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Q13400 - HOWTO: Use the DR3900/DR6000 Client-Side Interface in a networked environment

Prerequisite Configuration

  1. The DR3900/DR6000 will need to authenticate with a set of username/password credentials when exporting data, either to an FTP server or to a network location ("Netdrive"). In the case of NetDrive setup, this user must be a local Windows user who would have "modify" and "create directory" permissions to write the data.
  2. Create the user if necessary, or choose an existing user, and write down the username/password, you will need them for the next step

DR3900/DR6000 Instrument configuration

 If you run into issues configuring your instrument, contact the Hach Instrument Support Group:

  • Industrial Customers: (866) 450-4248
  • Municipal Customersl: (800) 227-4224

These steps will refer to the Hach DR3900/DR6000 user manual available here.

  1. Make sure the DR3900/DR6000 instrument is on the network and has an ethernet cable plugged in. USB communication is NOT supported.
  2. Make sure networking is turned "on" and configured. See steps 1 through 10 in section of the manual.
  3. Configure the "Net Server" to export data to either an FTP site or to a network location ("Netdrive") that is accessible to both the device and the WIMS client. See steps 11 to 14 in section of the manual.

    E.g., if the setting for "Server Name" is "LabPC" and the setting for "Data Folder" is "DataExport", then the full UNC path to this location would be \\LabPc\DataExport.
  4. Set the username and password to the ones you created in step 2 of the previous section of the HOWTO.
  5. Under "Data Log Setup" as described in section of the manual, for "Send Data Format" select "XML" and for "Auto Send" select "New File". The DR3900/DR6000 Client-Side interface can import data only if it's in XML format, CSV is not supported.
  6. Verify that the settings are correct. Do a test reading and push the data file to the configured location. Follow steps 1through 6 of section and check that the XML file is created in the configured location. 
    See article Q13408 for details 

WIMS Configuration

If you run into issues configuring WIMS, contact WIMS technical suport:

  1. Go to "System Setup" -> "System Tables" -> "This Facility" -> "DR3900/DR6000 Client-Side Interface Setup" -> "Profile Setup". See article Q13386 for detailed instructions.  
  2. Either modify the default profile (or create a new one) and configure its source directory to point to the "Netdrive" folder you configured previously, e.g. \\LabPc\DataExport.

    Alternatively, you can use mapped network drive. If there's mapped network drive to \\LabPc (e.g. Z:), then you can type in Z:\DataExport.  

    This location must be accessible from the computer where the client is running on.
  3. Choose whether you want to archive the files after they're imported or delete them
  4. Click "OK" to save your changes and exit out of the profile setup screen.

Importing DR3900/DR6000 Data

DR3900/DR6000 data is only imported if the DR3900/DR6000 Client-Side interface entry form is open.

  1. To open it, either right-click into an empty entry cell or click the toolbar button that looks like a beaker. For more info, see article Q13397
  2. Double-click the row that has the data that you want entered into the cell that has focus.
    1. By default, the value from the RESULT column will be inserted. You can override that either for this session (see article Q13397 on how to do that) or you can override it permanently from the DR3900/DR6000 Client-Side interface General Settings (see article Q13395)
    2. If the cell is locked for any reason - calculated variable, not an entry cell, etc. - you wll hear a beep but no data will be entered
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