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Q10208 - ERRMSG: Lacking Permissions to access database

When I try to open program.mdb or working.mdb I get an error message that I do not have the necessary permission to use the object.


Information in this Article applies to:

  • Aspen version 7.x
  • Aspen version 6.x
  • Aspen version 5.x
  • Aspen version 4.x
  • Aspen version 3.5


This error indicates that you are trying to open an Aspen database directly via Microsoft Access.  Aspen's databases are secured with a workgroup called aspen.mdw.  When you open Microsoft Access via Microsoft's icons you are using the generic shipped security group called system.mdw.  In order to open Access using our security group you can create a shortcut on your desktop called LIMS Admin.  To create this shortcut you will need to know the path to your Microsoft Access executable  file and the path to your aspen.mdw file.  This file can be located on the network or on the local computer depending on how security was setup during installation.  The shortcut target line should look similar to the following example:


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" /wrkgrp "N:\aspen\aspen.mdw"


After this shortcut is created, double click on the icon.  You will be prompted to enter your userid

and password.  Enter the same information as  you would when starting a normal Aspen session.  Now you can open program.mdb or working.mdb without violation security rights.






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