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Microsoft Excel File: FL_DW_eMOR.xls  A blank copy of the florida eMOR spreadsheet:

Normally downloaded from the State of Florida's website, this spreadsheet is an example what the templates below are intended to be used in conjunction with.  OPS SQL has been designed to use these templates to fill out your eMOR file for you, if the templates are edited properly for use in your facility.
Author: The state of Florida

FL_DW_MOR_CT_Calc_Unit.ss3  Florida eMOR CT Calculation Unit: preview

eMOR worksheet for Daily Calculation of Log-Reduction Credits for Giardia Lamblia and Viruses
Author: SPD 2008-3-26

FL_DW_MOR_Daily_Disinfectant.SS3  Florida eMOR Daily Disinfectant Worksheet: preview

eMOR worksheet for Daily Residual Disinfection for the Month/Year
Author: SPD 2008-03-26

FL_DW_MOR_Treatment_Summary.SS3  Florida eMOR Treatment Summary Worksheet: preview

eMOR worksheet of the Treatment Plant Summary
Author: SPD 2008-03-26

FL_DW_MOR_Turbidity_Calculator.SS3  Florida eMOR Turbidity Calculation Worksheet: preview

eMOR worksheet for Turbidity Calculation
Author: SPD 2008-03-26

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