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Q13513 - INFO: EPA Unit of measurement codes

EPA Unit of measure codes - these are the valid values for reporting on NetDMR Units fields.  (Also applicable to the printed NPDES DMR Report).

Unit Code Short Description Long Description
00 bbl/mo  Barrels per Month
01 kg/d  Kilograms per Day
02 kg/kgal  Kilograms per 1000 Gallons
03 Mgal/d  Million Gallons per Day
04 deg C  Degrees Centigrade
05 MBTU/hr  Million BTUs per Hour
06 MBTU/d  Million BTUs per Day
07 gal/d  Gallons per Day
08 ft3/sec  Cubic Feet per Second
09 JTU  Jackson Turbidity (Candle) Unit
10 col unit (pc)  Color - Platinum Cobalt Unit
11 uS/cm  Conductance-Micromhos per cm
12 SU  Standard Units
13 #/100mL  Number per 100 Milliliters T
14 min  Minutes
15 deg F  Degrees Fahrenheit
16 m3/d  Cubic Meters per Day
17 pCi/L  Picocuries per Liter
18 ct/L  Counts per Liter T
19 mg/L  Milligrams per Liter
1A dir deg N  Direction
1B cP  Centipoises
1C #/mL  Number per Milliliter T
1D cm  Centimeters
1E col unit  Color - Admi Units
1H 10lb/yr  10 Pounds per Year
1K Fib/L  Fibers per Liter
1L mg/kg  Micrograms per Kilogram
1N bbl  Barrels
1P Fib/mL  Fibers per Milliliter
1Q time  Time (HHMM)
1R lb/kgal  Pounds per 1000 Gallons
1S c  Cycles
1T bbl/d  Barrels per Day
1U Ratio  Ratio
1V BTU/sec  BTUs per Second
1W kg/mo  Kilograms per Month
1X gal/hr  Gallons per Hour
1Y lb/hlb  Pounds per 100 Pounds
1Z pCi/mL  Picocuries per Milliliter
20 ppm  Parts per Million
21 ppb  Parts per Billion
22 ppt  Parts per Trillion
23 %  Percent
25 mL/L  Milliliters per Liter
26 lb/d  Pounds per Day
27 ft  Feet
28 ug/L  Micrograms per Liter
29 lbf/in  Pounds per Square Inch
2A Mgal/yr  Million Gallons per Year
2B in/hr  Inches per Hour
2C kg/kkg  Kilograms per 1000 Kilograms
2D in/d  Inches per Day
2E mOsm/kg  Milliosmols per Kilogram
2F tox acute  Acute Toxicity
2G tox chronic  Chronic Toxicity
2H Ci/d  Curies per Day
2I % mortality  Percent Mortality
2J kg/hr  Kilograms per Hour
2K lb/min  Pounds per Minute
2L kgal/d  1000 Gallons per Day
2M % sample comp  Percent Samples In Compliance
2N ton/d  Tons per Day
2P lb/Mgal  Pounds per Million Gallons
2Q mg/d  Milligrams per Day
2R lb/hr  Pounds per Hour
2S ppq  Parts per Quadrillion
2T % survival  Percent Survival
2U ug/d  Micrograms per Day
2V mEq/100g  Milliequivalants per 100 Gram Soil
2W m3/hr  Cubic Meters per Hour
2X m3/min  Cubic Meters per Minute
2Y m3/sec  Cubic Meters per Second
2Z m3/wk  Cubic Meters per Week
30 MPN/100mL  Most Probable Number per 100ml T
31 threshold  # Threshold Number
32 ppk  Parts per Thousand
33 BTU/hr  BTUs per Hour
34 BTU/d  BTUs per Day
35 g/d  Grams per Day
36 g/L  Grams per Liter
37 kg/L  Kilograms per Liter
38 m/sec  Meters per Second
39 ft/sec  Feet per Second
3A yd3  Cubic Yards
3B FTU  Formazin Tur
3C BTU/min  BTUs per Minute
3D MPN/4g  MPN per 4 Grams of Total Solids
3E m3/mo  Cubic Meters per Month
3F m3/yr  Cubic Meters per Year
3G mlb/d  Thousandth Pounds per Day
3H g/m3/d  Grams per Square Meter per Day
3I lb/klb  Pounds per 1000 Pounds Production
3J klb/lb  1000 Pounds per Pounds Production
3K kg/ha  Kilograms per Hectare
3L pg/L  Picograms per Liter
3M ng/L  Nanograms per Liter
3P lb/acr  Pounds per Acre
3Q g/yr  Grams per Year
3R Mgal  Million Gallons
3S mL/L/hr  Milliliters per Liter per Hour
3T %  effect Percent Effect
3U k/100mL  1000 Units per 100 Milliliters T
3V GBTU/hr  Billion BTUs per Hour
3W state class  State Class # A=1 B=2 None=0
3X table #  Table Number (2, 3 or 4)
3Y alt #  Alternate Number
3Z CFU/100mL  Colony Forming Units per 100ml T
40 short  ton/d Short Tons per Day
41 t/d  Metric Tons per Day
42 lb/ton prod  Pounds per Ton of Production
43 NTU  Nephelometric Turbidity Units
44 kg/t prod  Kilograms per Metric Ton Production
45 lb/hlf t prod  Pounds per Half-Ton of Production
46 m  Meters
47 kg/CFS/d  Kg per CFS of Streamflow per Day
