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Approves data for a specified time frame for data.  See Data Approval Overview for more infomation on Data Approval options. 



    1. To approve data for December 2010, use the date picker to select December 2010. 
    2. Select Datasource, i.e. do you want to approve daily data, hourly, etc...  Use the [Select All] button to look at all Unapproved data. 
    3. Select Data Approval Levels.  Typically, you want to use the [Select All Upapproved] button.
    4. Click on [Apply Setings] to return all available records.
    5. Click on [Select All] in the action section or select records individually by clicking, Ctrl-Click or Shift Click. 
    6. Click on [Approve Selected] to approve data.


Used to set a date range

Allows you to pick a custom filter setup by Hach in the ApprovalFilter table instead of choosing a Datasource and Data Approval Levels.  (Rarely used). 

Applies any changed settings and refreshes the Available records list accordingly

Will select all Available records.  The Approve Selected button then sets the approval levels for the selected records.

Unselects all records.

Displays a list of approval levels to select from.  The selected records approval level will be set to the choosing level. 

Exits the window, once you are finished


You must have the Show Data Manager - Data Approval Form user setting checked to see this menu item. 

See Also: Data Approval Setup

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