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Q11290 - INFO: Description Tab, Edit/View Variables
Edit/View Variables - Description Tab used to set descriptive information about a variable    


Description: Describes the va1riable if the name is not thoroughly descriptive.   This field is not required but is recommended if there could be any question concerning the exact meaning of the variable name (especially helpful for training new personnel and for review of the variable list and calculations). 

Short Name: An abbreviated variable name used during data entry (Data Manager) and for column headings on several reports.  The heading (AKA Short Name) is not required and can be up to 20 characters long.   See Display Variable short name in variable setup [General Setting] to show/hide this field.

Decimal Places: Maximum number of decimal places allowed when entering data for this variable.  Also, sets the default number of decimal places that will be displayed in reports.  NOTE: If allow symbol (see Symbols Tab) is turned on, you will be able to select Not Fixed which allows data to be entered to any number of decimal places. 

Storet Code: The EPA storet code for the variable.  Use the ... button to browse a list of Storet Codes.  See Storet Code Setup to edit the list.

Analyte Code: The Analyte Code (SDWIS/CMDP Id) for the variable. Use the ... button to browse a list the list of Analyte Codes. 

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