49 lb/CFS/d  Lbs per CFS of Streamflow per Day
4A t/yr  Metric Tons per Year
4B t/ha  Metric Tons per Hectare
4C MPN/g  Most Probable Number per Gram
4F t/ha/yr  Metric Tons per Hectar per Yr
4G pCi/d  Picocuries per Day
4H pCi/min  Picocuries per Minute
4I uW/cm3  Microwatts per Square Centimeter
4J CFU/g  Colonies per Gram Dry Weight T
4K #/mo  Discharges per Month
4L dil ratio  Dilution Ratio
4M g/g  Grams per Grams
4N pCi/g  Picocuries per Gram
4P bu  Bushels
4Q ton/acre  Tons per Acre
4R mEq/L  Milliequivalents per Liter
4S mW/cm2  Milliwatts per Square Centimeter
4T mW-sec/cm2  Milliwatt-Seconds per Square Centimeter
4U uW/cm2  Microwatt-Seconds per Square Centimeter
4V diverseindex  Diversity Index
4W L/d  Liters per Day
4X #  exceed Number of Exceedances
4Y #/100L  Number per 100 Liters T
4Z #  bat Number of Batches
50 lb/yr  Pounds per Year
51 kg/yr  Kilograms per Year
52 kg/bat  Kilograms per Batch
53 gal/bat  Gallons per Batch
54 MW  Megawatts
55 lb  Pounds
56 kg  Kilograms
57 gal  Gallons
58 kft3  1000 Cubic Feet
59 lb/wk  Pounds per Week
5A d  Days
5B min/d  Minutes per Day
5C Mgal/bat  Million Gallons per Batch
5D ton  Tons
5E bBTU/d  Billion Btus per Day
5F ton/yr  Tons per Year
5G mv  Millivolts
5H ton/mo  Tons per Month
5I CFU/g  Colonies per Gram T
5J #  Number
5K mi/h  Miles per Hour
5L mg/mo  Milligrams per Month
5P ng/kg  Nanograms per Kilograms
5Q #  dis/d Number of Discharges per Day
5R kcal/d  Kilocalorie per Day
5S acre-ft  Acre-Feet
5T cm/sec  Centimeters per Second
5V lbs/acre/day  Pounds per Acre per Day
5W in/mo  Inches per Month
60 L  Liters
61 in  Inches
62 deg  C/hr Degrees Centigrade per Hour
64 g/mL  Grams per Milliliter
65 Ci/mL  Curies per Milliliter
66 lb/bat  Pounds per Batch
67 g/mL  Grams per Milliliter
68 pCi/mg  Picocuries per Milligram
69 mg/kg  Milligrams per Kilogram
6B #/40L  Number per 40 Liters T
6C Mlb  Million Pounds
6D ulb  Micro Pounds
6E ft3  Cubic Feet
6F % fertil  Percent Fertilization
6G tot # TAXA  Total Number Taxa
6J ulb/d  Micro Pounds per Day
6K um/sec  Conductance - Microohms per Second
6L nm  Nanometers
6M l/min  Liters per Minute
6N mjou/cm2  Millijoules per Centimeter Sqr
6O mrems/yr  Millirems per Year
70 dry  ton Dry Tons
71 Mlb/yr  Million Pounds per Year
72 mg/m3  Milligrams per Square Meter
73 toxic  Toxicity Units
74 severity  Severity Units
75 uCi/mL  Microcuries per Milliliter
76 lb/mo  Pounds per Month
78 gal/min  Gallons per Minute
79 hr/d  Hours per Day
7A wet  ton Wet Tons
80 Mgal/mo  Million Gallons per Month
81 hr/wk  Hours per Week
82 hr/mo  Hours per Month
83 d/wk  Days per Week
84 d/mo  Days per Month
85 ft3/d  Cubic Feet per Day
86 svol index  Sludge Volume Index
87 lb/ft3  Lbs per Cu Ft Processed Waste
88 occur/d  Occurrences per Day
89 occur/wk  Occurrences per Week
8A hr  Hours
8B gal/acr  Gallons per Acre
8D gal/mo  Gallons per Month
8E gal/yr  Gallons per Year
8F Mgal/yr  Million Gallons per Year
8G gal/wk  Gallons per Week
8H Mgal/6mo  Million Gallons per 6 Months
8I Mgal/qtr  Million Gallons per Quarter
8J hr/qtr  Hours per Quarter
8K sec (time)  Seconds
8L gal/d/ft2  Gallons per Day per Square Foot
90 lb/kgal  Pounds per 1000 Gallons
91 in/wk  Inches per Week
92 ft2  Square Feet
93 occur/mo  Occurrences per Month
94 *  *
95 10/mL  10 per Milliliter T
96 lb/bbl  Pounds per Barrel
97 acr  Acres
98 deg  F/hr Degrees Farenheit per Hour
99 bbl/hr  Barrels per Hour
9A pass/fail  Pass=0 Fail=1
9C occur/yr  Occurrences per Year
9D pop  serv Population Served
9E occur/qtr  Occurrences per Quarter
9F yd3/d  Per Day
9G op  info Operator Information
9M low/high  0=Low 1=High
9N ebb/flood  0=Ebb 1=Flood
9P Y=1;N=0  Yes=1; No=0
9Q open/closed  Open = 1 Closed = 2
9S t/mo  Metric Tons per Month
9T Mlb/da  Million Pounds per Day
9U lb/qtr  Pounds per Quarter
9V CFU  Colony Forming Units
9W MCFU  Million Colony Forming Units T
9X Y=0;N=1  Yes=0; No=1



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