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In every industry out there, people love to automate tasks. Automation saves time. We all love to do things that take little time, or no time at all. It gives us the opportunity to devote our time to more exciting or important tasks. In the best case, automation allows one to relax and be lazy.

In the water/wasterwater industry, big operations running OPS SQL find themselves burried in huge amounts of data. Treatment facilities are managed using numerous daily, weekly and monthly reports. Visual users need to see time-series graphs every day in order to determine whether a plant's behavior is within required limits.

Albert is a typical OPS SQL plant manager. On a daily basis, Albert has to make decisions on what has to be adjusted in the plant so that it stays in compliance. OPS SQL SCADA & LIMS interfaces are bringing in lots of data every hour. Plant operators on duty take care of manually entering some key parameters. However, Albert is one of the few users who has to make sense of all that data. His mornings hours are spent inside OPS SQL. Albert looks at series of 30 OPS SQL graphs and 5 daily operations reports. With the amounts of data Albert is working with, his graphs and reports take a long time to generate. And there is all that tedious menu navigation, clicking around and waiting...
... Albert is frustrated. If only OPS SQL could read his mind! If only all his reports and graphs were be generated for him before he sits in his chair first thing in the morning!

Albert and many more users just like him are the reason OPS SYSTEMS developed the Graph aNd Report Server aka the GNR Server. Here are its main features :

  • Automated Graph Generation. Graphs can be generated as .JPG, .PNG or .PDF
  • Automated Report Generation. Reports can be generated as .XLS, .HTML or .PDF
  • Scheduling of re-occuring tasks such as : Database Calculation, Graph or Report Generation
  • Scheduling on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Graph and Report Output can be sent to printer, disk, email or database blob
  • Open & well documented Interface for purposes of writing custom web portals to OPS SQL
  • Functions as a single point gateway that dispatches any email sent from within the OPS SQL system
  • Can forward any OPS SQL user message to email

GNR Server can be purchased from OPS SYSTEMS (contact sales@opssys.com) as an add-on for OPS SQL.

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