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Q11061 - INFO: User Setup

Used to configure WIMS security system by creating, modifying and deleting users and their User Type and settings.
Only a Super User can access this menu item.



Creates a new user with default settings.
Copies the selected user in the user list with blank values on the General settings tab.
Deletes the selected user in the user list.
NOTE: This can not be undone!
Opens a search tool to aid in finding a specific user.  All fields in the user list are searchable.
Closes User Setup.
Opens the Edit User window for the user displayed in the same row of the list.

Create/Edit User Window: 


General Settings: Used to configure a user's general setting such as their User Name and password. (More Information Below) 

Used to change an existing username.


The password can only be changed if you know the current password. Otherwise, you can only reset it to the default password.

Resets the user's password to the default password.


(Click Image for more information)
Facility Access: Used to configure access priviledges (i.e. User Type) for the current set of WIMS facility databases.
Note that when the user is currently configured as a Super User, this tab will be showing the following :

(Click image for more information)

User Specific Settings: Used to display and configure user specific settings for the currently displayed user

Additional Info: Used to display and edit Additional Info fields for the User table in Hach WIMS. NOTE:  Additional Info Fields must be configured in the Hach WIMS Client.






User Name :

Holds the username which serves to uniquely identify a human user within WIMS. It may hold up to 50 characters.
Password :

Holds a text string that is given out to users as a secret code to identify themselves. It may hold up to 20 characters. The username and password combination is required to be provided in order to log in to WIMS.
Name :

Optional Field that can be used to store real name of the user
Comments :

Optional Field that can be used to store anything
Windows Login Name:

Optional Field which serves as an unique identifier to Windows / Active Directory Security, in order to pass-through login into WIMS.
NOTE : This field is only taken into account if properly configured in Admin Console.

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