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Q12322 - INFO: Release Notes for LIMS2OPSSQL Type of Hach WIMS Direct Server-Side Interface

Build 20180118 (1/18/2018)

  • CommonImport now allows Logbook entries to be imported.
  • Improved handling of text variable import with list of values specified by Limit to list off (now imports curvalue as index of list).


Build 65 (10/29/2015)

  • Fixed bug in Source Read Test (4706)

Build 64 (8/21/2015)

  • Add Location Path to the Variable Browser (4660)

Build 58 (1/20/2015)

  • Interface properly formats results with no decimal places when importing to a variable with Decimal Places set to Not Fixed (9999).  (4553)
  • Common Framework now handles writing the proper Data Approval Level even when LimsResultStatus is not set by custom source (4552)

Build 55 (10/2/2013)

  • Symbols with no numeric part (i.e. ND, TNTC) and an MDL setting of constant now works correctly (4379)
  • Symbols with no numeric part (i.e. ND, TNTC)  no longer get 0 added to the display value (ND would become ND0 or ND0.0 depending on Decimal place setting) (4379)
  • Now creates a result comment for entries with symbols that require a numeric portion but are missing it (An entry of "<" or ">" with no number after are now imported as result comments (4379)

Build 49

  • Added the ability to recognize SQL Server 2012 licensing.(4202)
  • Added the ability to import data based on AVALDATE.(4148)
  • Modified to maintain the significant digits when no value is set for the number of significant digits.(4111)
  • Added more logging.(4104)

Build 48

  • Fixed problem with trying to perform exact matching in CommonTypeVar class, which causes problem with LIMS interfaces that use LIMS_UD fields for information other than matching (4148)

Build 45

  • Corrected how results from source are calculated following the same rules in Monthly Data Entry form:
    1. Determine significant digits
    2. Perform Unit Conversion if need
    3. Apply significiant digits, using scientific rounding
    4. Apply MDL rule to calculate numeric value
  • The rules are applied similarly if Decimal Places is fix or set to Not Fixed in Hach WIMS client, the only difference is how the significant digits are determined. (4111)
  • Ensure trailing zeroes are included in the text value imported as applicable according to MDE significant digit rule. (4111)

Build 44

  • Fixed problem of sporaticly not matching when LIMS interfaces use UD1 or UD2 for cross referencing. (4142)

Build 38

  • Updated matching variable setup for LIMS to be more distinct.

Build 37

  • Updated framework to set the WIMS TextValue field to the raw value (not changed to a numeric type) when importing, thus preserving the data entered. For instance, if the source data is 0.400 the last two zeros are not removed when it is inserted into the TextValue field.

Build 34

  • Updated framework to handle time zone differences and how they affect direct and indirect interfaces. Note: LIMS do not have Indirect type interfaces, but are affected by the Common Framework changes.

Build 30

  • Added ability for Hach WIMS LIMS interfaces to match variables to source data up to five fields (LIMS_LOC, LIMS_TEST, LIMS_UD1, LIMS_UD2, and LIMS_UD3). Number of fields depends on Hach WIMS LIMS interface specifications.

Build 28

  • Changed Common Import to allow Custom Source routine to populate the Result Comment in Hach WIMS with notes or comments from the LIM lab source data.

Build 27

  • Changed Common Import to call Custom Source routine to allow for custom code to execute procedures after all faciliities are completed (item 3557)

Build 26

  • Added to framework ability to configure LIMS Interface for a LIMS_LOC and several LIMS_TEST with LIMS_UD1 blank (3478)
  • Corrected issue with Limit-To-List, when checked, so that if the text value is not in the list, the value is written to comments (3482)

Build 20

  • Added internal structures needed to ignore case when evaluating the cross reference map from the source system to Hach WIMS (2990)
  • Added internal structures needed to show results of "View Applied Connection String" from interface's Source Configuration form (2821)
  • Text Paramater Variables with Limit To List are now properly written based on the current list configuration of each variable (2805)
  • Hach WIMS Comment writter implemented (2983)
  • Fixed a bug that caused interface import session to break when a result with an unexpected number of spaces was returned by the source system (3083)
  • Fixed a bug that caused interfaces to write data according to MDL rules when if Allow Symbol was false (3086)
  • Fixed a bug that caused overflow during reporting of statistics for import sessions that lasted less than 1 second (3024)

Build 7

  • Initial Release to Public
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