default of Lowest of inputs means that the calculated value's level will be set to the lowest of it's inputs.  Example V3 = V1 + V2.  V1 is Entered, V2 is Final Approval, V3 will be Entered.  If Calc Approval Mode is set to Entered, every time the calc engine calculates a new value or updates an existing value, it's status will be set to Entered. 

Specifies foreground color to be associated with data approval level.  Data appears in this color when it is at the specified data approval level.



We would like all Effluent data as it is entered into WIMS to have an initial status of "Entered".  Managers and Super users would then "Approve" that data to Final Approval Level.

  1. First, click on the new button. When prompted, enter the word "Entered" into the field. Click [OK]. Select position for new approval level and click [OK]. In the Color field for Approval level, click on [Pick] and select a blue color from the color grid and click [OK]. Data that has an approval level of "Entered" will be displayed in blue on data entry forms (Monthly Data Entry, Custom Data Entry...)
  2. Set Managers to Final Approval level and all other users to Entered using Approval User Setup.  NOTE: Super users always have Final Approval capability. 
  3. Go to System Setup, Edit/View Variables.  Move to each variable you want to track approval for (i.e. Effluent or Final Variables) and check  "Track Approval" on the Options tab. 
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