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Q10174 - HOWTO: OPS SQL 6.5.1 Installation Instructions

OPSSQL version 6.5.1 is a new OPSSQL platform version and hence requires a full CD upgrade of all client machines.

  1. Either obtain a 6.5.1 CD from OPS Systems, or download the CD from our FTP site. If you are currently on support, you have been emailed a special password for our FTP site. You can download the 6.5.1 CD from ftp.opssys.com. Login as user opssql651
  2. Once logged into our FTP, you should see 2 files : OPSSQL_CLIENT_651.iso and OPSSQL_CLIENT_651.zip
  3. OPSSQL_CLIENT_651.iso is a CD image of the installation. You can create a CD ROM directly from this file and use it to install OPSSQL 6.5.1 on your client machines.
  4. OPSSQL_CLIENT_651.zip is a compressed file that contains contents of the installation for OPSSQL 6.5.1. You can unzip this file to some network location and run install directly from there.
  5. WARNING : Be carefull when upgrading GNR Server with OPSSQL 6.5.1. The installation program will overwrite all OPSSQL.INI files. Hence make a backup of this file. After the installation is over, you can put the file in its original location.
  6. NOTE : In some cases (mostly Windows NT4 "virgin" machines), the installation will fail displaying an error that says "The ordinal 6883 Could Not Be Located in Dynamic Link Library Mfc42.dll". Please click here to resolve this problem.
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