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Q10217 - HOWTO: Adding fields to Forms or Reports

How do I add a field to a form or a report? 


Information in this Article applies to:

  • Aspen version 7.x
  • Aspen version 6.x
  • Aspen version 5.0
  • Aspen version 4.x
  • Aspen version 3.5
  • Conifer32 version 4.0

The first step in deciding if you can add a field to a form or report is to determine if that field exists in a present table.  If this is a new field to the system you will need to determine which table the field should reside.  After determing this add the new field to the the appropriate table.  If the field already exists in working.mdb or program.mdb you will not need to worry about adding it to a table.


Now that our field is in a table we can add it to a record source.  Every form and report in MS Access needs what is referred to as a record source to feed it information from the database.  A record source can be a query or a table.  If the record source of your form/report is a query you will need to open the query in design view and add you field to the query grid.  You can do this by finding your field in the table (shown in the upper portion of the query grid and hightlighting it and dragging it down to a free column in the lower portion of the query grid.  After you have added all of your new fields to the record source you can now add them to the form or report.  If your record source is a table and your new field is a member of this table your field by default is in the record source.


Open the form or report in design veiw and select the Field List (either from the toolbar or from the command line View..Field List).  After the Field List is open you can scroll through the list to find the desired field.  Highlight the field and drag it down onto your form or report.  Now you can rearrange your form or report to meet your desired look.


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