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Q11709 - INFO: Security System At-A-Glance

WIMS controls access to functions of the program through it's own security system.

When WIMS is first installed, a default Super User gets created with username and password both set to SUPER
(This user can then make changes to the security system, as well as create new users using User Setup )

Every user is assigned his/her own WIMS username and password. Users must use their username and password in order to gain access to application and its data via WIMS Logon.

Furthermore, each WIMS user must be assigned a User Type by going into User Setup .

Users must pick a facility to log into during WIMS Logon . Please consider that :

  • Super Users have full access to all facilities on the logon screen
  • NON-Super Users may have access rights to certain facilities, and not to others, as configured in Facility Access

Once a successful login was performed, it is automatically logged into Login History for auditing purposes.
From this point on, access rights to different features of the program are dependent on a combination of the following :

  1. User Type of the currently logged-in user, as defined by Facility Access Theory.
  2. Access Permissions (for reports, graphs, logbooks and entry forms) according to Group Manager Security Theory

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