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Q10065 - HOWTO: WIMS for Microsoft SQL - Server Setup

Applies to: WIMS MU with database support and Enterprise Editions only
NOTE: You will need to have Local Administrator (or higher) login privileges in order to perform tasks described in this document. 

To install WIMS server side software, follow these steps :

  1. Obtain the latest WIMS Installation CD from OPS SYSTEMS.
  2. Make sure your database server is running Microsoft SQL Server of version 2000 (or higher). For 2000 versions, we require that Service Pack 3 (or higher) has been applied.
  3. Make sure that Microsoft SQL Server is running in "SQL Server and Windows" authentification mode. Read more ...
  4. Create OPSROOT Database using "WIMS MS SQL Server Setup". Read more ...
  5. Create OPSTUTOR (Tutorial Facility) Database using "OPS MS SQL Server Setup".  Read more ...
  6. Install WIMS (Client). Read more ...
  7. Create opssql_svc (NT local user for running OPS SQL related NT services). Read more ...
  8. Install AdoCalc (Calculation Engine). Read more ...
  9. Optional - Install GNR Server (Graph 'N Report Server). Read more ...
  10. Optional - Install interfaces to other systems. Obtain these from Hach and refer to the interface manual for installation and configuration.

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